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  1. * Killian grabs his radio with rage* *PPT* " Green and Blue armbands you say huh Mikael? you surely lost your mind sir. I have already been robbed by guys in blue arm bands. if you honestly think id walk into that situation you would be mistaken." "yeah i use the term loosly when i say zombies my apologies on that, settlements out west you say? settlements of the peaceful type or ones that take a kind guy like myself as a hostage or slave.... cuz lately thats the only type of people i have encountered here! I mean people play the im thirsty u have any water and just as i say oh sure no problem ill help you out they pull a gun and take me hostage to take everything." Surely there has to be people out there with some sense of compassion" *he'd let go of the PPT as he hears a car driving by*
  2. *sitting in a dark stairway of an old abandoned house, Killian picks up his radio and holds down the PPT* " What is this world really coming to? As if the zombies that walk the land aren't challenging enough to survive. Not to mention the temperatures and the basic needs of life like finding good food and water. Now the many men around the whole land of chernarus who lack any morals whatsoever and just like to rob people and shoot at them for the fun of it. Hear me out though all these groups of people with their stupid arm bands going around being big bad tough guys against small lonely guys like me who are just trying to survive is ridiculous. Im another Human yet get treated like dirt . Why you ask..... because I have something someone wants? I have been left with practically nothing multiple times now because a guy who has more then i ever had.... wanted it. I mean is it just me out here being treated like this ? If anyone is out there that isn't a complete jerk wants to hang out or just talk you can catch me on this frequency until the next guy robs me of this radio......... *mumbles* "somethings gotta change" *Static roars across the radio as Killian releases the PPT* He sit eating his last apple before going out to scavenge again*
  3. no video evidence but i would like to point out that if i had a lock pick i would have used it rather than getting a staff member to come let me out of the building
  4. 4.6 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released. A character that is taken hostage may be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the hostage was personally responsible for, or participated in a death of your ally. I was locked in a building with no lock picks as they were robbed from me along with an entire crate of things leaving me to starve.
  5. Server and location: s1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1245-1315 Your in game name: Killian ArcLight Names of allies involved: Tim Kingston Name of suspect/s: no idea blue arm bands Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): they had a red car Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was held up at gun point by guys with blue arm bands and forced into a building and robbed, Upon them letting us go they locked us into a house with no way out. The doors were locked on both servers s1 and s2 so me and my friend are stuck not being able to play the game.
  6. StretchArc64

    Killian Arclight [open freq]

    * Killian pushes the PTT down and replies* " Yeah I hope my service has aided you in whatever you are trying to accomplish stay safe out there man!" * killian shuts his radio off and sits in silence contemplating his life and where its going*
  7. Server and location: S2 Electro Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7/22/19 @1400 -7/24/0500 @0500 Your in game name: Killian Arclight Names of allies involved: Tim Kingston, Rob Banks Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): our red sedan in base Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no video screen shot as i was away on vacation Detailed description of the events: on 7/22/19 @about 1400 i "woke up" in base to my friend saying someone was breaking in just prior to my awakening and he was had just rebuilt what they broke. He stated that he fired some warning shots and they ran off. My original reason for login was just to do a quick look around the base. as i was leaving for a few days IRL vaction. we waited around and didnt hear any sound so i logged saying i was going back to bed. I then logged back in on 7/24/19 to find the base was broken thru 4-5 walls and compleatly raided for what appears to be no reason. all the barrels were open and lots of things stolen. After speaking to a member in the support discord, I believe this is griefing considering the amount of walls they broke, and the fact that they were given a warning shot they must not of had any value for their characters life and just waited until we logged out to break in. 4.8 Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done.
  8. StretchArc64

    Killian Arclight [open freq]

    *Killian grabs his radio and holds the ptt* ”Jonny! I was starting to think you have been overtaken by the undead! Glad to see that’s not the case. I’m here listening still” *lets go of the ptt and waits nervously*
  9. StretchArc64

    Killian Arclight [open freq]

