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  1. Anatoly was born in Apatity Russia on April 16th 1994. His early life was following the local Gopniks around. They would commit various crimes that Anatoly would witness on a daily basis. . He found himself doing jobs for the local Russian mafia after he had moved to the other side of Apatity. Here he was introduced to a life of crime. The jobs ranged from breaking and entering, to stealing weapons from rival gangs. Anatoly quickly found his natural skills of lying, stealing, and most of all, killing. Once he turned 18 he enlisted in the Russian Army. He passed basic with flying colours. Due to his scores being so high, Spetsnaz took interest in him. After about 2 years of serving he got an offer to be sent to Hatsavita Mountain Warfare Training Centre. There he mastered every skill necessary to operate with the best of the best in the Russian military. Once he graduated it didn't take long to for him to find trouble in his team. Him and his commander butted heads due to their questionable rules of engagement. This lead to him losing his cool and attacking his commander. He was quickly discharged from the military. He moved to the North Eastern regions of South Zagoria. He bought a small piece of land and lived a boring but comfortable life.
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