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  1. R3d D3ad

    Kyle says his goodbyes to Panzer as she leaves the Fifty Two

    Thank you very much for the great time I/Panzer had with you guys! She will definitely stay in contact with Kyle /52!
  2. Today i had a great time with Fifty Two again! Thank you @Saunders for organizing all the stuff, so Tank was able to join your group today ! Thank you to all the Fifty Two members i met today, sorry but i don´t remember all your names.. Special thanks to @Realize for accepting her in his suit, to @Whiskayy who became the victim of 'their jokes', to @AlecM one of the ace stalkers outside the window Aswell as to @allanman123 , the talk Tank and Zayne had at the end was pretty interesting!
  3. Ey, thank you I try to post one page each week! So stay tuned
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