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  1. I've been temp banned by @Samti because I didn't show my POV in a ongoing report. I knew that I had to respond within 24 hours but @Samti didn't bother to wait and just temp-banned me. It's been over 3 days and my temp-ban has't been lifted by @Samti while I gave my POV and the report has been solved. I have the feeling my ban with actual duration won't count down now and @Samti straight up ignores me when I asked him to lift it. Nice work.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict says that I broke character multiple times, while I only did it once and it resulted in my dead. In real life I would also use the word ''Glitched'' to describe a malfunction, for example: When the elevator gets stuck, you can say that the elevator is glitched. This is not OOC talking and I find it weird that I get punished for that. 7 days is really long because I complied to everything they said, showed fear of my life but I didn't speak English that well making it sound extra ''trollish'' I would like to get this reduced because I deserve to get punished but 7 days is way too long since I gave roleplay in this scenario. The ''fishing'' noises are also a strange thing to say, because you can easily make these kind of sounds while drowning. I said that I felt like a fish to make them laugh and stay alive, still showing that I wanted to stay alive. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I understand that the term ''Ingame'' cannot be used and this was indeed rulebreaking, but 7 days for this is way too harsh. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get it reduced. What could you have done better?: I could practice my speaking abilities, check better to not talk OOC and engage more into roleplaying.
  3. Wow chill, I was just asking to get it reduced because I stayed a pretty long while and it was my first offence.
  4. He ran towards me and my friend aiming a shotgun, nice saying hello then.
  5. I completely understand this, this being the reason we ran really far away to avoid any other players. I knew my internet would turn off because it has a timer on it shutting the power towards the router until 8 in the morning.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: My internet is on a timer and I had never the intention to rob someone just before the timer would shut my internet down. I've also stayed a pretty long time after I had killed him and ran far away from the scene, 15 minutes should've been more than enough not to get punished for it and as it was not my intention I think 3 days is really harsh to give. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The robbery had good roleplay and I left him with enough resources to stay alive as intended. He came running after me and tried to kill me with his shotgun being the reason I had to shoot him twice in the face. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to get my ban reduced or removed at all, because this is pretty strict, especially because it was never my intention. What could you have done better?: I could have tried to run away from him so that I wouldn't make any contact because my internet would turn off soon. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the like, I really appreciate it.
  8. I got banned because my internet cut off 17 minutes after I killed someone, I was long gone by then. It was never my intention to rob him but he ran up to me and my friend while I tried to take the best out of my last minutes of internet and I had to rob him before he would get hostile. Why would I still need to wait 30 minutes after executing someone, I wasn't even close to the location when my internet cut off. 3 days ban is way too harsh for this because it was never my intention. I can understand that after you're getting chased and you're still on the run you should stay ingame for 30 minutes because it would be Combatlogging if you did, but this is getting ridiculous.
  9. Just a quick question: How did Caleb notify you without speaking Ingame? Is it possible to change voice to Radio Transmitter only? If so, I was unaware.
  10. I wasn't necessarily OOC when I said that I was glitched. Glitched is another word for faulty equipment, meaning the rope used was faulty because I couldn't see it and I was walking in normal pace while getting teleported. I told this information because I expected it to get solved some how because it ruined my roleplay experience. It's the same as crashing Ingame, the roleplay should be put on a timeout until everyone is reconnected and then continue the roleplay. Using the term "Ingame" was OOC indeed, I should have never said that but mistakes like these can happen in stressful situations and I immediately got punished for it. I would say that is enough, but when I say something is glitched that should be possible.
  11. Steffaaan