    *Killian throws his bag on the ground verifying the contents as he grabs his battered radio from his pants pocket. He fiddles with the frequency knob as the worn radio frequency numbers are worn off and finally holds the PTT* "Johnny, Can you hear me?" *he pauses for a brief second* "Man I hope this is the right frequency....I indeed have been collecting what was asked of me in the barn, im sorry it took me so long to radio you i was desperately searching for a new radio to be able to contact you as your men had stripped me of mine. I am alive and well for the time being not that you really care seems i am just a mule to you and your men." *long pause as he reaches in his bag for some fluoxetine tablets to calm himself, in a nervous tone he continues* "The package is ready. Ill wait to hear from you........ also if you talk to Mr Bobby K at all i have done what he had asked of me as well" *he sighs as he releases the the PPT on the radio*
  10. We have spoken on discord and im asking the report to be closed . We agreed that between the lag and panic of the situation there was some miscommunication/ misunderstanding of what was being demanded. We both agreed that neither party broke any rules we just had a poor connection which limited our communications. Thanks!
  11. Server and location: S2 Kambiwobo close to the beach. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6/26/2019 0225-0300 ish? Your in game name: Killian Arclight Names of allies involved: n/a Name of suspect/s: no idea there was no introduction please check logs Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no idea Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was walking west on the beach from solnechiy towards elektrozavodsk. I heard some shots and when i got close to the big warehouse building close to shore some dead zombies. As a medic in game i went to make sure everyone was ok. I spotted a person who had another person held up at gun point and he also spotted me. He told me to put my hands up and i did. he said "this guy (refering to the one tied up) got my friend killed" then he shot me before i could speak back.
  12. Soraya Matthison's life had been fairly average before the outhbreak took place. She worked as a freelance photographer, taking pictures was a passion rooted deep within her. There was something about the way a photograph could capture and preserve special moments in time that just spoke to her. Thankfully, her fiancé's job as a surgeon allowed her the time and freedom to pursue her passion. He worked long hours and they hardly saw each other, but it was a compromise they both willingly accepted. That's when, even with the publicity about the spread of the outbreak, her fiancé surprised her with two tickets for a cruise set to sail in mid July of 2017. Soraya was both elated and terrified at the thought, but she happily accepted the gift. The day of the cruise, they (along with 3,000 other passengers) boarded the Costa Risacca and set sail on what would later become a harrowing journey. One night during the cruise, Soraya was awoken to the feeling of the mattress shifting slightly as her fiancé got out of bed. She watched him hobble sleepily towards the bathroom, and could tell from his posture that he wasn't feeling well. 'He's probably sea sick.' She thought to herself as she allowed her legs to swing over the side of the bed. He'd always sworn that Spite Lemonade was the key to settling an upset stomach and with yawn, she heads out of their cabin in search of the vending machine she'd seen earlier. It was as she closed the door behind her, that Soraya realized something was terribly wrong. The boat ungulated roughly, throwing her off balance and causing her to stumble several feet down the hall. Clinging to the wall as best as she could, She turns, desperately trying to make her way back to the cabin. Other passengers were scattering through the halls, many bumping into her in their panic. Water was beginning to swirl around her ankles as the ship began to sink. Terrified, she leaps forward, but the amount of people cramming into the hallway prevented her from getting very far. It seemed the more she fought to break through the crowd, the less ground she gained and despite her efforts, Soraya found herself being herded away from the cabin where her fiancé was. Mere minutes seemed like hours, but soon Soraya was greeted by the sight of the inky black sky. A massive storm raged, churning the sea and turning its once soothing waves into fierce entities that tossed the cruise ship like a toddler in bathwater. A ship steward reached out, grabbing her arm. "This way! To the life boats!" He yelled, though his voice was nearly drowned out by the sound the storm. Soraya fought against him. She wasn't leaving without her fiancé! Her attempts were futile and with tears rolling down her face, she found herself being ushered onto one of the boats. Clinging to the side of the life boat, Soraya fought to keep her balance as the waves aggressively tossed the vessel around. The Steward who had ushered her on to the life boat, shoved a life vest into her arms. With shaky hands she pulls the vest over her head, fighting to clip the belt around her. That's when a large wave crashes into the side of the life boat, capsizing it and throwing its frantic passengers into the inky black water. Fighting for her life, Soraya battles the waves, desperately searching