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  1. Kassiopeia Panzer Hansen was born in Fehmarn Settlement on the 5th of May in 2046. Her mother was Gina Panzer, a German survivor who was known for her medical skills and her father was Björn Hansen, a Norwegian fisher and sailor was born before the outbreak who ended up at Fehmarn Settlement after a heavy storm and fell in love with the 10 year older Gina. Kassiopeia was a wild young girl, she was full of energy and loved listening to the stories about the old world, the traffic, the technical devices, the cities,.. all of what was history by then. Everyone had their role in the settlement
  2. - 22 - - 23 - - 24 - To be continued...
  3. This is Jane Panzer's Journal Alias: Tank Date of birth: 1996-02-13 Place of birth: Germany Family: Sister, Gina (dead); parents (dead) - 1 -
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