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  1. Born in Bergen, Norway somewhere in the forest, Ozthorfinn Solveigtoril was born... and abandoned shortly after his welcoming to the world. His parents, unknown and never to be seen- abandoned their little warrior in the forest of Bergen. Oz was picked up by some old world village Norse folk- raising him, caring for him, being the family he never had and eventually juicing him into a warrior and sending him off onto a religious expedition. As his villagemen and women prepared a boat for Warrior Oz, they decided that his location to be a missionary is - South Zagoria. So... They sent Oz to spread his ideology to the good people of Chernarus.
  2. Pre Outbreak: Gabriel was witness to a lot abuse happening to his brother Lucifer by his parents who was more a witness to it than a victim himself they would fight and beat each-other and Lucifer? they would beat him over the head with bottles and burn him with Clothing irons ever since he was seven.. they were a poor family living in the ghetto so he would also get picked on by the kids on his block until his brother snapped and bit a piece of an ear off of one of the kids that were picking on. then he went to school and he would remember how badly his parents fighting damaged him and broke up with her and for the next few months he felt lost and alone, he tried cutting himself but it did nothing. It wasn't even a distraction so he kept seeing his brother drifting in what he considered "hell". Just chasing any temporary high to at least distract him for a little. When he turned four-teen his parents' fighting went out of control on his brother's birthday. He walked downstairs and saw them fight like usual but something in his father had snapped and he pushed his mother into a cabinet... when she fell he kept hitting her until she stopped breathing. after that, he told Lucifer to go upstairs, but something snapped in him as he saw his mother dead on the floor. He had enough and he went into a blood rage beating his dad to a bloody pulp and grabbing some rope from the garage in there home and hanging his dad from the stairs. knowing he was gonna get caught if he stayed. He took his money and decided South Zagoria was a good place to escape everything, taking his little brother with him. Post outbreak: His brother hard at Work on the farm was working to support Gabriel's education. He got done with his work for the day and decided to head in Zelenogorsk to do some shopping, so he would have some food for the week. That was the last time he saw his brother before the outbreak. He went around Chernarus trying to find him when he ended up far north in russia and managed to get in and make his way around Russia after a month he had already killed his first man, a common bandit that tried to rob him where the bandit got close enough to him stabbed him through the neck with his knife, he then kept going on his travels through Russia meeting a small group of brutal raiders called "The Skull-fuckers" he hated the name but the raids were good for survival. After we managed to join them through a brutal hand-to-hand death match with another member. He stayed with them for a year and a half then he heard news about a man named Lucifer causing mayhem in Chernarus aswell as a place by poland so he decides to check it out. He then spends a few months traveling in Russia before starting his search in Chernarus, determined to find his brother.. Or whatever is rumor that leads to him.
  3. Quinn had lived in the slums of Longford, a small town in Ireland. Quinn had lived with his massive family and fellow Irish brethren, coupled with casual lovely bar fights and getting over alcoholism. In order to protect his family he had learned to fight in the ghetto, becoming a young thug, debt collecting, and striking fear into the townsfolk around him. All of this was to raise money for his family. Sooner or later he had signed up to join an illegal fighting pit. After a year in the ring he had hopefully accumulated enough money to save his family and maybe even repay the town and its people he had basically robbed. All that Quinn came back to was his land that had been burned down to cinders and devoid of life. After asking angrily around neighboring villages what happened to his home in Bruff was met with silence and white-noise. All the answers had pointed to the same people who had adopted him into the ring, the people who taught him how to fight. Now Quinn is heading back to the ring to find the men who had killed his village for revenge and blood, dawning his fist once more, Quinn; is going to single-handedly make every person in charge pay, along with whoever gets in his way. Coming back to the pit, No one was here, no one at all... All that was left was clues that kept leading back to the same vague answer. Up until he found his last clue that led him to some Souther-European area. Quinn had heard of the new pit fighters residing in a place called "South Zagoria." Quinn would take a boat, and leave Ireland to head to this foreign land. Upon arrival he was met with once again, silence. But no way of returning home, as traveling around this time was prohibited by the country going hay-wire from its now repugnant disease that is sweeping the entire country. Quinn is now stuck in this foreign land, with only his hands, feet, wits, and his booze....