    S1 BADRP / Novy Sobor 10.04.19 21:45ish

    5 seconds, then 15 seconds, then 2 minutes.. Please get your story straight before accusing me on the forums. I've done plenty of roleplay, we told you to sit down and that you couldn't speak if it wasn't to answer us. We didn't start taking stuff the second we got you tied up in duct tape, we walked around to check for any friends and told you to stay put in the meantime. We saw your friend in the bushes (Might be aiming a gun at us) so I ducked for cover behind you and my friend Paul Rutgers kept moving not to get shot. I told you that if your friend tried one thing to get you free, we would immediately put a bullet in your head and that of his. Because of this friend I began stripping you dropping your stuff on the ground and I asked you how many other friends you had (You said you were in a team of 6, or 6 others) I told you multiple times that we intented no harm when you would comply with everything we said and you even begged for your life. Then me and Paul Rutgers switched places and I kept moving in order not to get shot whilst looking at your friend. When we had everything we told you that you could untie yourself without getting shit and we left. That was also the moment you took the shotgun with you that we left with you to take revenge, which is fine. I saw you going after us and told you to put down your weapon and put you hands up, you screamed something like: "OKAY YES" and immediately took aim and shot. Gladly you missed so that I could finish you, but even when you came after me with the murdering look of yours, I tried to remain calm and not take any lifes here. The robbery didn't take 5 seconde nor 15 seconds. It roughly took 5 minutes, which is on the short side, but having someone point a gun at you, unknowingly about who it is or their intentions, isn't the best of scenario to play with. I asked my friend if he had some wodka to torture you because you begin puking the second you drink it, but he didn't. We weren't talking Dutch the whole time, the only sentence I said was: "Heb je vodka" meaning "Do you have vodka" then I proceeded to ask you to which you said no and we went in our way. It was more in depth than this, but this already shows that parts of your story are missing and just giving fake timestamps (5 and 15 secondes) is ridicilious compared to your last timestamp 2 minutes showing you're just trying to get me in trouble whilst giving valid roleplay. Just tell them the truth and don't act like you got mistreated. If I would've killed you and not interact as much as I did you would be right, but 2 minutes also wasn't close. You improved tho, thanks for being a little more honest.
  12. Hello, everyone! Very glad to be here right now so that I will be able to do my story as well. I was walking through Stary and I met Caleb, he was a really nice guy and I tried to communicate with him but he wasn't able to understand me because I had something covering my mouth. I took it off and asked how he was doing and I really felt the need to show me having an awesome set of handcuffs and keys (I've never had this set before and I was really happy) I asked if I could try these out on him and I would've definitely released him after this. He didn't respond (Likely because he was roleplaying and still acted like he couldn't hear me very well) Then I showed him some duct tape and asked if I could put this on him as well, I thought that would be a better solution because he could wiggle himself out of this. He said something similair like: ''No, if you do that you'll be in big trouble'' so I tried to continue with my roleplaying life and leave them behind. Suddenly a woman emerged and asked for a weapon because she got robbed and I even offered her a weapon. Then suddenly the server restarted so I tried to get back on the server as fast as possible because I was in a roleplay scenario and I take these very serious. But then suddenly the angel became some kind of devil and started robbing me, so I complied to everything they said and feared for my whole life this entire situation as you can see in the Twitch clip. I've told multiple times that I'm mentally ill but they didn't seem to care at all. I'm still very sad about losing this pair and I would like to get them returned. When I said I was glitched I couldn't see any handcuffs whilst looking down, and I kept walking on normal pace but I kept getting teleported back. They also made fun of my drinking sound and I laughed with them, very sad situation.
  13. Steffaaan

    S1 BADRP / Novy Sobor 10.04.19 21:45ish

    Hello, I got this message right as I went to bed. I logged out around 15 minutes after the robbery because my internet is on a timer shutting down at around 23:00. I was with my friend Paul Rutgers, I told Paul Rutgers to lower his weapon because he aimed for no reason (Not mentioned) We just tried to travel away from Gorka and saw on our left hand side someone approaching us, he walked towards with a shotgun in hand so I had to handle and decided to rob him. I told him to sit still and asked if he had any friends, because I saw someone in a bush around 200 meters away looking at us. This was the reason my friend Paul Rutgers kept running around in fear of being shot while I tried to take the loot. He complied to the robbery and said he had a group of 6, in fear that they knew he was getting robbed we told him we were getting out of there and that he could free himself without getting shot. I was trying to be nice and left his shotgun (Whilst having ammo in it) by his side. I noticed that he ran after me right after the robbery so I ducked behind a tree, almost got shot by the shotgun and finished him off with 2 bullets to the head. In real life I would've robbed the same way with these circumstances.
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