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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): S1: KoS in unkown location as a result of spawn teleport bug - 09/10/2019 18:49 or 18:50 ( I hope I have done this correctly) Why the verdict is not fair: N/A - Sadly due to work commitments I was unable to reply to the original forum post / thread sooner but acknowledge I should have done. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Further to the original string I had been playing for a few hours and was working with two others whereby we had successfully repaired and were travelling in a truck, despite numerous environment threats we were successful in moving to what we thought was a safe area to stop. It was very dark and while we were running some brief storage admin my companion had spotted another player that had jumped into the drivers seat of our vehicle. I was on the bed of the truck at the time and while the situation was brief heard his two warnings to said player to leave the cab. I was temporarily panicked, first at the fact that someone was in the cab of the vehicle and two that is was complete darkness. Despite the server issues on the evening, which again I acknowledge, as I wasn't seated I was worried that should the player have driven off I would have have been left on the road, I followed my companions warnings with my own which on not receiving a response resulted in my shooting the player from the truck bed. With hindsight I could have perhaps waited longer for a response but given that two were ignored and I was the only member of our active group on the vehicle I decided to take the shot. Not long earlier before these events I saw a server communication from a local group/faction saying that all vehicles must be checked / registered which again made me suspect we were being hijacked. I sincerely apologise to the player involved as I heard no voice comms and can appreciate their frustrations on feeling they had been killed on sight. From my POV however this was not the case, I feel that we gave sufficient warnings and took the shot for the reasons already expressed. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to remove my ban. What could you have done better?: Waited longer for a response, and despite not recording the incident now see the importance of doing so.
  2. Skott White is a 36-year-old International Salesperson from the UK. He enjoys Motorsports, listening to music and the great outdoors. He is considerate and friendly, but can also be very cowardly and a bit boring. He often spent his weekends taking long drives into countryside in his mint green Volvo alone as his friends and family were often too embarrassed to be seen out in it! He would also take long windy walks in the countryside and spend the weekend camping. He enjoys his own company and can be a bit of a loner. He finished school and then left academia, and has maintained an interest in car mechanics since he was a teenager... Which is helpful give that his Volvo would often break down. Physically, Skott is in pretty good shape which is fortunate for him given that before the outbreak he would often overindulge in his favourite food - Swedish Meatballs. He assumes this must have been down to a fast metabolism. He is average-height with dark hair and dark eyes. He grew up in a middle class neighbourhood and remains in touch with friends that he grew up with, although in recent years he has kept many of them at arms length. His parents separated when he was small, and he lost contact with his father. He has a younger brother called Stephen with whom he is very close. Skott was in Chernarus on a business trip before the outbreak, and is looking to do nothing other than survive.
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