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  1. Thanks for the reply. Since I was temp banned for not originally including my POV, does this mean my ban is lifted? Thanks again.
  2. We were role playing as bandits (myself, Imbranden, Makalevi, and Kernetic). We came across a man and his son. We held them up. We offered them a chance to get out of the situation alive, all they had to do was win a simple game of rock, paper, scissors. After numerous attempts to allow them to save themselves, they failed to play along. They were given multiple warnings if they didn't comply and play rock paper scissors, they were dead (as seen in Makalevi's video). We even gave them in game instructions on how to play just in case they were unfamiliar with the game. In the end their ignorance/god awful rp cost one of the players his life. The way i see it, they were either playing dumb, or actually were dumb. Think of it this way, if we had instructed them to put their hands up or die, and they pushed the wrong button and raised their weapon instead which resulted in their death... whose fault is that? In my opinion, the real concern here should be one of the players (Mason Hoffman) combat logging only seconds after the interaction.
  3. I'm sorry for the late response. I checked out the post, but I figured there was sufficient evidence available already. Mackalevi's version of the event replicates mine.
  4. Dustin Durabolin was born in an average size northern California town to a middle-class blue collar family. His dad being a sports fanatic would raise his son to be a sports fanatic as well. Sports where encouraged for Dustin and Dustin couldn’t get enough of them. From being untouchable on the pre-school playground in the games of tag him and his peers would play, to winning state as tight end on his high school football team. Dustin showed his athleticism, and sports would be his primary focus throughout his youth. During high school Dustin found and fell in love with Power-lifting and Greco-Roman style wrestling. After high school he went on to Oklahoma State University and dominated the collegiate wrestling scene. He was a Division 1, Two-time All American Champion with a record of 53-10. Dustin graduated OSU with a major in Computer Technology. Dustin has grown into a beefy 6'3" 285 lb mountain of a man. He turned his life long passion of power-lifting into a very successful career. Earning himself a name among the world's best power-lifters. He was invited to a strong man competition in Chernarus July of 2017 when all hell broke loose... Now begins the ultimate test of his true strength...
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