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  1. Tillman was born in San Fransico, US , the son of Cesia Tillman, a homemaker, and David Tillman, a home builder. His parents were Jewish refugees from the Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. He was raised in Buffalo, New York, and graduated from Kenmore West Senior High School. He received a Bachelor of Arts in history from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1970. While there, he was a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi. In 1972, he received a Master of Arts in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. While at Johns Hopkins, he studied abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he learned Hebrew.
  2. My character's name is Andy Dufrain . I'm former US Army Scout with 2 deployment to Afghanistan. Upon completing my term of service I existed the military. I landed a job working for the Department of Defense as a Small Arms Repairer. I had trouble reintegrating back into civilian life. I'm haunted by my time in Afghanistan. It affected my sleep my ability to function as a normal person, which inevitably led to a divorce and being fired from my job. With nothing left to lose I took a role as a Gunsmith for a shady PMC group. Within the first few month's I found myself in a small airfield in the North west of Chernarus in early 2017 . I was tasked to support a group of agents providing security for oil transports. July of 2017 our outpost was attacked by crazed locals, within minutes we where completely over ran. managed to slip out and headed towards Severograd where another contingent of my team was based. I found the contingents outpost completely destroyed. With no options left I began to scavenge and desperately looking for other members of my team. I found safe haven in many different colony's offering my expertise in repairing Weapons and armor for locals. I still continue to look for members of my team, I choose not to stay at one location for to long due to that fact.
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