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  1. I wasn't involved in the situation, nor was i online at the time
  2. Danny was a Pre-med student before the apocalypse who was a devout christian and a family man. He lived alone in Salt Lake City, Utah but was a very family orientated man. He came to Chernarus on a Mission with his Mormon church in 2015 when people began to be affected by the infection. He came to help give medical aid but was exposed to the infection causing him to go into a comatose state. He woke up approximately seven days after the post-apocalyptic state took hold. He walks around a baron and deserted waist land wandering looking for more people.
  3. He is a man, who before the apocalypse, would watching old tape recorded football games that he had from his days living in the United States. He lived in the United States but moved his family to Chernarus for his job. After living in Chernarus for a few years, he began to see programs on the television, talking of a sickness going around. The sickness cause a hard fever, severe vomiting. Soon there were military traffic stops and lock downs, he never knew what for. And just like that, one morning he woke up and his kids began showing signs of the new virus. Him and his wife rushed them to the hospital, but on the road there they noticed panic in the streats. Many people running around, looting, fighting one another. Upon arriving at the hospital, they find it is no less chaotic, people running around the hospital, phones ringing like crazy. Then he saw it, a man tearing another mans flesh away, and eating it. He takes his kids and runs along with his wife. Suddenly a pack of ravenous creatures looking like humans, but acting like dogs with rabies, rushed them, took his kids, and dragged them away. He did not see them die, but he heard the screams, and the tearing. In shock, he sat there, trembling with fear. The only thing separating him and death was his wife fighting tooth and nail to protect him. They managed to escape the hospital and take shelter in the bunker under a nearby elementary school. Him and his wife began trying to survive in the new world of Bandits, Rapist, and the undead. His wife mainly took care of him, as he was a soft man, but the day where him and his wife were taken. Molded him forever, he watched as his wife was beaten and raped before his very eyes by 6 "men", if you would even call them that. He snapped, he killed all six men with a knife alone, covered in blood. Now he survives alone, with no reason to go on, and every reason to give up. All he wants to do is kill now, but the haunting thoughts of what his wife and children would think of him are the only things holding him back, all you gotta do is give him a good reason.....
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