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  1. duxpredator


    spider-man marvel GIF by Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    1. Aisling



    2. duxpredator


      U wot

  2. duxpredator

    Interview With A Community Member: ToeZies

    @ToeZies @RiZStream Alright yall can be in jail but I'm breaking yall out
  3. duxpredator

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    This was unexpected. Might have to login and play everyday again
  4. duxpredator


    Bringing out that new orleans voodoo magic


  5. duxpredator



    Take that TODD! Been embracing the loner OSRS lyfe. Def not dying inside

    1. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      OSRS is my shit

    2. Sacralegend


      rs3 gang gang



    3. Itsmez


      I already gave up long time ago


    4. Conor
  6. duxpredator


  7. duxpredator

    Once on the field, always on the field

    Rest in peace purp, only good memories to be told
  8. duxpredator

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Kordruga

    Very nice lmao
  9. duxpredator

    RavenousRP's Pimp Your Profile

    Yeah very nice graphics man
  10. duxpredator

    When does a fun character become trolly?

    +1 and beanz if I wasnt empty Yeah its just touch and go at first and eventually you will find a good middle ground. There is a time and place for everything and every action you do has consequences. Dont threaten or even jokingly threaten the initiators as it will most likely get you shot or killed. One of my dynamics is shit talking my way out of bad situations and it is usually with @RiZStream we kind of do a tag team of banter/making jokes to try to make the situation more friendly and usually we can get out pretty nice
  11. duxpredator

    What music describes your character

    Sauce has always been introverted and kept to himself. He has been hurt by countless people but he keeps his feelings to himself. This song is him. There is a lot more about him on his char page if you want to read more into it. "Nick Sauce"
  12. duxpredator

    S1: Invalid Kill in Polana - 07/17/2019 02:43

    I will edit my POV into this post when I get home from work later today. Sauce's POV: I logged in and shortly after informed one of my friends, gace, was injured and needed help in berezino. Her IC husband hutch shortly tagged a long after and we did RPd with her and eventually brought her back to polannna. We arrive at polanna and greet everyone and give them the rundown of whats going on. My friend, John @Eagles_4L1fe punched me in the arm as a friendly manner since we havent seen each other in a while so I think that is why I have been pulled in? Shortly after we settle in one of the wolf pack buildings to finish our medial RP with grace shots pop off. We RP along with @Murshy and @tosstheball before the initiation started. Once the shooting started they left to go help the wolf pack so I stayed to protect the injured Grace. I stay in here until I was given the all clear and then continue to RP for a bit inside the camp and eventually later on log off. I never shot a shot.
  13. duxpredator

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I know it's a little late but I really enjoyed our relationship therapy @RiZStream @Xehara and as usual always running with you bro @RiZStream I really enjoy your RP and enjoyed you helping hutch and sauce's relationship @Xehara and for remembering my name this time always a pleasure and till next time! Hope to RP with you again.
  14. duxpredator



    1. duxpredator



    2. duxpredator



    3. duxpredator


      I don't listen to country btw


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  15. duxpredator


    I really like these headphones 🎧

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