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  1. Here is the video full there is nothing much to show but me looking around. Also can you pull location logs of everyone involved it would be much appreciated if there is a location rule on kill rights.
  2. we didn't rob him. My friend wanted his back he asked to drop it with the gun but I told my friend no lets not we can find that bag in like 5 minutes and we let him go. Unfortunately the bag was ruined. Lastly we ran into him later on and we offered to give him a bag and he said, "Oh, alright." and then walked away. he had his gun out but we didn't so if he really wanted revenge he could've done it right there. As soon as we let him go that rp was over since we didn't take anything.
  3. Server and location: DayzRP Northwest Airfield, 2019 04 11 1:54-2:05 Your in game name: Jake Sanders Names of allies involved: James Ripley, Seth Sanders Name of suspect/s: Unknown Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): So this is the whole breakdown of this story. We see a man, Zombru, going to the NORTH compound from tents at NW airfield. my buddy noticed that he had a butt pack. I knew my friend needed one and immediately started spamming him not to rob the man. I un deafened in discord as he did. The man had already dropped the backpack which was unfortunately ruined. Me and my buddy later decide we want to find this guy another one because we simply felt bad so that's what we did. We went to the north compound and me and my friend were both looking for him. I had a small backpack in my hands. My friend found him and said, to the best of my knowledge, "Hey my buddy found a bag for you." also according to what everyone is saying he walked by and said, "Okay cool." Right there the kill rights should have been gone. We offered to give him a bag, that we supposedly "robbed" from him and he denied it so we just went on with the looting trip. We decided to circle back to the tents and then go towards the southern compound. While we were doing this the server crashed/got reset, I think maybe twice. I'm not 100% on this but i'm pretty sure kill rights don't go through crashes and such unless there is a fight that happened AROUND 5 minutes ago. So I would say it has been an hour and a half at this point because we weren't staying concentrated. Then we eventually make it to the south compound and we heard shots there just a bit before. So we decided to get on roofs me being on the tissy building. My friend was supposed to be watching me but because he got glitched hard he wasn't able to do that. This is where the video I posted in the first place takes place. I scope in on a guy in the building mainly because I thought it was my friend just trying to heal for a bit because he glitched off the building. Then I scope out and see the guy in the orange raincoat to the right and the rest of his group to my left. They proceed to come into my building and come right up to me. One guy didn't say a word as the other one wanted to distract me by asking if I had a pistol. I tab into my inventory to look and then the guy with the orange rain coat decides to come back after leaving to shoot me while his friend distracted me. So let's say we did rob him, this area is way farther from the north compound area so I wouldn't say we were in the same area. Also time had passed and we made good Samaritans with the guy afterward. Also his little group of friends were all fresh spawns very easy to tell. So would these guys have kill rights into regards that they weren't even in the area at the time. (to the best of my knowledge they weren't near the airfield so don't call me on that). This is my whole reasoning for why I made this report everything that I've said is basically capsuled into this POV statement this is the last I will post on the subject because it had gone out of control. Any other staff members please direct message me because I need to ask a couple of questions as far as that goes. Thank you for taking the time to read this please alleviate my temp ban I will be out of the house so email me on any other regards.
  4. Jake Sanders is kept back. Unlike his family He is shallow and warm hearted. He was adopted into the mafia by Jed when he was only 10. When the outbreak occurred The Manders hit us with a surprise attack and only me and a couple of members survived. We came to Chernaurus wanting more than we needed. We were then split up by the infected. I approach Jed after not seeing them for a long time then he led me to the rest he found once again. We are still to this day looking for the Manders and we will never give up on it. Jake had his parents killed by the age of six and the mafia had found him looking for the Manders. They brought him in and from there on he was a Sander. Since he was adopted he faced many hardships. He was also the youngest in the family so he didn't really understand being in a mafia. Slowly but surely he got better in the eyes of his new family and where he stand now he is almost glad to be there and couldn't ask for a better home. In his situation as we stand in the present he is stressed out of his damn mind and doesn't know the next step for him. He is wondering if he should just find someone else to be around because his mafia is slowly going insane and he is the only one that is recognizing it.
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