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  1. Eduardo was always weak, he wanted to best for everyone around him, no conflict, a perfect world, but such a thing, does not exist, and it never will. He was born and raised in Nyheim, after his mothers death when giving birth to him, Eduardo was taken care of by his father Daniel who always taught him the price of life and the meaning of being alive and to believe that everything is eventually going to be ok, this same words struck a lot of sentimental value to him, till this very day in which his father returned one day from getting provisions, he had been hurt, "everything is fine" he said with a strange smile on his face. Not too longer after his father turned into one of those things, Ed had no choice but to finish him, this was the time he felt true pain, enough to make any person insane and to yearn for peace, this is how his story begins, a quest for true peace.
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