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  1. Musty Cheeto

    What's the funniest RP experience you've had.

    Probably this, we all got scared shitless and started freaking out in our OOC comms asking what happened
  2. Musty Cheeto

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Cyn was myself, Kirby was @Kirby-KP, and "Crazy Eyes" was @Korvus. your RP was spot on too! I loved it, thanks for saving me, I had no idea what was going to happen!
  3. BrianM

    • BrianM
    • Musty Cheeto


    alycia debnam carey commander lexa GIF

    1. Musty Cheeto

      Musty Cheeto

      Heya bro, BrianM gon land westeros. 😁

  4. Musty Cheeto

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    I'm newer myself and I've come across a good amount of people that break OOC in VOIP, that we have to actually tell how the // works. Some were text RPers that didnt use the // as well. We had come across this one guy we were searching for ID but in his reply to, *attempts to search the man for his ID* //do we find any? He responds with: DUDE CHECK MY PROFILE. I dont have a clue how the whitelist was before, but even as someone who had come into the community in the past month or so, I think it's a good idea to restore it to it's original self to weed out the ones that search for the mystery code and never pay attention to lore or rules in general. It gets increasingly annoying to older and newer people of the community that come across this kind of RPer.
  5. Musty Cheeto

    Musty's Art

    Where I post all my art randomly made.
  6. Musty Cheeto

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Honestly DayZRP is becoming PvPRP oriented and it bugs me and a lot of others I play with/know. We're just all increasingly annoyed at the amount of pure bandit groups that provide little to no RP, or just see an automatic and hoard it from someone who has no hostile intentions. Don't get me wrong, it's not an entirely bad thing to have people out and about with bad intentions since.. you know, its the Apocalypse for gods sakes, but its just become more gear oriented and more "I want to disarm everybody" oriented to the point anyone with peaceful intentions hides or just regrets coming in contact with anyone. It's become a survival tactic to hide your good guns or you'll get robbed, or use them and hope to the DayZ gods that you kill who confronts you, because it'll be almost everyone you come across. I for one would like to see more RP and less "put your hands up, I'm taking everything" and then them running off.
  7. Musty Cheeto


    Still a sketch, but a WIP nonetheless
  8. Musty Cheeto

    Potius Banter

    Bahah, we're just practicing for the leaning tower of pisa competition. Nothing odd to see here.
  9. Musty Cheeto

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I just had the most immersive three hours of my life with these three on a Car ride. We have to do it again, The small talk and getting to know everyones characters was amazing. @Korvus @Kirby-KP @HartlssHeretic
  10. Musty Cheeto

    Potius Banter

  11. Musty Cheeto


  12. Many operators both old and new will soon be deployed back into the region, with the first reconnaissance team already making head way on the ground. The reports are not unexpected. South Zagoria had always been probably the harshest environment the corporation had ever deployed any of its assets to, with a far higher rate of loss here than anywhere else, despite all odds. Though some of the old powers in the region were gone from the last time they were their, new gangs and state actors had moved in too fill the vacuum that had been created in the void of their absence. The Corporation is ready to use what ever mean's necessary, either through diplomacy or by force in order to achieve its goals in the region this time around. Potius Cras, meaning in Latin better tomorrow was a parent company organization formed at some point in the late 50's and it had grown into a massive entity by the early 2000's that had its tendrils in markets around the world engaging in various enterprises. Some of its services including, financing, consulting and research and development, but those were only among some of its activities it engaged in. It also specialized in military grade security, and weaponry. The R&D programs of the company were banned in some countries during the 90's but by the 2000's most of the countries around the world that the Corporation was willing to do business with had come around to the idea of working with Potius Cras because of the military and technological benefits they stood from working with such an entity and allowing them to engage in business on their soil. The company original was founded in the United States, but within in the first 5 years of its founding it was doing most of its business in Europe, before the outbreak, they were pretty spread out over all 6 continents and they even had a few research facilities that were set up and fully staffed down in Antarctica. The company developed all kinds of military grade technology but one of their specializations was bio-weaponry. Upon the infection beginning in Chernarus and starting to cause a global pandemic the Corporation immediately saw the outbreak that many perceived as an Apocalypse, instead as an opportunity. A major rewrite to the script of the global theater, and the planned on making themselves a key player in this new act. Operators of the Corporation are working in various areas of the Continent that the country of Chernarus is located in focusing on different political goals furthering their ambitions, but South Zagoria has always remained in the eyes of the Corporation an area of concern primarily because it is where the infection started and they believe there could be a lot to be learned and gained from doing research in the area. Some data that some of their scouts their on the ground just gave the Corporation even more incentive to be allocating its man power and resources to the location. Status: ALIVE This Character is KOSable. YOU MAY SHOOT THIS CHARACTER ON SIGHT AT ANY MOMENT. Background: Unknown to Public. BIO: This asset was recruited from a council of high acclaimed scientists working on diseases for the English. She had a track record of immaculate loyalty, and good decision making within the Corporation. She was deployed to Chernarus, and this is her second time being redeployed with another reconnaissance team of Enforcers as a Field Medic/Scientist. Current Situation: Gathering equipment to meet up with the rest of the deployed members of the Corporation.
  13. Originally within Chernarus for a musicians gathering, Cyn was locked within the airport while it was on shutdown when the infected started appearing. She kept the spirits high for the people withing the airport by playing guitar and teaching others how to, trying to boost morale. By the time they were let out, it was too late to fly out back to England to reunite with her family due to the no fly zone pass and the buildup of people within exit checkpoints. The infected started to grow in numbers and overtake big cities such as Cherno and Elektro, and Cyn found solace helping some of the survivors make it to the countryside for safety, all while looking after her own well being. Cyn seems to be kind hearted, and not very bias towards dilemmas, she approaches things level headed and tries to reason out rather than fight- unless need be or it absolutely calls for it. She is disgusted by eating and drinking noises alongside infected gargling and seems to make a comment about it or scoff when it is heard.
  14. Originally being from English descent, Sam was taken on board by the Americans under a private organization to boost their military efforts, and was stationed in Chernogorsk when the wave of infected hit the city and caused US forces to flee, she was among the foolish to stay with the CDF and retreat towards the countryside. She was then chosen there to fly CAF helicopters in search of refugees in lost areas, however, something during this mission went horribly wrong. Her helicopter was shot down by a group of rioting civilians when scouting, and while falling she accepted death, however, it never came. She managed to survive the crash by a thread of life. Sam owes this thanks to a farmer who had saved her from the wreckage and woke her from unconsciousness with a dose of epinephrine. By the time she had fully awoken and recovered within the small ranch house her saviour was based in, the CDF had already started retreating and there was no hope for her leaving the province. Sam dedicated herself to still do her duty as military and safe as many survivor lives as possible, along with help them on their path of surviving. She has major resentment for Infected and tends to avoid them, find ways around them, and kill them if needed. She does resort to hostile actions if provoked, but hardly ever provokes it herself.
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