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  1. My group and I were talking to some strangers at the tower when we decided it was time to leave. during our departure I recognized we were being trailed and the men had put on armbands. Once we made it on the outside of the walls of the radio tower someone said put your hands up really fast, in turn I ran about 10 to 20 steps turn around and get shot while bringing my weapon on target.
  2. Well when you get robbed you get raided, but yea pretty much
  3. My POV for the report is on another post, invalid kill or so. Sorry for the confusion
  4. Understandable again sorry for that I feel stupid you have a good night.
  5. Yea I tried to hit my instant replay after fact but I was holding shift while I did and it turned it off. The invalid kill report really doesn't make sense to me unless I am missing something, I explained my POV, hopefully they do have some type of footage to make the situation more clear
  6. My POV I was walking with Fkn snow or Kennedy as he decided to tag along with me too Tisy. He explained that he doesnt hate me for holding him and his friend up as I let him go and was only teaching him a lesson, that even your friends will sell you out and leave you for dead. we are cutting through a field to make the journey faster and I see someone in Nova. I told him we should see who it is and went down to look for them. After talking for a little I tell them we are heading to Tisy kennedy and I and that they should go the other direction because its our area to search. a little after saying that Kennedy puts a gun to me and threatens to kill me. I already have my M4 out, so i back step put my gun to his body and blasted him. I turn to the other men because I suspect they could be with kennedy and I am instantly shot by an sks. I return fire on guy with sks and take cover. as i do this the third man takes cover behind a tree, pulls his rifle and takes aim. I fire at him with the remainder of my magazine and flee through some houses. I pack my 60 round back up, bandage and when i step out i see another man that looked extremely similar to the third man i mentioned so i fired 3 times at him then cut and ran.
  7. I am confused? how is this an invalid kill ? you threatened my life and I fought back. I didn't even shoot at the other men until they shot me, at that point I shot them too. I am in the wrong for shooting CamoRP I will admit that.
  8. Mate I am so sorry for this. you had the exact rifle, vest, and hat that a man from the group that tried to stick me up. They were also wearing all black like you.
  9. (3rd person) A young Chedaki militant that survived the bloody civil war. With his leaders being hunted like dogs, NCO's from his unit rounded up and executed Maksim Petrov went back to his bidding in the mines, to hide from a fate he fought so hard to not have. Many of the miners in his village took up arms to fight, they fled to the mountains in masses to learn how to use a rifle, prime a grenade, how to fight your own government. The glory's of war, battle, adventure, and meaning in their lives, they were flattened by utter defeat and a grotesque images of death. Maksim witnessed a lot of his friends die, his ignorant leaders sending them to a fate they knew all to well. Its why Petrov doesn't feel remorse or guilt as he tried to find his old quiet life again working in the mines as his once comrades were lined and shot. The villages he fought for, his dead friends fought for, seemed not to wince at the defeat and only embrace peace as it was. For many long years Maksim struggled about that time in his life and the outcome of the war, people lived under an enslaved peace with the new government... a false hope. When the virus started the government seemed to even play a part in spreading it, or at the least were ignorant to the mass extinction of the human race. (1st person) It swept across the hamlets, towns, and city's I once gave blood for. This truly was my biggest defeat, watching my people get torn limb from body. I witnessed death in war but seeing family's eat family's, neighbors and friends, tearing skin and muscle off of each other like mad men. I've been living in this hell I call my life mostly alone now. Im fucked up in the head, what grip of sanity I so tightly held onto after the war, was torn from me, like a young mother and her child surrounded by those demons. I wish so greatly that I could retire this life, trade it for the dark mines and be normal, secluded again. I have to keep moving now. Village after Village searching for what other haven't found. I avoid other groups, Its hard for me to be around them, few I've found the comfort in company. Only When I see a fellow Chedaki or a young face born into the apocalypse do I see purpose in life. I have killed men to survive and I've killed men for their food. Never will I take after a demon and eat another man, but I will do what it takes, even if my mind is scarred with death and gore, I can see the light in a world covered in darkness.
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