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  1. My character's name is Johnny. He was born in Communist Caribbean country of Cuba and studied Chemistry Due to old ties with the former Soviet Union, he obtained a work visa and was able to relocate to Moscow in 2007 at the age of 18. Having learned the language at school he was able to survive and worked as a day laborer at a chemical factory. To make ends meet he would sell illegal chemicals that aided in the production of synthetic drugs. Once he learned the procedures involved in the creation of narcotics, he began producing these drugs himself. This lead to a considerable amount of wealth in a short period of time as the demand was high. This did arrangement worked well for him for a while but once the established players in Moscow realized that he was making money and not paying his tribute he started to run into trouble. At first he received idle threats, then came the enforcers demanding money ultimately culminating in an attempt against his life. Johnny moved to Chernarus in the Winter of 2011, primarily to escape his enemies and in hopes of a new market with no competitors and new officials to bribe to allow him to conduct his business. As the grounds were "fertile" Johnny was able to start where he had left off in Moscow but at a much lesser scale. He would work out of a country house he had bought near Kirovograd in 2010. He now worked alone and only supplied to a very confidential and expensive middle man that would take all of the risks for a fine. Johnny married, had two kids and lived a pretty normal life for a while. His family had no idea of his dealings as he had automated his facility through the help of a Swedish engineering firm he hired. To explained his moderate wealth, Johnny would launder his money through a CyberCafe business he had in Novigrad. During the conflict with Russia in 2017, he decided to send his wife and children to the US so they could be away from any danger as he arranged for the closure of his business and the allocation of his saving to overseas accounts. By the time he was done with his business, there were no more flights in or out of Novigrad at which point he decided to move to his lab in search of refuge and security.
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