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  1. Roslav, calm and quiet nomad. 20 years old, IT student. He has no specific aim, just wandering across the dead country and enjoying landscapes of abandoned cities and villages. He has lived in Chernarus since he was 9 year old, so he knows territory well, especially East and North-East coastline as he used to live in that two-storred green house in Three Valleys with his mother. He also had Grandparents. They lived at Zvir and managed to leave Chernarus just before the outbreak. So now he don't know what is happened to them. His mother was 60 year old wooman, lived long and complicated life. She retired and kept small household with chickens pigs and a cow. When the first news about the outbreak appeared, they were at home. Roslav read a lot of books about zombie viruses, wached films, played games. So he realised that they should think fast if they want to survive. Roslav knew that there will be a lot of people in big cities like Chernogorsk or Elektrozavodsk. And also he reaslised that there is no safe place on the planet now. So there was no point to run away from the conty somewhere else. This would only delay the inevitable. And they decided to visit Zvir first. They had a car - old black "Olga" . They took their stuff, some chickens, even two pigs, and left. The roads near Stary and Novy Sobors, Zelenogorsk etc. were not jammed yet. They managed to arrive to their house at outskirts of Zvir safely. Mother was an old wooman so it was only a matter of time when she dies from illnesses. And this day came 3 days after their arrival. The only consolation was that she died a natural death. Zvir was a good idea. There was not a lot of people here. Most of them - old people. So Roslav thought that he could deal with them if they suddenly turn into zombies. Weeks passed, Roslav was gathering some information about virus, infected and situation in the country using TV and Radio. But there was only rumors and speculation. Then even they did not become. Roslav thought that is relatively safe there in the backwoods. But there was one thing that he did not consider. There was a railroad nearby and it is a good place to travel even on foot. So one day such "traveller" came. He was alone but what can old people oppose to the zombie. That zombie was in a soilder equipment and even Roslav could not deal it him without any firearms. So he had to run through the forest trying not to get lost. And this is how his story begins.
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