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  1. Well hello, I am TheBananaExperience, today my white list application was accepted so I feel I have entered the community. I hope to play with many of you in-game, I would put my players name but I forgot it and I lost my white list app back-up in a long story of me returning to my pc.
  2. I am an administrator on my pc I know, but if you run it as administrator it should work, just try it. Okay that worked thanks
  3. So when I press join server in the dayzrp launcher 1 of 2 things happens. If I have steam overlay checked absolutely nothing happens when i press join server. If steam overlay is not checked I get this error:
  4. So after a few hours I came to check my whitelist status and it changed FROM: Your current estimated place in queue: 47/52 TO: Yourcurrent estimated place in queue: 52/58 Does this mean it will take longer? If not what does this mean?
  5. I did not send it yet because I saw this message at the bottom: Please backup copy your application before submitting, for future reference or in case something goes wrong.
  6. How do I back up the whitelist for future reference or in case something goes wrong? Just noticed this probably should have went in the support section.