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  1. is that who i think it is.. lol..
  2. Jeffrey Willard, was born in Cicero Illinois, an only child. The earliest he remembers of his childhood. Was being locked in the basement of his parents home, being fed with scraps...Beaten almost daily... Only thing he liked was Bath time. He hated being dirty... All the time. The only light in the room would flicker constantly.. One day his parents, accidentally left the door open and he decided to step out from the darkness. He finds his parents eating a nice dinner. He snapped, being fed scraps for years and hearing them watch scary movies over and over.. He grabs the steak knife and slowly drives it into his fathers neck, blood spraying everywhere, hes mom screams at him and he takes the steak knife and stabs her in the chest. With her still screaming and hating her voice. He steps on top of her bleeding body, still screaming at him. He opens her mouth and cuts out her tongue. As he sits on the dinner table watching he’s parents bleed slowly. He decides to take a bath. He drags his parents bodies into the bathtub and drains them of all the blood and bathes in it. Eating a wonderful dinner they had made... Now we was apart of this world he has never seen before. He stepped out into, with just a steak knife and no one he knows. With voices in his head. Guiding him into the unknown... He cant believe the many people in this new world. All the blood he can imagine. As years go by Jeffrey lives in abandoned buildings, houses, sewers. Praying on all sorts of victims.. He is finally apprehended by authorities, and instantly sent to medical experts. The Diagnosis is Schizophrenia, Dissociative Personality Disorder, with Impulse Control Disorder... To say the least medical experts in the US dont reallly know how to deal with Jeffrey.. They just give him a stage 9, very dangerous to everyone and lock him in solitary confinement, safety for others and himself. They try medicine to calm him down, brain scans to see if something is lodged in his head causing the Illness. 2 experts have already died in the process of helping Jeffrey. Until one day they hear of new experts residing in The Country of Chernarus. The experts talk it over and decide to transfer him to this new Medical facility. On the way there to the facility the outbreak had just begun. The vehicle transferring Jeffrey is over run by these new type of people with scary faces. He is very intrigued with this new type of beings. Looking thru the little windows. Of the truck. It suddenly opens and a person hells “ Run save yourself “ Be safe and runs in a different direction.. He realizes, I’m not locked anymore. He is now free and he feels dirty and now a new Bath is needed.. He needs to be clean... Now a new adventure begins for Jeffrey....
  3. William Munny

    Drag Race

    i won 1 race.. maybe.... haha
  4. in Search of my lost wife Svetlana
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