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  1. okay yes it was 3 times and its still made me mad to this day why, i feel the reviewers should mention everything i need to improve on in one comment instead of 3 until its to late!!!
  2. After being denied form the whitelist is there really anything else i can do on this site because i have made quite a few friends on here during the time that i was writing my application?
  3. thanks i will still try to stay active on here for no reason
  4. okay thanks do you know of any more RP groups around that i could look into?
  5. well guys i think im gone for good this time, i just wish some of the people looking over my application would have known what ive put into it, trying 3 different times and failing, i would look at my phone through school and check in excitement but i guess nobody really could tell how bad i wanted that spot on the whitelist. i have been watching videos of DayZRP from various YouTuber's who play on here a lot, i have learned most of the rules from just watching them. i remember when DayZRP started to become known and i noticed how badly i wanted it! so i came onto here and signed up. i started to get to know the community before i did anything thinking it would be a good idea! after i got around to that i began to apply, i put about 3 hours of work into my first application, i went over it with spell check numerous times due to my eagerness! after all of that i was super pumped up to find out if i got accepted, i come to that and it got rejected. i was okay with that knowing i had two more tries at it, so i went to a friend and asked for help with it so he helped me with it and told me where i could improve on it. i took his word on it, after i did all of that i sent it in again. i was becoming eager just thinking about it, i had swore i did everything good on that one! i came home the next day after i got back on campus and found that i was rejected again. i was becoming very scared about what would happen if it got denied again? i made some more improvements on it and then sent it in for a last time! i found that it was rejected. after this i had received a phone call saying that i have been accepted to become an F-18 pilot in the RCAF. i would be posted in cold lake alberta. since then i have been loving my job as a F-18 pilot but i would just like to ask an admin for a second chance, a chance to look over my last application and include EVERYTHING in what i need to do better and give me ONE last chance....
  6. "Insufficient KoS explanation. I recommend you to really think when you can shoot at another player and how or when you gain KoS rights. Please read our Wiki for further examples (link in Rules)."
  7. Nope rejected and unable to send in anymore I think the admins take this way to far and every time I fix it there is a different problem I would like it if the admins included ever SINGLE error in one rejection!!! I have put so much effort into this site and even since I have been rejected 3 times I will remain active on the forums, I have had so many people offer me help and thank you for that!! I have just wanted to play this server and game for so long with a welcoming group like you guys and gals thanks for all the support :'( it's been a good time !
  8. I have sent in my final application and if it gets rejected well....then this is it, you guys have been amazing trying to help me and all the willing to as well. wish me luck everyone!!
  9. True but putting the time and effort into, having it denied and being told by a very high up person that this would be a very good application!!
  10. I've tryed I have over 1000 words in Los and they say that is the only part.. It says explain EVERY part of Los I have went over every part and looked over it, read the rules over 30 times I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to quit! I will put in EVERY SINGLE PERIOD!! And I really want this spot on the whitelist or I wouldn't be ranting about it!!! Would anyone be able to help me with it by tomorow afternoon ? kos****