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  1. Journal of a Returning Roleplayer. 4:30 pm 12/03/2016 Start of day one: Hey journal. Been a very long time. Sorry about not upkeeping you. I just kinda got distracted. Life and all. Was thinking about you and how I used to make posts of you when I played with this DayZRP community. Think I might get back into playing it. I gotta find out if I still have an account there. Will likely have to see if they use arma 3 or DayZ still. Will also have to buy arma3 and/or DayZ. I'll be back, don't worry. 5:00 pm 12/03/2016 Start of day one: So after a bit of research and a bit more procrastination I think they use DayZ, which means I have to buy it. All good though, I'm keen to try it. Downloading it now and seeing if I'm still whitelisted and I'm not! No surpises there but it means I have to go through this hell again! yay! Seeing how long it took me to find the rules passcode last time I'm going to concentrate on that. Talk later! 5:30 pm 12/03/2016 Middle of day one: Ok! Read the rules and found the passcode! Rules were alot easier to read this time. AHA! DayZ just finished Downloading. Yay! Now I gotta find out if it requires any mods. Also gotta finish my application. looks like there are a bunch of questions about the lore. I don't remember it, So I have to read up on that. Wish me luck. Update you again soon. 8:00 pm 12/03/2016 End of day one: So I've read all the lore and rules and now I have to write a story. Probably base it around my previous character. Will likely need to find a new reason why he is there. The old one was pretty shakey (didn't know that at the time). 9:15 pm 12/03/2016 End of day one: Finished the application and now all I have to do is wait. it doesn't tell me how far up the que I am anymore like it used to. So I just have to assume it'll be done in the morrow. I will post an update then. See ya later journal.
  2. Previous Journal: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-journal-of-a-first-time-roleplayer-2?pid=487789#pid487789 12:30 pm 03/01/2014 Start of day three: Hey Journal, I better get crawling. I'm about 10 minutes walking distance from klen so it might take awhile. I'm having to be alot more mindfull of the Zombies Being slow and all. 1:30 pm 03/01/2012+2 Start of day three: Well Journal, I made it to Trader city Klen. after a full hour of crawling. Starting screaming "Help! Help me!" "my legs! OH god my legs!" when I was just outside. Fortunately ther was a guy (I think his name was Derrick) there and he helped me out. Not long after I met him I noticed he was coughing. I knew he had an infection, but my character didn't. So I was a bit hesitant to return the kindness. And thats when the Free Medics defence squad rolled up. 2:30 pm 03/01/2014 Middle of day three: My character wasn't to sure who they were or what they were even at Klen for but they helped out my new friend by giving him a blood bag. So they were cool in My book. Half wanting to learn more about them and Half wanting to not be alone my character went with them to the Free Medics camp. While Derrick got looked over by one of the doctors I asked if I could help and they set me to work (with the other doctors) chopping down some trees and making lumber. Which I was more than happy to do. 4:30 pm 03/01/2014 Middle of day three: After realising that I'd been making lumber for an hour and I was the only one still doing it I decided my character was bored. SO he walked round to the front of the complex to go hunting when I get see one of the Defence Squad. We are talking for a while and I look away from the screen for a minute and the cheeking bugger is giving me a blood bag (only god knows why?). What makes the whole thing bad is that the blood was infected! So one rocky Helicopter ride to pick up some Antibiotics for me (Which had to be stopped half way so my character could vomit), and we were good to go hunting. 5:30 pm 03/01/2014 End of day three: Dear Journal. My wife is nagging at me to go out for a walk to the mall with her. She just wants me to carry her things while she shops. Well Screw that! More Roleplay! Once I got back at the Free Medic base I headed east towards the NE air field because thats where I was told the best hunting was. After stumbling across and killing several poor defenceless animals. Two men in a UAZ drove up to me and one of them got out to try and rob me. After Quite a bit of talking and I snide remark about Guns making alot more noise than Hachets he let me go without losing anything. Lucky! Ok Journal, Protip: if you want to go somewhere dangerous and not get robbed take almost nothing and be abit cheeky. See ya Tomorrow Journal.
