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  1. Lory Rose is a young foreigner from the States(united states) come to russia for a simple vlog, and 2 month stay. In these 2 months she was in the middle of a war, After 1 month she could not leave the country along with millinos of other people, She was separated from her parents in the airport, Due to overpopulation in the building. She is now looking for her parents in Chernarus. She is unsure if they are still alive, But has hope that they are alive. She does not like guns at all, She does not like hurting others, She enjoyes looking at the sun set, And reading. She also used to like the beach, but now fears water, due to almost drowning from people running into the water away from gun fire, She was run over and stuck in the sand until the people stopped running and dropped like stones, from being shot, As she was facedown in the sand, She was overlooked and ignored, thought to be dead. After the incident at the beach, when it turned dark, she made her way to the nearest airport, which was packed with people and unenterable. From this point on she has been surviving, looking for a family to call home.
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