for something to grab on to. With each reach, her hands find nothing but ocean. For hours Soraya battled the waves, her muscles screaming for relief. She had no real way to tell how long she fought to stay afloat, but the moment her exhausted limbs felt sand she felt a surge of solace as she wearily crawled ashore. Absolutely exhausted, Soraya allows her body to collapse onto the sand, her breathing labored, but her heart thankful. She had made it. She survived. The thought causes her eyes to spring open. Where was her fiancé? Thinking of him breathes new life into her limbs and she quickly climbs to her feet. Surveying the land around her, she allows her blue-grey eyes to desperately begin searching for him. Had he made it? Had anyone made it? With the inky rays of dawn just barely beginning to light the sky, Soraya's heart sinks. For as far as she could see there was nothing but sand and ocean. Deflated, she turns and begins to walk down the beach, the water lapping at her feet. She had no idea how long she had walked, but soon she sees something in front of her. It was two life boats. Hope swelled in her chest as she makes her way towards it, though that hope she felt soon dwindles as she realizes no one is with the boats. Coming to a halt near the them, she allows her hands to gently run over the hull of the nearest one. With a defeated sigh, she sits on the boat, her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. Tears spill down her cheeks and for a moment she cries, not knowing what to do. What would her fiancé do? With steadying sigh, she stands, ignoring her muscles protest. She couldn't just sit around all day, she had to gather supplies and try to find help. Looking around once more that's when she sees it. Something green and shiny poking out of the sand. Reaching down she almost instantly recognizes the cool smooth surface of a soda can. Pulling the drink from its resting place, she can't help but allow more tears to spill down her face. It was a can of Spite Lemonade. Wiping the sand from its aluminum surface she turns her gaze backs to the ocean, slowly surveying the horizon. He had to have made it. Her fiancé was a fighter and she knew he wouldn't give up. Re-kindling the hope in her chest, she turns back to the life boats to set the can of Spite Lemonade down on the hull of the over turned boat. If he was alive, she would find him.
  13. Killian Arclight, his friends call him Arc for short, worked so many long hours at the hospital that he barely ever gotten the chance to take his vacation time. Being the head surgeon in a trauma center was often demanding. With two full weeks of vacation time saved up, and a surgeon to fill his position at the hospital he decided to go on a cruise with his fiancé. Even after all the publicity on the news about the outbreak he thought it couldn't be that bad and he would be safe out on the ocean. "Surely the government will get it under control" He thought to himself as he quickly booked his tickets for a two week cruise for mid July of the year 2017. Killian, his family and about 3,000 other passengers boarded the Costa Risacca to set out on their journey. One night, a few days into the cruise, Killian woke up feeling sick. He stumbled tiredly to the bathroom thinking the "sea sickness" has finally set in. Little did he know his life was about to change forever. As he became more aware of his surroundings he realized this was not normal sea motion causing his upset stomach something else was wrong. He began hearing screaming and quickly jumped up off the john. Pulling up his trousers as he rushed to get back to his sleeping quarters where his finance was. It was too late there was water gushing in everywhere, there was no way he was making it back if he wanted to survive. He ran as fast as he could to the stairs that led up to the deck. Pushing through the rushing water he made it to the deck just in time to see a life boat. He quickly untied it and helped as many people load into it as he could. He frantically called for his fiancé as he watched the ship disappear quickly among a rock formation. Everyone was screaming and crying for their family members, he knew there was no way he was going to hear the soft voice of his fiancé over all of it.Tears rolled down his face as he jumped off the life boat determined to find her. He swam to what was left of the sunken ship searching around for his beloved life partner. He searched for hours with no success. He came to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe she made it to a different life boat and had made it to shore. He jumped on some floating planks that were left from the wreckage and began to paddle towards the coast that he could see off in the distance. A significant amount of time passed until he reached the shore. He fell to his knees as reached the dry land completely exhausted and thirsty. He looked up and seen two life boats close together on the beach. Just the sight of those boats gave him a sudden boost of energy and he stumbled over to them. There sat a can of Spite Lemonade, his favorite, sitting on top of an upside-down life boat. He took a minute to make sure he wasn't dreaming. After Discovering that he was not dreaming he thought to himself, "Surely this is not a coincidence, my fiancé must have left this here as a sign that she made it! I must go find her."
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