  3. Previous Journal: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-journal-of-a-first-time-roleplayer?highlight=non-whitelisted 12:00 am 02/01/2014 Still the end of day one: Dear Journal, Even though I logged of neer Stary Sobor, I spawned in about 15 minutes walk East of Novy Sobor. God damn server didn't update my position. So I walked back to where the car should have been. And it wasn't there........ All these setbacks. Walk to Stary and hang out there for a bit. No one is on the server so I wasn't looking to See anyone. Then the dudes from Bos came along and gave me some NVGs. Yay I can see! Anyway Getting some sleep now. 2:30 pm 02/01/2014 Start of day two: Afternoon Journal, Woke up with a headache this morning so I'm on getting one now. Did a bit of reading on the forum. But now I'm getting ready to go out with my mates. Will be back on later to RP. 8:30 pm 02/01/2014 Middle of Day two: Dear Jounal, I didn't expect to be out for as long as I was. But time got away from me. So I'm just logging on now. I gotta find out how to get a radio cause the silence of playing by myself is killing me. 11:00pm 02/01/2014 Middle of day two: Not so great news Journal, some one from the Somalian Death Squad robbed me. He didn't kill me But he did rob me. Teach me not to talk to random people . With nothing to defend myself with I ended up getting my legs broken. but I'm alive. Maybe I'll crawl to Trader city klen. It'll probably take while. Better get going. In other news: My wife called me told me that my birthday present finally turned up. My birthday was in october btw. Just a wee wait . 12:00 am 03/01/2014 End of day two: Dear Journal, so my present is a wireless dongle for a wireless Xbox 360 controller. Which woud be amazing but My best friend is borrowing my 360 controller. SO I can install and try configure it.... BUT I'll still have to wait to use it. I will definately set up a fly about mission in Arma 2 to test it out before I take it into the RP server. Hell I might even use it for more than just flying .
  4. Seeing how the journal is from my point of view not the point of view from my character the people in roleplaying thought it more appropriate in Off Topic. Kletus, I like how you've gone to the effort to write a Journal about your out of character (OOC) experiences with setting up the game etc., but the roleplaying thread is for IC (in character) stuff, such as backstories, journal from your character (as I'm sure you're already aware). Perhaps try do an IC one next? While there is nothing wrong with doing a IC Journal I wanted to do something different from what I had already read. So Making a IC journal would defeat the purpose. One day I will, just not today.
  5. Seeing how the journal is from my point of view not the point of view from my character the people in roleplaying thought it more appropriate in Off Topic.
  6. Previous Journal: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-journal-of-an-non-whitelisted-roleplayer?pid=484371#pid484371 3:00 am 01/01/2014 (no I'm not joking with that date) Start of Day One: Dear Journal, I installed the @dayZRP Launcher + files and since found that no one is actually playing the Initial mod. So NOW I'm having to download an aditional 1.5 gigs to get the Epoch version. Looks like I wont be on for a day at the end of the month to make up for it. Time to get off to bed. 12:30 pm 01/01/2014 Middle of day one: No that I've woken, I guess I'll set up the Epoch files and launch it through DayZ Commander. Like the Post on the Front page says. Ok so..... extract the files to Arma2:OA folder And add the launch parameters to DayZ Commander. Launch the server and waiting. waiting. Oh! A text box saying some files aren't signed by the server? Do I have to delete them? Guess so. Ok So I've removed them and trying to recconect. Aaaaand Same problem different files. Ok so I'll remove these ones then . Actually, I'll try removing all the .pbo files. Ok Reconnecting and I'm on! 1:20 pm 01/01/2014 Okay so its dawn/dusk. Moons on the left of the coast, so its dawn and I'm on the south coast. I'll head east then. Actually It looks like I am west of Kamenka. Great! Not that my character would know that though. Good guess heading East then. Oh look its raining outside and in the game. Hopefully I don't get too cold. I wonder if I should actually Pretend that I don't know about the zombies. Just walk up to one and ask one for help. OR say that I did. I think I'll just run through town and run out. oK First death, Died of thirst. Saw no one. Great start. 3:00 pm 01/01/2014 Middle of day one. Ok Journal, Just met a guy. He is another Kiwi RPing as a french dude (I can tell because of some parts of hist accent fall through). Finding it alot harded to Pretend I don't know what I'm doing with in terms of survival but I think I'm doing well. Looks like I'll need to go back now. I'll make another entree later. 5:30 pm 01/01/2014 End of Day one. Horrible news Journal. My friend died! We were at Stary Sobor and some zombies got him. I tried my hardest to save him but the makarov wasn't enough...... I Grabbed his keys and weapons and took off before something else bad happened. Ended up crashing the car. Decided I was hungry so I logged off. See ya tomorrow Journal!
