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  1. *Looking out to sea on the coast Q lets out a sigh and takes out the radio and presses the PTT button* This is Quinto Del Valle. I haven't spoken my name to anyone before so trust that this message is important. I am looking for Mac Tire. Ryker we talked a few weeks ago. My friends and I need your help. My friends and I moved away from our base after continuous meetings with the Dead Batteries and thought we'd be safe. We moved to a new location and we had a meeting which lead to the death of a spy amongst us. This man's death lead to Vlad, a member of the Dead Batteries finding us again and crippling a friend of ours. I am tired of the raiders harassing us and threatening our lives. They now demand the death of the man who fired the shot to kill the spy. Please help us... I don't want to lose another homie.. *Transmission cuts.*
  2. All good. I had a lot of fun. Felt like the right way to end things.
  3. I was the man who got thrown off the cliff.
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