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  1. What about the small castle west of Lopatino or south-east of Vishnoye?
  2. WOOHOO. i got whitelisted! Can't wait to jump in and get to know you fine folks online
  3. That's the plan. The last thing I want to do is make the game more difficult for everyone else. I guess it's a waiting game now though. Based on the whitelist queue, I have some time to go and the odds are certainly against me. I shall remain patient and hopeful. See you all out there
  4. Just giving out a friendly greeting to all the RP'ers out there. Can't wait to jump into the world with all of you (hopefully) and have some fun. I only heard about you guys earlier this evening when I was about to quite DayZ forever due to the level of immaturity I was forced to endure in the public game. When I saw some stuff on youtube though, it was like a breath of fresh air. Even if I don't get whitelisted then you still have renewed my faith in DayZ and for that I thank you.