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  3. Upon his introduction, James shows himself to be a solemn, quiet, but goodhearted young man, ready to help those in need. He is rather awkward around other people, due to spending so much time alone roughly four years now. He is fairly reserved and hardly shows any kind of emotion to his elders or other people, coming off as apathetic at times, and depressing. James only opens up to the people he trust and likes, although he still comes off as cold and possibly heartless, a lot of this comes from James' past anger. James is a big gun enthusiast and was taught when he was fairly young when the apocalypse began. Starting off with a Pistol, Working his way up in the bigger and better calibers. When the apocalypse began James' parents were the ones to look after him, keeping him sheltered from the outside world. But you can only shelter a kid for so long before they start to rebel and become curious. (CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS)
  4. Bruno Pucciarati was born the son of a humble fisherman in a coastal town where he spent most of his happy childhood with two loving parents. When Pucciarati was seven years old, his parents decided to divorce. His father wanted to remain in the fishing village where they lived while his mother wanted to move to the city. The two decided Pucciarati should choose who he wanted to live with. Pucciarati's mother tried to convince him to come with her to the city and receive an education, but in the end, Pucciarati said he would rather live with his father. As the years went on, Pucciarati's father worked very hard in the hope the Pucciarati would one day move to the city and receive an education. One day, shady men had asked Paolo, Bruno's Father for a ferry ride off the coast of Vieste. Bruno knew that something was up, but crossed his fingers in hopes that things would be okay. Later that day, Paolo would come back by the rescue of nearby coast guard captains being shot all over his body and then being transported to the hospital. The shady people that had supposedly shot Bruno's father were involved in a gang drug-trade. Bruno, a young boy, filled with anger wanted to defend and protect his father by waiting for the shady men to hopefully pay a visit to Bruno's father. Patiently he waited for the day that would never come, and Bruno's father would die days after sustaining critical injuries. Bruno, still filled with anger and now regret is in hopes to find those men who had killed his father. Bruno filled with anger, would use this as new-found strength to press forward to the goals ahead of him. Every event that led had led to Bruno's change, made him hate drugs, and ill-groups of people. Bruno eventually forgot the pain of losing his father, but still utilized his hatred to those who use people, who kill people, who supports the use of drugs and the like. Bruno at the age of twenty would join a mysterious group that gave him significant power to rule over people lower than him. Working his way up in the ranks to eventually become Capo of the said "mysterious gang". Bruno disliked this significant power, Ultimately, Pucciarati's trust was betrayed when he inevitably found out about his own gang dealing in drug deals, but he could do nothing about the situation regardless. he disliked this way of a gangsters lifestyle. Bruno had packed everything he had and abandoned his old gang to form a new one somewhere east. A place far from home would suffice making some sort of new gang, a gang that would revitalize the true meaning of family, and power. Bruno Pucciarati, first introduced as a sly gangster, is quickly revealed to be a righteous and extremely determined, if brutal, individual. Pucciarati's most important character traits are his righteousness and his natural kindness. Pucciarati is dedicated to taking the most honorable course of action, even if he puts his life at risk. Pucciarati respects and upholds several values such as having resolve, commending his old fellow members resolve in their past fights, and selflessness as he is prepared to sacrifice himself for his beliefs and his duties, and family loyalty. Like his team, Pucciarati believes that resolve involves risking one's own life for a just cause, a standard he constantly holds up to by putting himself in danger and betting on the enemy's lesser resolve to prevail. Bucciarati believes in individual freedoms, and that people are free to die however they wish. Pucciarati is consistently shown to be serious, even as a young child, and usually keeps a serious and unflinching demeanor. Moreover, Pucciarati takes his responsibility as a team leader seriously, considering that his old role as a lieutenant has the double duties to accomplish the mission but also to ensure that his subordinates live. That makes Pucciarati extremely determined in a fight if the lives of his teammates are in stakes, and Pucciarati routinely takes reckless actions to ensure their safety. Pucciarati always acts with a given objective in mind. "No matter how twisted this world may be, I will walk the path I believe in.... Arrivederci."
