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  1. *Looking out to sea on the coast Q lets out a sigh and takes out the radio and presses the PTT button* This is Quinto Del Valle. I haven't spoken my name to anyone before so trust that this message is important. I am looking for Mac Tire. Ryker we talked a few weeks ago. My friends and I need your help. My friends and I moved away from our base after continuous meetings with the Dead Batteries and thought we'd be safe. We moved to a new location and we had a meeting which lead to the death of a spy amongst us. This man's death lead to Vlad, a member of the Dead Batteries finding us again and crippling a friend of ours. I am tired of the raiders harassing us and threatening our lives. They now demand the death of the man who fired the shot to kill the spy. Please help us... I don't want to lose another homie.. *Transmission cuts.*
  2. All good. I had a lot of fun. Felt like the right way to end things.
  3. I was the man who got thrown off the cliff.
  4. Quinto 'Q' Del Valle was born in Manila and grew up as an orphan. He was passed from home to home and often wandered the streets and stole with the other homeless, or orphaned, children. After years of foster families not working out for him, Quinto gave up. He had no faith that he would ever have anyone to call family and started to up his crime rate. He often found himself being punished by shop owners and spending nights in jail only to be sent back to the children's home he wanted so badly to get away from. When he was 13 he stumbled across two foreigners teaching some kids he knew in the streets. They were foreigners who he hadn't seen before. Quinto sat down and listened to the lesson this man and woman gave and was shocked that anyone would help these kids. Each day he came back and they were teaching the children on the street. Eventually, he got over himself and worked up the courage to talk to them. Over the years Qunito and the two teachers grew to work together. Quinto would lead them to the children and they would do what they could to educate the kids, often bringing supplies with them. Quinto even got the teachers to teach at his children's home. Throughout this time the three grew very close and Quinto learned much about them. They were a couple who worked for a company called UNICEF for 8 years. They had come to the Philippines to teach and after their classes at the school had finished they went into the streets to help where they could. On Q's 15th birthday the couple had a gift for him. They handed him an envelope and inside was the papers for his adoption, he finally had a family. The couple had decided to adopt Q and take him back to their home in Vystovo where they would take up teaching at the school there. The new family flew to Balota, but on the flight over disaster struck, and the infection began. Q woke up to groaning noises. The plane had crashed and the last thing he heard was the screaming of other passengers and the look of fear that his new parents had. He tried to get out of his seat, but the seat was stuck. He struggled with the straps but eventually wiggled out. He stood up and looked around. The building behind his was destroyed and so was the plane. People were screaming in the streets and he could hear the groaning near him turn to loud growling. He looked to his left to see his foster parents rushing towards him. At first, he was happy they had survived and he fell to his knees as he was quite injured, but he soon realized the things coming at him were not his parents. His foster parents had been infected and he could not stand the sight of them. He ran and never looked back.
  5. Asterik "Uhlí" Jellinek is a 22-year-old from the Czech Republic. He was born in the mining town of Kutná Hora. He grew up with his father, Vladimir, and his twin sister, Orna. His father mined silver in the nearby mine during Asterik's childhood. During this time Orna and Asterik went to the local schoolhouse to study and learn while their father worked. Neither child knew of their mother and Vladimir never spoke of her. The story they were told when they were older was that she was a German woman who was traveling who the country and left their father to continue on her journey. As a teenager Asterik began working in the silver mine with his father and his sister became the new teacher at the schoolhouse. Asterik earned his nick-name, Uhlí, when he was the first to discover the town's large quantity of coal in the mountainside. Despite being the first to find it the Czech government quickly made their town a new commercial mining facility and the residents of Kutná Hora were forced to relocate. The Jellinek family took this opportunity to leave the country. They packed their things and started to make their way to Prague to find work. On their way to the city, the infection started and the family has been traveling ever since. They have only recently been lead through the minefields to Chernarus by a mysterious man who promised them safe passage in exchange for the last item of value the family had. Vladimir's watch.
  6. Jalen Versock is an American crab-fisherman from Anchorage, Alaska. He served in the United States Military as a radio operator and rifleman. He finished his service as a Corporal. After his tour in Afghanistan, he went back to Anchorage in search of work but things didn't work out. He made some calls and got himself a job in Chernarus working on a cod boat. Before the outbreak, Jalen was a fisherman/journey-man and had no idea the outbreak happened until he woke up on the beaches of Chernarus. While at sea the ship he was on lost communications with the land, as the outbreak happened. The sailors aboard Jalen's ship were confused, but not too worried, as losing connection often happened during storms. After not hearing back for days they started to fear for the worst and started to make their way inland. This is when a terrible storm hit just off the coast, where their boat was traveling. Jalen was thrown overboard and drifted for many days before waking on the sandy beaches of Skalisty Island.
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