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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Ban and points seem severe for Frank Wasabi and myself based on what we viewed as bad RP from MatthewFC at the outset. We are new but there was also Bad RP in our opinion from MatthewFC. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My partner Frank Wasabi and I began conversing with MatthewFC. It was clear in the video posted that he acted untoward off the bat. His irritation with us was clear and made no effort to RP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed. Banned reduced. What could you have done better?: We could have made our intentions more clear with ".. or else" type statements but we didn't want to nor did we want to kill MathewFC, nor rob him. But we understand we weren't as clear as we could have been. We should have protected our hostage. We were interested in letting him live, but by this judgement, I presume the better decision would be to have provide "or else" type statements and executed to them such as ... a) Shot him when he refused to drink with us b) Shot him when he refused to take us to his "house" c) Shot him when he punched Frank Wasabi (first act of aggression) d) Shot him when we asked him to stop moving and replied with "or else" while pulling his gun out. e) Stating we would feed him to the zombies if he didn't comply .. all with making our initiation more clear. The rules are that we need to be clear with initiation. Our interest in RP in that instant was to be less cookie cutter, more organic. But we are also new. .. and f) Protecting him once we restrained him Not being clear with demands is our mistake and not protecting our hostage is also not cool. As a sidenote, could you please explain why "unless your hostage has his hands up or is showing clear intentions of not fighting back, you can't force feed them anything." i.e. if a *retstrained hostage* is acting like an asshole, can we or can we not force feed them? and why? Thank you.
  2. Metzger

    S1: BadRP (TrollRP), No care for Hostage, RDM 2019/04/20 04:30

    POV : Oleksiy Metzger I believe I'm Suspect B in Matthew's description. Matthew never asked us for our names. We met Matthew looting in Severograd while we were looking for a new radiator. At some point Matthew said he had a "house" in Severograd. We asked him to take it to us. He didn't. At some point before or after that he punched "Suspect A" / Frank Wasabi. We insisted he drink with us. He wouldn't. He kept saying "this is going no where". Later he pulled a gun. I told him to put it away and began counting down, with my M16 pointed at him. He put it back in his bags / shoulder. As a result, we restrained him with rope. Frank emptied his USG that he'd just pointed at us after restraining him. Since he didn't want to drink with us, I retrieved a gerry can from the car, fed him. Zombies came running shortly after. We ran. He didn't. We had no intent of taking him hostage or restraining or killing him at the outset. His actions led to his restraint. Note that Mathew showed aggression first by punching Frank and then further threatening us with a gun.
  3. Showed up at the medical building. Ran into Johnny/Robert & company, began chatting and offering up drugs. Eventually led the put-yo-hands up from white pants, tyrone, bobby, and yegor. As Frank said, ran into it before. We tried to bolt and defend, Frank got shot immediately. Died as he walked into green. I whiffed apparently, or shots never registered, from the top of the stairs according to the logs and was killed by Bobby. It's all pretty clear from Johnny/Robert's video. Note Johnny/Robert's mention of Lexie in his first post me, Oleksiy.
  4. Metzger

    S1 North Pustoshka Invalid Kill

    I think if you review your own video you can see that you stopped moving at 16 seconds and became pancaked at 22-23 seconds.
  5. Metzger

    S1 North Pustoshka Invalid Kill

    And to be explicit, all are allies: Driver: bunsojr "Frank" Front passenger-side: silentknight "Jason" Back: me / metzger "Oleksiy" & "Spencer (I forget which sides of the car we were on, but I think I was driver-side)
  6. Metzger

    S1 North Pustoshka Invalid Kill

    We were driving down from a camp up north towards the southern coast. We were a group of three and offered a ride to a fourth, Spencer. Our plan was the island Spencer had told us about. On the road north of Pushtoska we had just crested a small rise or at a minimum the road was flat and began to descend. When I saw Batok and HDragon orginally, I sincerely believe they were zombies for 1-2 seconds. They were a ways down the road and standing still, dark clothing, indistinguishable from humans. From the time that they were in our line of site to the time that we hit them, they did not move at all. Once I took note of where we were, that they were standing around basically just between bushes on a one-lane road -- no buildings -- no town, I realized they weren't zombies but were players. Road / location is attached. I screamed bunsojr's/Frank's IRL first-name over discord then Frank, and in-game and then began yelling brake. I believe Spencer did as well -- I know there were at least two of us screaming. It was clear to me that bunsojr/Frank was checking his map or inventory because he first chimed back in with a "huh" or "what" and by the time he slowed down it was too late. Frank was flying, the road was mostly straight with a slight curve in it, and slightly downhill for us. Everyone was making noise at this point, 'nooooooo' and such, and In the excitement silentknight/Jason did gut run over immediately after bunsojr/Frank stopped and put the car in reverse. I think he was caught by the door as he was stepping out. It was all a bit sad and hilarious at the same time. I feel for Batok and HDragon, but in all honesty standing in the middle of one of the rural roads, with bushes on either side, running up hill, is not the most spectacular idea. On top of being tabbed out. Granted our driver was also not completely attentive. I can promise you what happened was not intentional in anyway on bunsojr's/Frank's part. Frank gave Batok and HDragon burials with his shovel. We quartered and skinned silentknight/Jason as we stated it was in his will as the way he wanted to go. Afterwards, Spencer, Frank/bunsojr, and myself made it to the coast. We got out the car to investigate another stopped Olga. Spencer keeled over soon after... couldn't get a voice response, and he typed out /halp, then died. Frank and I have no idea why he died. It was not an F11 suicide. No one shot or hit him and this was probably at least 5 minutes after the accident. But he seemed to be aware of something being wrong with the /halp (I recall it being misspelled -- see logs). Don't recall if it was him or someone else claiming he was infected by a "Jason the murder / hockey mask guy" (not our Jason in the car) back at the camp up North.
  7. Auto mechaOleksiy Metzger : An auto mechanic who hitch hiked to Chernarus with a vacationer named Cleetus from South Carolina in his 4x4, to find his two lost friends, Jason Rufio and Frank Wasabi Prior to the outbreak, he'd been told Chernarus was a great place for his line of work and there was plenty of it. He hasn't heard from his friends in nearly two years and has decided to search for them. He doesn't know if they're dead or alive. In the meantime, Oleksiy will do his best to scavenge until he is able to re-unite with his friends. They had always planned on running an auto sales and repair shop with one another. Oleksiy is a cautions individual, but has times found himself in bad situations and fallen in with the wrong crowds in his past. He's looking to avoid trouble at all costs. His goal is to find his friends who he considers family as he has none left. The majority of his family immigrated to Israel when he was young. He and his father remained in the Ukraine and his father has now just recently passed, prompting his journey to Chernarus to find his friends as they're the only family he has left.nic from the Ukraine. Looking to re-unite with lost friends
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