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  1. Keep up the great work as always, more clips with @groovy toez that man is a character
  2. Good Ole Cajun boy Born In Louisiana, Sauce grew up on eating crawfish now he is in Chernarus as the major meat activist taking down all veganism in Chernarus.
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    1. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      yeah. playing tarkov is like playing nothing

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      Playing Tarkov and having @Gwim-chan UwU scream at you is playing nothing 😛 

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      I never had so much fun being yelled at in my life to  be honest

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      Tarkov is great stfu

  4. Some of the best RP I've had. Damn shame. o7
  5. Kidnap?! C'mon dont act like you dont like us , and likewise, right back at ya. Go ahead and take my beans. Oleg is second best best nurse btw just like in everything else
  6. Really great stuff with lots of laughs, loving the bloopers and outtakes. Love the variety too, the Ty Jones interview was hilarious. Also, the last guy in the 320th interview is @Gwim-chan UwU Vasili Petrov and then I barged in and said "OH PARTY". Keep up the awesome shit.
  7. RP in the zone has been awesome but also exhausting, hope y'all are enjoying the Ruskies as much as I am 🙂


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      DA BRAT

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  8. Char https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-57/ Twitter https://twitter.com/OlegPopovich4
  9. Only problem I've come across is crashes, maybe with MSFC items. When people shoot MSFC weapons it locally crashes the people around the shots, but I have also crashed without any shots being fired. That being said there has been no lag with zombies, speech, or any rubber banding that has been out of the ordinary. Good stuff, love the higher cap/performance.
  10. @RiZ @groovy toez @groovy grimm and the rest of the boys, you already know. Fun shit can't wait for more. Thanks for letting me be apart of this. This is really gonna hurt my sleep/work schedule.
  11. Childhood On August 23rd in 1998 Oleg Popovich was born to Aleksandr and Svetlana Popovich in Veliky Novgorod, A town of around 200k just SouthEast of St.Petersburg. Named after Oleg of Novgorod, a Varangian prince who ruled all or part of the Rus' people during the late 9th and early 10th centuries, Oleg was surrounded by a sense of pride, leadership, and patriotism carrying the name. He grew up in Novgorod most of his youth. With its 5-domed 11th century St.Sophia Cathedral and Millennium of Russia monument, The city brimming with culture shaped and molded Oleg’s youth with tradition and culture. The great history in his birth town was the main driving factor for his strong beliefs of patriotism. He grew up in a religious household and kept true to the Russian Orthodoxy’s core values which developed his character giving him charisma and a protective nature. His parents worked typical jobs to earn their way but his family has a lineage of patriotism. Oleg grew up to his Great Grandfather Dimitri’s stories of when he fought in WW2 in the 13th Army. While Oleg was a very young age he would listen for hours hearing the times of when his Great Grandfather Dimitri served in the 21st Rifle Corps fighting back the Germans. After the passing of his beloved family member while Oleg was still a young age he was promised his old sidearm a Tokarev TT-33 when he became of age. Oleg’s education began in Novgorod. His primary and basic education was nothing out of the ordinary. He excelled in his history classes and quickly developed a passion for his country. However after finishing his basic education his family decided to move to St. Petersburg so Oleg could have a better education. In 2014 once Oleg turned 16 years of age his family moved to St.Petersburg. He was given his great grandfather's TT-33 and enrolled in a local Military Academy at the age of 16. Joining the Russian Armed Forces Here he learned a variety of different tactics and tools from basic training that would help him on the front lines. He also learned to break down and properly operate his kalashnikov Ak-74M which he grew fond of. He excelled in school and learned a variety of different things, some being experience in military ranks, tactics, survival, and everything else the boarding school threw at him. He studied here for almost three years before graduating with a specialty in engineering, demolition specifically, and enlisting in a contract with the Russian Armed Forces in 2017 right after his 19th birthday. He passed and was designated in the Western Military District to the 138th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade in the 6th Army as a demolition expert. He was stationed in Kamenka of the Leningrad Oblast. The 138th has its eyes on NATO as it continued to grow but it never saw conflict. Other than continuing his practice nothing much happened with Oleg and eventually a year passed. He grew new friendships, and a love for vodka; however, his lax times were cut short and in 2018 he was transferred to another battalion to deal with a different problem, Chernarus. The 320th Shortly after the Annexation of Chernarus, He was assigned to the 320th Motor Rifle Battalion Recon Company of the 150th Rifle Division and stationed at Tisy Military Base. As other nations deemed its annexation to be borderline illegal, Oleg didn't think too much of it but saw it as another victory for all of his people in Rus’ and Chernarus. Russia would spread their culture and government to help the people of Chernarus forget their troubled past and enjoy their future as apart of Russia. Considering what Oleg physically did here, His battalion helped assimilate the RAC into its own military by going through numerous training exercises together. His battalion also maintained the peace as they did not want another civil war to outbreak. They heard rumors of possible liberation forces and conflict but it did not surface. In early 2019 A new strain of the flu arose where the 320th helped as much as they could with the quarantine zones, Oleg specifically helped at Sedm, until the vaccine was distributed later that year in September. Everything slowly turned back to normal and Oleg was stationed back at Tisy where he remained but was to soon change. The infection The day to day didn't change much for the next few months until spring 2020. A new outbreak of the Caedesviridae virus uprooted and affected catastrophic numbers of people ,but was mainly lethal to elderly and the youth. Our scope changed from maintaining the peace and snuffing out revolts to medical and civil duty to help out the people of Russia’s oblast of Chernarus. Oleg first helped with establishing and maintaining new field hospitals and other medical centers to help with the infection, but to no avail as the infection continued to spread at uncontrollable rates. We were eventually called on to act on curfews and other regulations to ensure the public's safety as well as establish quarantine zones and limit travel via road blocks. Nobody could enter or leave the newfound oblast. A couple months passed and marshal law ensued as small riots and revolts as citizens became uneasy and unrest took place so we relocated citizens to secure zones with force if resisted. As the zones filled up over capacity more chaos ensued the citizens in the camps began to leave and fend for themselves as their trust in the zones lowered. At the end of May we were given an all hands order from Major Arkadiy Fyodorov Ignatev saying all active and reserve personnel to report to Novodmitrovsk deemed as the new rally point for all units in the area, the beginning of the end.
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