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  1. During early January Morgan Harrlow lived in Severograd as a Police Officer with his wife Christina Harrlow. Morgan lived in Severograd/Chernarus for a few years now. Before the outbreak he called over his brother Jamison Harrlow who lived in Pennsylvania, Brookville to come visit where Morgan lived. Jamison was now coming to Chernarus, Severograd. But ....Shortly Morgan heard that Jamisons plane had crashed. Morgan eagerly went to try and find some word of Jamisons persons, only to find nothing but several unidentified casualties from the plane crash. This led Morgan to believe that his brother was dead. Morgan was then offered a position in a science group called the "Potius Cras" he accepted as a means to discover why there was a plane crash, why people were going cannibalistic, and why Chernarus was going crazy. During April, in Spring. Morgan had heard that his wife was infected..... Christina was also pregnant, and had to be legally euthanized. This was the breaking point for Morgan. He then devoted the rest of his life to the Potius Cras's work as his soon to be Enforcer.
  2. The reason for Jamisons departure in Chernarus was due to him coming down to see a long lost relative of his which was his brother, Morgan Harrlow. Ever since Jamisons arrival he has yet to ever find Morgan, or to come into any contact with Morgan at all. Although, Jamison is confidant that Morgan is alive and is out there in Chernarus somewhere. Jamison, because of his long lost brother, now wanders the streets and woods of Chernarus hoping to find his lost brother. Jamison hopes to find Morgan either alive, or dead. Jamison hopes that once he closes off that chapter in his life, and concludes the shenanigans with his brother that he can make his way back to the states, and back to his wife, and two daughters.
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