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  1. I totally agree with you, like I said don't worry it will change.
  2. Don't worry think of it as a placeholder!
  3. Thank you Man! This is just a hard foundation we are starting at, We will be updating throughout time.
  4. Enjoyed my time with you both, glad we met! Keep up the great RP
  5. My Name is Chris Wilson. Chris is an American born in the year 1993 (26), before the outbreak he was the owner of Ballahack Airsoft Center in Virginia. Chris had Military Experience for about 3 years having to be let loose due to a gun wound to his leg but wanted to continue his love for Army Simulations. Chris was touring in Chernarus with his girlfriend Hannah Miller who was born in 1995 (24) and two weeks before the outbreak due to the amazing scenery that their friends where telling them about back at home. Chris and Hannah were staying in the Hotel in Cherno. He woke up the morning with the building on fire due to a plane that crashed into the building. Chris was the only one in the room and Hannah was no where to be found. Chris finds out that something isn't right about the outside world. Chris and Hannah had planned to get Married while they were in Chernarus touring but haven't gotten to yet and Chris is going to do everything he can to find and reunite with Hannah.
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