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  1. Jalen Versock is an American crab-fisherman from Anchorage, Alaska. He served in the United States Military as a radio operator and rifleman. He finished his service as a Corporal. After his tour in Afghanistan, he went back to Anchorage in search of work but things didn't work out. He made some calls and got himself a job in Chernarus working on a cod boat. Before the outbreak, Jalen was a fisherman/journey-man and had no idea the outbreak happened until he woke up on the beaches of Chernarus. While at sea the ship he was on lost communications with the land, as the outbreak happened. The sailors aboard Jalen's ship were confused, but not too worried, as losing connection often happened during storms. After not hearing back for days they started to fear for the worst and started to make their way inland. This is when a terrible storm hit just off the coast, where their boat was traveling. Jalen was thrown overboard and drifted for many days before waking on the sandy beaches of Skalisty Island.
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