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  1. Tomas Kublik today, is a man who had lost his family to the outbreak and is in search of a new fulfilling life. Before the outbreak, he was the captain of a state owned Chernarussian Natural Gas drilling rig. Along with this job, came many responsibilities as he had to lead his crew and ensure their safety. Tomas was raised in Albania but moved to Chernarus in Spring 2015 for work, with his wife Katya and kids Mika and Boris. Tomas, his family, and his drilling crew (and their wives and children) lived in isolation deep in the forest near up north near Sinistok. Cargo trucks would occasionally arrive once a month, to drop off supplies and collect natural gas. After a very long week at work around October of 2017, Tomas was surprised by his wife Katya. She was pregnant, and that made Tomas very happy. After many months isolated with his drilling crew, his wife recommended that they go to Sinistok as she is wanted to have a safe birth, Tomas agreed and they packed up and headed to town. Katya gave birth to a healthy boy on the morning of July 7th. They named the boy Viktor, after his grandfather. Katya spent the entire day recovering and they packed up and headed back on the morning of the 8th. Throughout the morning before they had heard many disturbing rumours about the dead coming to life and attacking which Tomas had dismissed as jokes and comforted his wife and kids. When they had arrived at the base camp, Tomas knew something was very wrong. The cargo truck that usually shows up on the 7th and leaves on the same day was still there, and both doors were open. Tomas parked at his cabin and assisted his wife packing the luggage and kids back into the house. Tomas had to figure out what was going on. He walked over to a drill operator's cabin and noticed blood all over the floor and on the door. He opened the already unlocked door, and to his dismay he saw before his eyes a walking dead man that looked like the cargo truck driver. He froze for a second studying this creature. What broke the complete dead silence and his curiosity was the blood curdling scream of his wife. He slammed the door and ran to his cabin where he found his wife and kids being eating alive by his drilling crew. A wave of guilt and confusion ate away at him. Tomas had gotten quite emotional and enraged. He grabbed the nearest blunt object which was a steel rod and killed all five of the undead. He checked on his wife and she had been severely maimed, she died in his arms. His children did not make it either. Tomas was emotionally and mentally broken after he found that everyone in the camp was either eaten or had turned. Tomas grabbed a tall bottle of Vodka, drank half of it and got into his car. He was crying so hard he could barely find the ignition. He followed the dirt path all the way to a main road and followed it until he hit a highway. Tomas was speeding, swerving all over the highway, drinking vodka straight out of the bottle. Tomas pressed harder on the accelerator as he recounted all of the memories he had made with his family, and the new ones that were waiting to come. Tomas pulled a picture of his family out of his wallet, he held the image up high. Sobbing with no hands on the wheel. The picture slipped from between his fingers and in a split second he realized that he was headed straight into a ditch. And then everything went black. Tomas was ejected out of the windshield and had landed in a mud pit. When Tomas comes to consciousness is when the next chapter of his story starts.
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