  7. I suppose you guys are right. I just saw the "journal" in the forum type description and went with it. How would I go about moving it to the Off Topic Forum. I thought maybe because I blemished a bit it would count in the RolePlaying section ahwell. Oh and I've read all those Links already. Thanks though 1:30 am 01/01/2014 End of day one: Gidday Journal, looks like your pretty popular with some of the locals. But not only that, I think me posting you up counted towards that one post I needed for account activation. Bacause now I'm not Whitelisted! Yay. Guess thats a pretty good New years present . Looks like I can't fill you out now due to that. Guess I'll start another one. Thank you Journal. To all those who are wondering I think I'll start new Journal outlying my first ever Full RolePlay experiences. From my actual point of view. I'll Edit the link in for the next one if you guys want? Here is the next entry: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-journal-of-a-first-time-roleplayer?pid=485358#pid485358
  8. 8:30pm 30/12/2013 Start of day one: Dear Journal, I just finished what I could only describe as a short essay on why I should be whitelisted on DayZRP servers. It took me longer than it should have, but the bloody form required a passcode. Which took me a couple of Reads to figure out. Either way I finished it up, backed it up and sent it off. 8th place out of 95 the site says, mine must have been good to be bumped that high. Hopefully I'll be ready to go tomorrow. Ahwell off to catch some ZZZ, See ya later Journal. 11:00am 31/12/2013 middle of day one: Dear Journal, I had a decent sleep. not a great breakfast. Never been a fan of "all bran" as my wife calls it. sat down to check if my application had gone through yet and it hadn't! But not only had it not been read yet, it had been bumped down the que 3 places. 8th out of 100 isn't too bad. so I suppose its alright, the Admins must have just been busy and not read many applications. Oh whats this? an alert? 11:30am 31/12/2013 Middle of day one: Hey journal. I think I know why my Application hasn't been read yet. I haven't activated my account completely yet. I mean I have done the email thingy. But according to this PM I got from the website I have to make a post on the forums aswell. Looking at the forums now I see that there is even a place for newbies to say hi and Retiries to say bye. Okay I just posted on the forum and I should be activated. I wonder how I can tell? Oh look someone just replied to my post! Sl-ute General? I wonder if he meant to put the E in his name? Lol ohwell. His post looks almost auto generated anyway. His signature says to PM him If I have any questions. I wonder if he knows how tell if you accounts been activated. I guess I'll go and ask. I'll be back! 12:00pm 31/12/2013 Middle of Day one: Ok so he suggested that I activate my account before sending in my whitelist application. Too late to bother with that now. but he didn't actually tell me if there was a way to tell or not. I guess I'll just assume its completely done and hope for the best . I made a suggestion that there should be some kind of PM saying its all done and dusted but he didn't really like that idea. Too bad, I thought It could be quite good. So Now I guess its just a waiting game. Oh yeah, 7th out of 102 btw. They must be reading em if I'm going down in the que . 6:30pm 31/12/2013 End of Day one: Well I was hoping to be whitelisted before I went out for New Years. But that doesn't look like its happening. 8/118, wait no scratch that 7/117 It just changed. I played a couple games of Dota 2 and got shot on some private hives in vanilla DayZ. Not exactly The fun times I was expecting RPing about the place. 7:00 31/12/2013 End of day one: Guess what Journal! This is the point that I concieved you! I guess it was out of both frustration at the bouncing around of those damned numbers and the feeling that I should include myself in community abit more. So here I am. Wrighting you, not exactly sure what to say........ I think I'll move on then. Checked where I am in the que again. 6/117, Not to crash hot. Better get ready for tonight. Will continue with you later Journal.
  9. That doesn't seen to conducive to the overall community. Ah well I'll just sit in lobby waiting to get whitelisted.
  10. I'd Just like to say Hello to all the people I'll (hopefully) be playing with soon. I sent in my Whitelist application yesterday and now I'm just waiting for that to go through. Right now I'm on the TS server but no one seems to be talking