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  1. Gravity, or Gunny, is an American Marine veteran that has experience as a Gunnery Sergeant. She is a natural born leader, and does things with such a force that she seems pushy almost all the time. Being from a Marine primary family, she actually didn't enjoy family that much, and as soon as she headed out for training, she never saw them again willingly. Taking a natural stance in her position, she was a renowned sniper and an even better organizer. She came to the ground platoons years after being stuck at HQ working for the Corporation and gaining trust enough to be sent to the ground Ops as an observer. Alaska is the leader of the squad Ouroboros, her squad is made up REDACTED Operators. Purpose: REDACTED. Gravity is what you call a hard-ass, she doesn't like many people, she tolerates them. But she would give up her life for her squad. Gravity joined the Marines at age 16 under a fake alias, and retired form them around 15 years later, making her 31. She joined the Corp a year afterwards when she noticed shit going to hell. She went through a lot of stuff legally when they found out her original age when joining, but they found out after she had already turned 18. They ultimately couldn't do much due to her commanding officers at the times vouches. She joined the Corporation immediately after hearing about the outbreaks, seeing it as an opportunity to put her knowledge and strategic infiltration to use. She prefers a distance when it comes to fighting live humans, but doesn't mind bashing in a skull or two with something blunt alongside her squad. CLEARANCE: A
  2. Just saying, I love you all! I hope you all had a fantastic christmas! Happy holidays to everyone 💕

  3. Definitely talk it out first if you can. If you cant, and are still butthurt over something/or it was a MAJOR rule break, then report it by all means. But if you're just going to waste staffs time with reports you could have settled in discord or on the forums in messages, civilly of course, then you're just looking for drama imo.
  4. Musty NERD

    1. Musty Cheeto

      Musty Cheeto

      NO U


  5. Thank you all so much oh my gosh I'm so excited!
  6. Officially a good luck charm to those that bring me along on airfield runs lmao 💕

    1. Eagle


      How so?

    2. Musty Cheeto

      Musty Cheeto

      1 Heli crash with a Fal and AK101, an AK 74 in barracks, 4 M4's in Barracks, and a ton of useful ammo.

      Every time I go there with a group they get some nice stuff lmao

  7. This in particular would eliminate people looking over walls during PvP and allow them to have a straight "what they would see as a real human" view. It isn't just PvP reasons, it's moreso, I in particular would enjoy all first person. but I know some enjoy walking around in third, which isn't a bad thing, but in any sort of conflict you'd only see what your character sees, no? I'm bad at PvP most the time and I'm for it honestly. only due to it being more realistic in RP reasons as well, you wouldn't see the guy behind you if you had your gun out and he had his to your back, you'd only feel it as he told you.
  8. I love this idea, it would eliminate third person viewing in solos and create some intense PvP around walls and such. I also know it's 100% doable since I've seen it on other servers. +1
  9. Good luck man! I'm glad you've got your thread up finally! Just one thing, I believe you have too many spoilers, it seems to take away your cleanliness in your thread, other than that, awesome idea!
  10. I have just added a goal with a specific time frame that seems to be achievable and needed, and updated those that can be used with a time frame to fit SMART criteria.
  11. Thank you, loves! Ahahah! We love you too!
  12. Come on over sometime, we don't bite, unless you bite first that is!
  13. I should have worded this better, Neutrality will be maintained with most groups unless they cross those that we protect or those that are within our ranks, as most groups would not just "sit back and take it" from others that blatantly bash and steal their loot. As for anyone and everyone else, we wish to not have our reputation tainted by lies, as we regard liars to be of the highest disrespect. Carrier pigeons are moreso a "hey we grabbed this random pigeon and tied stuff to it, but honestly we don't know if it works or not, maybe the stuff will fall off of them and someone will find it." as they aren't actually a serious way to gain followers. (I will add that this idea had actually failed testing, but our characters are too naive to actually know that). Although, Pigeons ACTUALLY CAN be trained via feeding them food and mutual trust being obtained. Battleaxes we will have to remove, as I've just remembered the new update with the servers and will have to cross them off sadly, we were going to use them for executions. Swords and melee weapons will definitely not stand up to an SVD, but are used as primary weapons regarding the infected. we still are able to carry weapons of the present, of course. If we can make things such as "boogie men" work (the corporation), and people that were "insane" work together (the asylum), we can make crusaders work off the rules of old. Ah, I may have to change that for the good of this group! I just have my own theme based off of the cheesy goodness! Once I get enough free time to create some better graphics I should, it takes a while to perfect anything to reality Deus Vult!!
  14. Thank you all, and Ave Maria! I hope to meet you under good circumstances within Chernarus!
  15. Thank you! We've been so excited for this! Ave Maria! I hope we do well in meeting the groups of Chernarus, I've had all of this written and planned for a week now, and I have butterflies in my stomach just posting it!
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