  5. "You want to be respected Aleksandr? One must prove themselves to be worthy of such a thing as respect." Aleksandr in his early years grew up in the ghetto slums of Bratislava with his family Monika, Rossen, Brenda, Kevin, and Erik learning general nursing from his mother Monika and using that practice on his brothers and only sister who would constantly be getting hurt or in danger due to their living conditions. Aleksandr grew up to his teen years always having to patch up his family members, cook for them, clean for them. Basically follow any orders from his radically nationalistic parents. Aleksandr hated always having to be told what to do and because of this this eventually led Aleksandr to adopt an Ideology of "Freedom & Liberty" doing whatever Aleksandr deems worthy of his time. Aleksandr eventually led his adult life living one of freedom and rebellion while also further expanding his medical knowledge in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Aleksandr learned from the people around him as Aleksandr has always had a silver tongue, prancing around charming those who would help him in his journey towards being a general practitioner from a both Ethical and Non-ethical perspective. One busy morning In Kiev, Aleksandr started hearing rumors of crazed individuals and talks of people getting "sick". He payed no mind to such words as the most important thing to Aleksandr was his work. Stay diligent and level-headed. Little did Aleksandr know that this was the beginning of something big. The supposed rumors and talks eventually came to be a reality to Aleksandr's life, seeing people die, seeing peoples loved ones die, seeing people change, seeing people become mad with fear. This way of life was not healthy for poor Aleksandr. Because of the sickness not being able to be quarantined fast enough, Aleksandr went from place to place, camps, to quarantine zones, resistance shelters. And all of them eventually fell to the sickness, everyone dying, each and every one of them. Kids being torn from their mothers and fathers, sisters losing brothers, every single one of them die, and die again... except dear Aleksandr.. From the very begining thought...When Aleksandr left his family... he kept tabs of the most important/eventful days to him. "Nothing ever good last. Especially with those horrible people I called Mother and Father." Eventually Aleksandr began writing away at a personal journal he kept to himself... ----------------------------------X - Journal of Mr. Markez - Day 3: "The people around me are starting to panic, running to stay safe or be kept safe. The panic continuously spreads across Kiev, I wonder how things are back home In Bratislava... Its sad of me to write down, but I do miss my family and pray that they safe." Day 10: "I grow tired. and seeing terror run across the street, and it shakes me to my very core. This makes me ridden with fear, seeing kids die, kids scream throughout the night and day, and seeing good people fight for their lives when they shouldn't have too. I hope the people here can live prosperous and not be destroyed by such a tragedy. I'll continue to provide my aid for the passerby of this good country." Day 35: "The terror continues to reign, the screams of the night, are now pure white noise. I hardly get any worthwhile sleep anymore. And everyone I knew, every friendly face I have seen has either disappeared or been replaced with sorrow, and anger. I'am hoping that armed forces, or someone- beit a god help us. someone please help us." Day 73: "I'm starting to hear stories from the people I meet, stories of a place where it might be better, Or at least some place more contained, a place more worthwhile living. I'm unsure as to where.. but I hear Its somewhere South... I will do my best to ask the people I meet and keeping tabs of this place while I'm out scavenging for survivors or food." Day 112: "I have been very lonely...this abandoned warehouse is starting to wear down, and make me go stir-crazy. I haven't seen anyone in days, and I have kept to myself for a large period of time being cautious as I have heard of bad people "cleaning" the streets.. Thieves I'm afraid.... Living by myself is becoming quite the challenge. But those people... they weren't speaking the common language. Keep note of that Aleksandr." Day 116: "These people found my quarters. If I die today, please someone make use of my journal.. I have written basic first-aid training somewhere in here. I have also written how to clean and safely remove bullets from a gunshot wound, how to remove shrapnel from whatever it may be, Heimlich maneuver, The likes for basic surviving and saving lives." Day ???: "I lost track of what day it is anymore... All I know is that I'm alive, and becoming hardened by such world that I currently live in. I will continue to move South by the rumors I've heard. By luck, or prayer when I left my old compound I finally heard of the location that I want to head to. It is called.... South Zagoria (Чернарусь-Chernarus)" ----------------------------------X - "I wonder if this metro-station will lead me to where I want to go ....I suppose It is safer than the streets. So I guess I have no choice, I have food, Water, and my Wits. -Puts on gas mask- Here I go."
  6. I can support this, as I was the hostage. and it indeed this was an unintentional kill. I Jamison Harrlow can support this. I think @bob123 's kill to my character was accidental. : )
  7. During early January Morgan Harrlow lived in Severograd as a Police Officer with his wife Christina Harrlow. Morgan lived in Severograd/Chernarus for a few years now. Before the outbreak he called over his brother Jamison Harrlow who lived in Pennsylvania, Brookville to come visit where Morgan lived. Jamison was now coming to Chernarus, Severograd. But ....Shortly Morgan heard that Jamisons plane had crashed. Morgan eagerly went to try and find some word of Jamisons persons, only to find nothing but several unidentified casualties from the plane crash. This led Morgan to believe that his brother was dead. Morgan was then offered a position in a science group called the "Potius Cras" he accepted as a means to discover why there was a plane crash, why people were going cannibalistic, and why Chernarus was going crazy. During April, in Spring. Morgan had heard that his wife was infected..... Christina was also pregnant, and had to be legally euthanized. This was the breaking point for Morgan. He then devoted the rest of his life to the Potius Cras's work as his soon to be Enforcer.
  8. The reason for Jamisons departure in Chernarus was due to him coming down to see a long lost relative of his which was his brother, Morgan Harrlow. Ever since Jamisons arrival he has yet to ever find Morgan, or to come into any contact with Morgan at all. Although, Jamison is confidant that Morgan is alive and is out there in Chernarus somewhere. Jamison, because of his long lost brother, now wanders the streets and woods of Chernarus hoping to find his lost brother. Jamison hopes to find Morgan either alive, or dead. Jamison hopes that once he closes off that chapter in his life, and concludes the shenanigans with his brother that he can make his way back to the states, and back to his wife, and two daughters.
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