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  1. My fortress of solitude above the biggest town in the industrial
  2. Johnny Navid

    To those we lost but yet another win.jpg

    One Hell of a fight. -Dr. Ronny Jenkins
  3. These are really good ideas! Thank you ill take it into consideration. In fact me and @Ruan talk through cups when we wear gas masks
  4. *You would hear the familiar beep and tone of a emergency broadcast system followed by an Americanized prerecorded voice over your radios * The following message is transmitted through the Chernarus state medical department the following authorities has issued a warning to the following counties Novodmitrovsk and Smirnovo reports at 9 pm a new outbreak of a highly contagious virus....symptoms of this virus include Trimmers,Chills,Coughing,sore throat,vomiting and eventually certain death. All residents are advised to stay away from anyone with these symptoms stay tuned for further details as they follow. *This would loop over and over*
  5. Thank all of you for the kind feed back and constructive criticism.
  6. Will do! Thank you for your constructive criticism! Thank you. I Appreciate it.
  7. This isn't going to be a generic doctor group we want to bring a new RP aspect through fear of a "New Disease"(Disease wont be real). But made up from some kind of brain wash and propaganda of the disease. We need nurses and doctors we are running dynamic right now only to put our toe in the water if we feel like everything is good with the community and everyone enjoys it we will go official. If you guys like this idea or have any suggestions or simply wanna join just comment. Or Message one of us @Ruan @Johnny Navid
  8. Ronny is a Doctor that specialized in viruses. Ronny was working in Florida but also worked in CDC in Georgia on vaccines for the common flu and cold. Ronny was a suspicious character and everyone saw it. Ronny was talked to by his boss lots of time about his peers concerns but Ronny never cared about anyone but himself. So everyone filed they're complaints and Ronny's boss got fed up and fired him. Ronny didnt see it as a loss but as a gain because of the money he saved up to establish his own research building. Under his own private research he heard about the outbreak in chernarus. which made Ronny have ideas. So Ronny took a plane to Sochi,Russia and took a taxi to the border where Ronny illegally crossed. ["More to come within in game experience"]
  9. Johnny Navid


    I agree with the people saying putting a 16+ age requirement. It's weird when you run around in a wasteland and someone is role playing a child. How am i suppose to react when this child is as tall as me and speaks like a toddler especially with the two characters one being an alcoholic and the other a spiteful dude who goes out of his way to make peoples lives a living hell What if i accidentally offer a 6 foot child a drink from my vodka.
  10. Good RP from everyone mentioned. They partied hard even made the party master Jefferson look like a casual. Thank you guys. @PhoenyxxRP @Ruan @Randy @SquirtleKitty
  11. Jefferson Collins was a Metal vocalist in the state of Washington where Punk rock was prominent and superior. Jefferson was raised in a christian house hold so his choices in music were frowned upon and got kicked out left with nothing but his money he made as a cook at a bar and grill but Jefferson decided to keep following his dreams in becoming big when Jefferson was sixteen his band mates and himself played in open mic clubs usually getting booed off stage but Jefferson's band was persistent and kept trying at their dream. One night they played at another club up near Seattle. Jefferson and his band mates pushed themselves past the limit and like happen many times before the band got booed off, Jefferson got off the stage and sat at one of the many tables in front of the stage. He sat there for hours those hours felt like days to Jefferson. Someone saw the seventeen year old Jefferson sitting alone dirty from sleeping on the streets the man that saw him sat down next to him and they talked about music after a while The man offered the underage Jefferson a drink of whiskey. They kept talking and by the time the two were done talking Jefferson was plastered this caused Jefferson to get addicted to the feeling of being fucked up. This was the only way to stop the irrational thoughts of giving up. Jefferson continued to go to that same club just to talk to the man and get more alcohol. Jefferson would make lyrics as he was drunk and those lyrics were about his homelessness and about how "God" ruined his life. Which the punk rockers liked. Later in life around when Jefferson was twenty one Jefferson loaded up on his addiction and grew a tolerance. looking for something that will give him that feeling. At this time in his life he has traveled all around the United states playing music meeting alot of people most of his backstage fans were like minded people. Alcoholics, troubled teens and adults who have parental problems or other major problems. One of his fans pulled him aside and offered him something that Jefferson knew never to touch but his liquor wasn't enough and he was desperate. So he shot up and began to go on his first high. Jefferson was now a Heroin addict on top of the alcohol. He binged both not aware of what will happen later down the road. Jefferson is about twenty four and he shot up with his best friend before making music together. His best friend was very sensitive to the heroin that Jefferson had bought for the occasion. Jefferson's friend broke out in a seizure eventually his heart had stopped. Jefferson being really high panicked starting doing really sloppy chest compression and called the police. As soon as the police came they gave Jefferson's friend Narcan and both Jefferson and his friend were arrested. Jefferson was in court and the judge gave Jefferson a choice of Prison time or Rehab. Jefferson didnt want to go to prison because he wouldn't survive so he picked the rehab option.when Jefferson got out of rehab. His manager had a tour scheduled called "The Black Sea Green Sea Tour" When he got there he was restricted from all drugs and alcohol he played in the surrounding countries of chernurus. when he got to chernurus he was playing in Cherno and he loved the people and their culture. although he saw alot of military and police walking around. He went back to his hotel and took a nap after his concert and he woke up to his manager screaming at the airport manager over the phone saying that the airport was locked down.
  12. I would like to thank the following I recognize @G19RP and his boys and girls for keeping me and my boys entertained during the three hour firefight thank you guys. Much love
  13. @TheLamp1 and @BravoActual and everyone we held up a couple days ago. They did great not to mention the pain RP Hunter showed gave me a super great experience and how Dustin saw profit and turned against his own gave me a great and well treasured memory for the books Thank you guys and everyone who was up there in Green mountain.
  14. When it rains in deer isle its like playing Russian roulette with a full cylinder. That or the fact its Black Friday everyday for zombies. I love Deer isle it just needs a bit of work with the rain I enjoy the zombies and the lore but Chernarus is the place that we all know and love.
  15. Would pay 10 5.56 each for all 10 Nothing but good role play good luck.
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