  4. Looking dope folks.
  5. I didn't take any pictures of my POV But i'll discuss what I know. I was with @Anipuma & @miss_natcula on our towards @Anipuma's house to continue some internal role-play on my end. Upon arriving though, a few things were out of place and then we noticed the lockers that are placed outside, and also two of @Anipuma's cars are missing. I did notice the griefing of some of the items that were in the lockers. (I'am the man standing in front of @miss_natcula's Screenshot) We all couldn't realize who might've done it, but we were more worried about the reason for the griefing. -Thats all I know on my end Chief.
  6. *He would hastily press his PTT* "I would then hope you currently reside in South Zagoria then." * He would shifts his bag around, while also by the sounds of it, packing a few things up.* "I can come to you comrade. Just let me know a time, and place. свида́ния my friend." *Lets go of his PTT*
  7. *Presses his PTT* "Hello Brod. It would seem the winter has abandoned you." *Swigs more of his ice-cold Vodka* "Everyone seems to have gone and traveled to lands unknown." *Neatly puts away his bottle, and zips up his bag* "Eh.. If you ever need a doctor though my friend. Hit this frequency. I'am the wandering doctor Aleksandr Markez." *He would let go of his PTT*
  8. Junpei Liào Takaiyaki: Junpei grew up around the pure wealth of one of Japans most infamous crime organizations, the Yakuza. His mother was Japanese and his father was Triad member from Korea. Both his parents were complete affiliates of each respected organization, eventually leading Junpei to also be a split part of each organization in his teen-years. He would mainly act in the Yakuza, as he resided currently in Japan. Junpei, when in his appropriate teen years, began to start smuggling drugs, debt collecting, handling and trading illegal fire-arms, and even being given combat training by his father, mother, and other Yakuza members. During Junpei's young criminal life, his parents would make a slip up, wanting to leave the Yakuza behind after realizing what they were doing to their young child. They were making him into a monster, an Oni-Demon with the ferocity and tenacity to complete every single job he was given. He was the prize-pony boy of the Yakuza. Mina and Sunny wanted a better life for their now teenage son, But they also wanted to abandon their old gang for the amount of pain they have caused to others. They wanted to repent, and they wanted to include Junpei as well. All Junpei wanted... was his parents attention, their validation, their guidance. But he never got a sliver of it. Mina and Sunny would fail to convince Junpei to leave with them. To leave their criminal life behind. With tears in both parents eyes, they had left and abandoned their only child. leaving their past behind with him as well. Junpei would stop both of his parents from running away, turning them into his other family who would be proud of his accomplishments... Junpei, being his fathers late-child, and young protege was given a choice, to watch his parents die by the hands of the Yakuza, or cut their pinkies off in honor and be given a side-op for the future. Junpei realizing what he must do- without remorse or hatred. He accepts the shameless cutting of his parents fingers and the eventual side-op. His parents, now being lackeys, were tossed to the side, and acted as regular citizens of Japan. Leaving Junpei to be the new care-taker of his family. Both his mother and father were basically imprisoned to their homes after their betrayal had transpired. Junpei would eventually receive his side-op personally from the Yakuza boss, to do some reconnaissance and translating for some triad-gang in the capital of Korea, Seoul. During his time here he would make new friends, learning to speak Korean, and Japanese all at once. Acting as a mediator for shipment and cargo for his new competitor gang. Junpei was respected by the triad-gang for being known as a feared man in Japan and keeping up to his fathers name. Junpei, although notorious and cunning, would have his luck run dry during one of his missions to aid the triads to fight against another triad group in a gun-fight. Being caught and framed for a crime he did not commit. Ironic, as Junpei has committed many crimes in his life, and never would he imagine being arrested in a foreign country. Junpei would be busted out during prison raid from both his friendly triad-gang and the Yakuza. With both of these powerful crime organizations working in unison they would deal a hostage situation to free Junpei out. "A Person for a person." This tactic would work and eventually free Junpei from his cell-shackles. He would soon realize that he owes a huge favor to the triads and the Yakuza. To repay for the tremendous favor. Junpei's would be required to help & aid the distribution of drugs in warehouse-district in an area of South-East Europe. Without giving it much thought, he would do as he was told, eventually island hopping by boat with a few trusted members, to a place called "South Zagoria." He would work endlessly, and tirelessly on construction with his fellow members to build it to a gang-like standard. Everything from the outside world for Junpei was shut out, he would focus on one thing and one thing only. The construction of the warehouse. Everything was white-noise to him. gunshots, screams and cries for help at night, sick and wounded country-men asking for assistance, all he could say to them is "So sorry, I don't speak your language." What he blocked out during his time... was an infection.. a disease, sickness of some sorts. Eventually accepting this news as no longer white-noise. This infection was real, the cannibalistic rumors were true, and he fight along-side his fellow warehouse members to fend off said disease. But you can only protect so much as a small group. Slowly, little by little, members would go missing, go out for food, for water, but never return. Countless times the remaining members would beg for evacuation and ignore construction of the warehouse until provided a secure route home... All what they were met with was radio silence and static. He would be left, to fend for himself.
