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  1. My name is Julian Perez, born Dec 1988 in Toronto, Canada. I never met my mother as she died during childbirth, my father was an alcoholic and Family Services took me away at the age of 2. Growing up in the foster care system set the roots of who I am today, a survivor. Jumping from home to home, I never really settled in, feeling like an outsider in a world filled with misfits. I felt I had two options, to continue in this world of chaos and unknown or set my mind to something of purpose. I joined the Canadian Armed Forces at 18, which included 3 tours in Afghanistan. My skills in not only combat but military strategy and building comradery were quickly identified and I was invited to take a chance at the world renowned special forces team, JTF2. I continued this path operating in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, I had found my real family.... My brothers in arms. I had taken a position with CSIS (Canadian Intelligence) and was enjoying a fruitful career outside of the battlefield in which I had been for 12 years. There were whispers of something world ending happening in the East but when the outbreak was official acknowledged in Chernarus, we began protocol of containment in Canada. I was on assignment in Toronto working along side with the Public Health Agency of Canada, we believed we had it under control seeing no cases until about 2 weeks later when the infection was transferred through refuges that Canada had taken in from Chernarus. It spread too quickly for containment and we were forced out of the city, with our failure we needed to find a cure, We knew the best place to go is where the original outbreak had happened. Given my military experience in the East and recent work with the PHAC I was assigned to a Special task team led by Sabot Walker, a discharged war veteran (a legend in my eyes). We were airdropped in August 2017, 6 JTF2 operatives and 3 Scientists in attempts to find the origins of the infection and ultimately the solution. Our rendezvous point was Elektrozavodsk, but strong winds set me and Staff Sargent Smith well off course. We landed about 5 clicks North, we weren't on the ground for more than 30 minutes when I realized just how far gone the city was. We were attacked by multiple infected, Sargent Smith was jumped and killed... terrorists were described as brutal killers but these creatures were mindless driven by something I had never seen before. A true lust of flesh and blood. My training had taught me to remove the threat, so I did fire two in the chest and one more to the head. The infected dropped but then I realized my mistake, the sound had attracted more in then I could handle alone. I began to run but I was not faster than the multiple infected chasing me, I had to drop my supplies.... it was life or death. I ran into a nearby home and sat quietly until they became uninterested and moved on. Now it was dark, I was alone with no supplies. I knew I had once chance to survive so under the cover of darkness I began my slow attempt to reach Elektrozavodsk in hopes I would rejoin my group.... if they were alive.
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