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  1. duxpredator

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @RiZStream It felt good to take some time and just RP you and I while looking for other people to RP with. Back to the bread and butter. Thanks Mr. Bush Man ,you know whoever you are, who we found looting boats on the east coast. It was a pleasure talking to another friendly fellow!
  2. duxpredator

    S1: Invalid Initiation / Attempted KOS / Rule Violation 2.3 / Possible Stream Sniping / NFVL - 2019-04-19 - 02:25

    Sauce's POV. Some guys randomly approach us (I believe that is Mademoiselle, we met about an hour earlier) and act very sketchy and one guy can barely stay in character (He was barely speaking and then acted out of RP to check if we could hear him). However, these guys seemed very interested in our group for some reason. They even talked about another fellow that showed up a minute or two earlier saying he was with a bigger group but when I brought it to him he said he was alone. I don't know if there people were together but they definitely not far from each other. At the time I deafened the OOC radio coms so I could focus on RP which was enjoyable but quickly everything turned south. After we finished our RP, Kase whistles (a que for us to follow) so I follow and then see a guy in a red arm band and one other (jackals I believe) chase after us so I inform everyone and then immediately hear gunfire (clearly in the video you cannot hear any warnings or initiations but just gunfire) so I turn tail and run. I then turn my OOC radio back on to see whats going on but I try to stay out of it as I do not want PVP. I want to RP... I never shoot a shot and just try to figure out who is shooting us. Eventually I group up with Hutch and continue our RP. Edit: I would also like to say that the last session I played and tried to RP the Jackals again were around and initiated on us (Mac Tire) while we were RPing with the Toy Makers and a Cult. Again we are just trying to RP but get dragged into these fights which is the reason I ran instead of fighting this go around.
  3. duxpredator

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    Just to let everybody know the people in the video they walk up to and chat to is Mac Tire, my group. First off we were not teaming or with Dusty so he would not have gotten our backup or helped him engage on the 24th member. In fact we were looking for the toy makers at the time and were in no time for shenanigans like this. Second, we do not prey on the weak I.E. we do not rob people for weapons/gear and in fact one of our main goals as a group is to protect civilians and the innocent and especially settlements. So in all we were not going to take any hostile action here since: 1. we dont initiate on people unless they have wronged us first (which is not the case here as we were neutral with the 24th and Dusty). 2. We were looking for the toy makers as it was playing into our RP which is what the whole server is about. Just trying to clarify here and not trying to insult anyone or anything. Hopefully this will solve some confusion towards the case.
  4. duxpredator

    Sauce's highlights of his first week in Chernarus

    Either that or a hulk smash. Lethal damage was given.
  5. duxpredator

    Sauce's highlights of his first week in Chernarus

    A couple clips to start out with and then a overview below. First: Shenanigans with the residents of Tisy Summer Camp and my most hated character Fruit loops. (Whoever plays this man does a very good job of getting under my skin lol. No hard feelings though.) Second: Sauce finds a base full of friendly locals and the biggest man in the camp man challenges him to a fist fight because Sauce is in the US army. And Last: after Sauce befriended the hulk of a human, Dominik exerts his dominance on thievery filth in the Tisy Camp. In all the different experiences Sauce had and the friends he made he will cherish for the rest of his days. Thanks to everyone in the community for the amazing RP. Other amazing moments not on film: Interrogating the notorious Toymakers with Rykers boys, and witnessing Dr. Hope's interrogation techniques along side RP torching the dead batteries base and getting captured for it. Meeting a fellow survivor Hutch and traveling the country side with him. Finding and experiencing the Tisy Summer Camp with all of the lovely and great RPers inside. and many more minor events finding friendly survivors providing amazing role play while traveling the countryside. Also if this doesnt match the forum category tell me and Ill move it, thanks again dayzrp community!
  6. duxpredator

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    Just join the damn group already @Lindse. DIVERSITY as Kase would say.
  7. duxpredator

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @ToeZOG @RiZStream Man cant get enough of yalls shenanigans. "HI HOOTCH, ITS ME BRIAN!" The RP here is just amazing, so damn funny and engaging to watch/listen. I also had great fun teaching big man Dominik about the sport of American Football! @reapstarr Always enjoy Gruber, man is too funny! You will eventually want to lick the worm and I will be there to see it!
  8. duxpredator

    Increase Thirst and Hunger Rates.

