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  1. Quinn had lived in the slum Irish-lands of the world for as long as he remembers, and had lived and loved his family and fellow Irish brethren, coupled with casual lovely bar fights and over alcoholism. In order to protect his family he had learned to fend for himself, learning defensive and offensive combat techniques. To raise money for his town he had signed up to join an fighting pit. After signing up he was forcefully escorted to said area. After a year in the ring he had hopefully accumulated enough money to save his family and maybe even the town, but came back to a land that had burned down to cinders and devoid of life. After asking angrily around neighboring villages what happened to his home all the answers had pointed to the same people who took him to fight. Fron what Quinn could uncover from the pit fighters is that they were all originally from a place called Chernarus. With enough time and patience with the Geographical side of things, Quinn was able to uncover the location of Chernarus, In search for the slave pit fighters gone M.I.A Now Quinn is heading back to a different ring, dawning his weapons and fist once more, and is going to make every person in charge pay, along with whoever gets in his way.
  2. "All I need is a big fucking gun, to make art...." Upon his Physical introduction, Grant shows himself to be a solemn, quiet, and angry at the world. He is rather angry, distant, and erratic around other people, due to spending so much time alone, roughly four years now. He is fairly reserved and hardly shows any kind of emotion to his friends or other people, only coming off as apathetic and at times and depressing. Grant only opens up to the people who catch him off-guard. Grant, committed crimes for his family, stealing, dealing, and making other families bereaving. His family being ashamed of his now wanted son.... kicked him out on his own, wishing nothing but death upon the now cursed son. Grant taking everything he had to escape the law, traveled far east, stole a boat in New York- Heading to Europe to see where he can possibly start his new life. Grant: Miraculously making it past coast guard illegally, Landed in a place in roughly translated into a foreign language called: South Zagoria: Chernarus. Without question, Grant went about his merrily way, doing his own thing in a new land, hoping to start something by himself before he is caught and sent back to his country.....
  3. Looking dope folks.
  4. I didn't take any pictures of my POV But i'll discuss what I know. I was with @Anipuma & @miss_natcula on our towards @Anipuma's house to continue some internal role-play on my end. Upon arriving though, a few things were out of place and then we noticed the lockers that are placed outside, and also two of @Anipuma's cars are missing. I did notice the griefing of some of the items that were in the lockers. (I'am the man standing in front of @miss_natcula's Screenshot) We all couldn't realize who might've done it, but we were more worried about the reason for the griefing. -Thats all I know on my end Chief.
  5. *He would hastily press his PTT* "I would then hope you currently reside in South Zagoria then." * He would shifts his bag around, while also by the sounds of it, packing a few things up.* "I can come to you comrade. Just let me know a time, and place. свида́ния my friend." *Lets go of his PTT*
  6. *Presses his PTT* "Hello Brod. It would seem the winter has abandoned you." *Swigs more of his ice-cold Vodka* "Everyone seems to have gone and traveled to lands unknown." *Neatly puts away his bottle, and zips up his bag* "Eh.. If you ever need a doctor though my friend. Hit this frequency. I'am the wandering doctor Aleksandr Markez." *He would let go of his PTT*
  7. Im not even sure what to say either. mainly an accident on my end. I was mainly chilling around sitnik when this broke down, trying to break up the situation while trying to tent to my character duties, (cooking and gathering food together for my group and newcomers.) I couldn't simply ignore what was going on though. While some of my allies were talking to a Mexican child some kind of argument broke down, I honestly was confused the entire time. When things started to seem fishy and weird I just left and went about my personal business. There isn't not much I can say for my POV, I left rather quickly when things got a little weird and showed up whenever I was called or needed over coms. (Also the accidental damage Benjamin took from me was a wrong hit as I was trying to hit @HDragon's boys by sprinting at one of them for being to aggressive towards me, and other players involved.)
  8. You’re my favourite Italian and favourite roleplayer ❤️ 

  9. @Leik -/- Bjørn // Hello I'm Bjørn (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ Meeting Bjørn and talking about your crazed war hungry lifestyle was a good treat to discuss philosophy between someone who "tears" people up, and someone who "patches" people up. I hope you keep me in business Mr. Bjørn @C-J -/- C.J // JESUS CHRIST ≧°◡°≦ Meeting "Jesus Christ" for the second time was unexpected after the airfield incident... left me feeling intimidated still. Certainly a bad memory for my dear old doctor. (wonderful seeing you again though.) @silvermoongaming -/- Haiden Winters // Little Red (✿◠‿◠) Seeing "Little Red" for the second time was heartwarming after what happened on the airfield. It was nice to see her around some good Samaritans (pun intended). Hoping to see more of you. Don't forget about your two vitamins a day.. @JJRambow -/- John Jameson // John (•◡•) Kind of you to take me out for a wonderful drive, discussing my views on some events that have transpired. I see some sort of bond happening between us, I hope that keeps up. Solid BestBudRP.
  10. JmVidz805

    Pucciarati Life

    "Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug!"
  11. I can support this, as I was the hostage. and it indeed this was an unintentional kill. I Jamison Harrlow can support this. I think @bob123 's kill to my character was accidental. : )
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