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  1. The crackling of a campfire can be hear as the PTT is pressed "Hey Grigoriy, Christoph here. I few guys told me about your centre some days ago. Sorry to hear that you are having issues. If you need anything bringing in such as food or pelts, let me know. I will be listening out for you. Over"
  2. Christoph hastily clicks the PTT "Looks like I have just witnessed two men wearing green armbands get taken as hostages by three heavily armed men"
  3. Christoph rushes to his radio. "My companion and I are looking to discuss your licenses." He waits in hopes of a response.
  4. Christoph comes out from the woods to get signal on his radio and hits the PTT "Hello, can anyone hear me." "I would like to politely request an audience with Anarchy." Christoph patiently waits whilst cooking a hearty meal of beans.
  5. Good morning, First of all, after reading this I would firstly like to apologise for what has happened here. However, this all could have been avoided if Kevin O Shea had actually participated in verbal communication. You should always be prepared to speak on a RP server. I think everyone on the server last night now knows that there was some serious connection issues for quite some time. We were having problems with opening doors and holding objects for a significant amount of time. However, here is my version of events... My character Christoph Christopherson climbed in to the passenger seat of the vehicle and saw someone climbing into the drivers seat and immediately thought it was one of my companions but they were not dressed the same. I immediately jumped out of the truck and asked my companions to roll call. Skott was stood on the back of the truck and Justin was not around. This confirmed that the character was not part of our group. I ran round to the drivers side and raised my weapon and shouted twice to get out of the truck, no response was given. A third warning was given when Skott shouted "get out of the truck or I will shoot". At this time, I was stood by the drivers door and Skott was stood on the rear on the truck looking through the window. I was also asking my companions if they knew who it was as it was very confusing. Unfortunately, tensions were extremely high due to it being dark and next to the woods. Only 10 minutes prior to this event, there was a message over the radio from the group known as Anarchy asking that everyone register their vehicles. After being mobbed by Anarchy on two previous occasions, we assumed it must have been them trying to take all of our survival gear again. As everyone can probably agree, hindsight is a wonderful thing. No one would ever expect a character to "spawn" into the drivers seat of a groups highly loaded vehicle in a remote area which is nowhere near any spawn site. Regretfully, Kevin was shot due to no response to our warnings or showing any signs of getting out and because he was sat in the drivers seat of our vehicle and could have drove off at any second causing us to lose everything and potentially causing Skott to die from falling off the back of the truck if he accelerated away. Our group are pacifists who are looking to simply survive and help others in need. Only several hours before this event, my character met Justin in an extremely tense situation at the airfield but we were able to role play the scenario out and became friends. In this time a bond grew between two survivors who spent hours going out of each others way to help the other. We have never been aggressors towards anyone we have encountered. We did not go out looking to murder anyone last night. It is a regretful situation on everyone's part. However, communication is key at all interactions. This encounter lasted longer than 11 seconds. My clumsy character wouldn't be able to run around the truck in that time. We do not have any recordings of this event.
  6. Hey, So I am new to your servers. I cannot find them on the community server list. Please help! I am searching for DayZRP.com as it states on the "How to join" page
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