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  1. Touch was absolutely dreadful, he tried putting it onto his stronger foot even though he had a perfect squaring opportunity. City's first two goals were great, shame they were against us!
  2. Well, I'm proud of the lads' performance even though we lost, loads of them put their hearts into the game and showed passion but unfortunately we were against the best team in the Premier League. Steven Fletcher though, I'm not proud of him. Congratulations City supporters.
  3. // Some good videos should emerge from this from what I saw, I lead the "final march" leading from Dodge to the main road. Great roleplay came from this event, who-ever was with the group I was with it was great roleplay from all.
  4. No use to me, I'll just end up trading it off for supplies or another weapon. I was thinking about the Osprey Takedown event but it doesn't have any ammo.
  5. (Just a story I made from what I did earlier today, I was going to record checking the helicopter but instead I took screenshots so I'll make sure I add some to the thread. Hope you enjoy and feedback once you're finished reading would be good. Don't really write stories, you'll probably be able to tell). TANGO DOWN Ryan inspected the surroundings around himself after seeing a helicopter plummet towards the ground, his eyes followed it crash to the ground like a hawk stalking it's prey high in the sky. A ferocious fire-ball was created as the helicopter hit the ground, objects were flying all-over the place and these weren't no ordinary objects, they were military standard objects. Weapons. Ryan removed a dust-covered pair of black binoculars from his backpack, blowing them with his mouth before raising them to his eyes so he could get a view the crash site. He got a detailed view of the crash site before he moved on, he planned on going straight toward the crash site but things weren't that simple, the pilot and passengers must have turned into infected because they were crawling from the fire-ball wreck as if it was nothing. Ryan muttered to himself, "Things are never fucking simple, are they? Always have to do it the hard way." Two hundred meters, that's how far Ryan was from the crash. In his mind he was thinking what he could do and how could he obtain the weapons that were around the helicopter crash. The positives of getting the weapons were high, especially since he saw a glimpse of a rocket-launcher and a heavy-machine gun laid on the floor to the tail of the wreckage that looked intact. He began to walk toward the crash slowly, keeping as quiet as he could so he didn't alert any of the infected that were walking formlessly around the helicopter because of the smell of flesh as there was a couple of dead bodies still inside the helicopter. He was around 50 meters from the crash before he went prone, slowly creeping his way through the short grass towards the helicopter - he waited for the infected to gather to one side of the helicopter before he moved further so he could reach the RPK-74 that had ammunition besides it. "Urggghhh!" was the sound coming from an infected that spotted Ryan picking up the weapon as it returned to the tail of the helicopter where he was. Ryan panicked, his hands were shaking with fear as he picked up the RPK and prayed to God it was loaded - it was. The sound of bullets whistling through the air could be heard, click, click, click as Ryan attempted to kill as many of the infected that was around the crash-site. Ten infected bodies slumped to the floor in a matter of seconds, that was the end of that, no more infected were near the area. He placed his hand against his chest, breathing heavily as he looked down to the infected military personnel. "Shit, shit, shit. Infected are going to be coming soon from all that noise, I have to get what I can and get out of here" said Ryan as he struggles for breathe. He quickly strapped the RPK-74 to his back before he started to look around the crash-site for anymore weapons that could be useful to himself, his eyes quickly caught onto something large that was adjacent from himself and the helicopter. His eyes lite up like a small child on Christmas day when his eyes caught onto the weapon, it was a rocket launcher of some kind. The rocket launcher was an RPG-7V and looked in pristine condition considering it was next to a flaming wreck. He gracefully picked it up and placed it in his medium-sized backpack, radioed in for The Reaper informing him of the discovery and staggered off from the wreckage... Thanks for reading!
  6. Buy Arma 3 because it is an awesome game. Not just for this DLC. There are heaps of awesome mods, not to mention the campaign is genuinely good this time round. Yeah, I was planning to buy it before the DLC but that's made me want to get it even more. Thanks for the advice anyways!
  7. May have to buy ARMA 3 just so I can try this out, ooo.
  8. +1 for both mods, helicopter rope mod would add a realistic way of getting out of the helicopter during an attack without having to land the helicopter itself.
  9. Wesley Brown's the hardest man in all the town, just saying.
  10. MackemRyan

    DayZRP Epoch Price List [Main Items]

    Thanks for this, really helpful!