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  1. still the same thing...i mean if anyone wants to use team viewer and see if they can fix it please help D:
  2. Sorry i've been away guys, i haven't fixed my problem yet..i think its something with my battle eye but i re installed it and it didn't work, i can play arma 2 just fine and OA if its launched without battleye..i have tried to launch it with DayZ Commander but it didn't work Here i posted a video on youtube of my.. "Struggle" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nTZ5SEwcfI
  3. delete the files in a folder called "BattlEye" in the "Expansion" folder of your game install directory and then follow the steps given here > http://www.battleye.com/download.html didn't work either
  4. i tried it didn't work...how do i reinstall battle eye?
  5. ok i think its battleye because when i launch it without it its perfectly fine...
  6. no i did all the steps too...
  7. I looked for the same one he had and couldn't find it....and i haven't used norton in years so its probably not that.
  8. Every time i try and launch arma 2 operation arrowhead i get this message and I've tried everything to get rid of it but no matter what it stays! please help
  9. New to the server? Check this!

    Lol this was perfect, very good for noobs Thx