    Yeah as a wolf myself, we boys tend to run a lot and it does take a lot of food and especially drink. As people said above if we could decrease food spawn rates like canned foods and force people to hunt more maybe that would equalize the situation.
  9. @ToeZOG We finally got the rematch and you won back the guitar. It was a fair fight since i could actually reach your head and didnt have to "accidentally" hit somewhere else... I got to hear your anthem and everything. Damn what a fun day. Thanks for the laughs and I lost it when you destroyed your friend Demitri. @TheMrGasMask Good talking and RP'ing with you again. Always a pleasure. Also to whoever was in Tisy Camp when the loud mouth, gum flapper, fruit loop boy died by standing on his on fire....Just thank you. Also i was the one that puked on his dead corpse.
  • duxpredator

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @PerilI swear dancing will keep those biter away.....just got to find the right dance...... Had a blast with you today! *lowers left hand for a down low high-five* And to whoever that Maxim Jason freak is! You are one scary dude! Keep it up! @lukek25 @EriK Good to meet you and welcome to Mac Tire, thanks for chilling. @ToeZOG Oh my god, where do I start. I like the guitar! Sorry for the fight though. I will have to rematch the giant soon. You need to win the guitar back. Thanks for letting us in your camp and chilling!
  • duxpredator

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @ScarletRose @yuthee @Kase @HeyItsGrimm Thanks again for the amazing experiences today. I never would have guessed the levels of acting and talent my fellow survivors have when I first decided to start RP'ing. Alyssa and Ryker had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, I found out that I myself couldn't sit still in game and had to pace around! Even though I literally ran for an hour at least trying to find Alyssa (probably Ryker's fault anyway) I still had a amazing time. Just a really damn good job all around. More memories to cherish and another day of dayzRP i'd want to relive again! Thanks again for the amazing session. Also thanks to everyone else involved in Fort Hope and the interrogation today like @RiZStream and @stoney_.
  • duxpredator

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    ^^^ I completely agree. I was like who were these people??? Alyssa who? Hope who? I eventually found my way here and now have found everyone! So happy! What an amazing session! I haven't had this much fun gaming in months! Ive never RP'd before but I can easy get 500 hours plus here now! I have so many recorded clips from this session to relive and laugh. Just amazing!
  • duxpredator

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @ScarletRose @Mademoiselle You guys did amazing RP today, I'm new and tried my best but you guys are on a whole 'nother level! Thanks for the experience. I loved every second of it!
  • duxpredator

    Rules regarding Defenders and Attacking rights

    I got all the gear back in an a couple hours so its really no biggie. I'm just trying to understand the rules and know what to do next time. So, If i told the first guy that ran up "No further, or I'll shoot" Is that legal? Or could I only have drawn on him and then if he kept proceeding then i could shoot. Thanks for all the help. I am very new to RP and dont know the rules of engagements other than reading it 3 or so times. Edit: My friend did get out so they got me and I got one.
  • duxpredator

    Rules regarding Defenders and Attacking rights

    "There was nothing to roleplay, he told you to put your hands in the air and you pulled out an assault rifle. Did you seriously not expect to be shot? Like if a cop is trying to arrest you and you pull out a gun you don't expect him to immediately shoot you? He's clearly trying to hold you up, you pulled a gun in response." Alright so let me make this clear. 1 civilians walks up to what looks like 2 people full of military gear and then tells them to put their hands up and then his buddy comes along a few seconds later and then says to put my hands up. Threatening people with armor and actual rifles, with a shotgun. Makes perfect sense. I dont know about that.
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