  9. Im not even sure what to say either. mainly an accident on my end. I was mainly chilling around sitnik when this broke down, trying to break up the situation while trying to tent to my character duties, (cooking and gathering food together for my group and newcomers.) I couldn't simply ignore what was going on though. While some of my allies were talking to a Mexican child some kind of argument broke down, I honestly was confused the entire time. When things started to seem fishy and weird I just left and went about my personal business. There isn't not much I can say for my POV, I left rather quickly when things got a little weird and showed up whenever I was called or needed over coms. (Also the accidental damage Benjamin took from me was a wrong hit as I was trying to hit @HDragon's boys by sprinting at one of them for being to aggressive towards me, and other players involved.)
  10. You’re my favourite Italian and favourite roleplayer ❤️ 

  11. @Leik -/- Bjørn // Hello I'm Bjørn (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ Meeting Bjørn and talking about your crazed war hungry lifestyle was a good treat to discuss philosophy between someone who "tears" people up, and someone who "patches" people up. I hope you keep me in business Mr. Bjørn @C-J -/- C.J // JESUS CHRIST ≧°◡°≦ Meeting "Jesus Christ" for the second time was unexpected after the airfield incident... left me feeling intimidated still. Certainly a bad memory for my dear old doctor. (wonderful seeing you again though.) @silvermoongaming -/- Haiden Winters // Little Red (✿◠‿◠) Seeing "Little Red" for the second time was heartwarming after what happened on the airfield. It was nice to see her around some good Samaritans (pun intended). Hoping to see more of you. Don't forget about your two vitamins a day.. @JJRambow -/- John Jameson // John (•◡•) Kind of you to take me out for a wonderful drive, discussing my views on some events that have transpired. I see some sort of bond happening between us, I hope that keeps up. Solid BestBudRP.
  12. JmVidz805

    Pucciarati Life

    "Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug!"
  13. "Keep moving, Stay alive, Stay Feral, Stay quiet, and walk among them." Upon his Physical introduction, James shows himself to be a solemn, quiet, but kind-hearted young man, ready to help those in need. He is rather awkward around other people, due to spending so much time alone roughly four years now. He is fairly reserved and hardly shows any kind of emotion to his elders or other people only coming off as apathetic at times and depressing. James only opens up to the people he trust and likes, although he still comes off as cold and possibly heartless to those who he likes, a lot of this comes from James' past anger. during the apocalypse James' parents were the ones to look after him, They stayed in Maryland, moving from place to place, eventually landing in Europe at some point. James parents only had one goal in mind, and that was keeping him sheltered from the outside world. James' parents thought that sheltering young James was the best solution for him at a better life. So his Father Pedro, and Mother Lucy, did as such, surviving, and sheltering their little boy James. But you can only shelter a kid for so long before they start to rebel and become curious. James was a very distant and unusual child growing up, he was never particularly close with his Mother and Father, or people in general. He was also the only child in his family which causes him to fall astray eventually leading up to him leaving his father and mother behind to do his own thing. The way of travel was Jame's wit, and his legs.... It was a long adventure for James to leave his parents. And like being sheltered, having independence was no different. James had heard stories that outside of his protection and shelter, that outside of his comfort zone there was this disease. The disease that was causing crazed, hyper, cannibalistic inducing senses to hit the citizens of its very own habitat. James, being confident in his own skills at the age of seven-teen eventually ventured out on his own, leaving his mother and father behind to seek freedom and independence. (TO BE FILLED FURTHER WHEN NEEDED) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- James Likes/Traits: :Is a big gun enthusiast and was taught when he was fairly young when the apocalypse began. Starting off with a Pistol, Working his way up in the bigger and better calibers. :Loves to learn. :Tends to open up more to men more than women. :Drinking Wine. :Appreciates Solitude, but enjoys a good one on one conversation. :Cooking, and has a feminine side during his enthusiastic-venting like talk about cooking. :Reading, and literature. :Animals, and Nature itself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ James Dislikes/Traits: :People who hesitate. :People who are too nice. :People who are disgustingly-rude. :Eating. : Is a neat-freak / cleanliness-freak
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