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  1. Ok so for starters I would like to apologize for the fail RP that happened last night, so on behalf of my group I apologize. I was driving down the road and see Chris he says hello I respond asked me if I knew the guys down the role I said "I don't know" when we get to the 3 men (who are in the same group as me) one begins to speak in German, I ask that he speaks in English we were then told to step out of the car. They started to tie the man up and take his blood with no RP whatsoever, and literally walked around him quietly barely saying a word to him. I then got into the discord channel and told them they must talk in-game and RP with the guy cause this is a fail, then he is told to just walk away without any of his guns. I will like to say once more I'm very sorry about the crap RP that he had to go through, cause he did a great job.
  2. Server and location: 1 Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/30/2019, 4:07 Your in game name: Rick Salvo Names of allies involved: Moscow Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: My friend and myself were moving out of Vybor, we saw a group of people on the road and we went towards them to do some RP. At first it was all good we were talking when then started what I believe was a friendly 2v2 fist fight, seconds after we began fighting someone I don't know who took a shot at us we all dispersed from the area. I began to make my way toward the area we got shot from (Vybor factory) when we saw the man we were just fist fighting with trying to climb up a latter he told us to take cover cause whoever was shooting was on the building across from us. I began to run away towards the man in the red shirt group with my gun on my back and they started to shoot at me without initiation, I then run back to the factory to bandage once that is done I go to run away from the area I am being shot, I come to a fence and see a guy that we were just talking to I say "hey it's me why are you guys shooting at me" and he begins to mow me down. I feel like rules were indeed broken there was no initiation and it was a RDM, I do not know the names of the people who shot at us but i'm sure the logs will show. Close This Report Please
  3. Korvus


    dam nice! 8/10
  4. one pulled his gun and the other tried to run away...
  5. So for starters I was not apart of the whole thing from the start, when I met up with them was about half way through the scenario. The 2 I guess I will call them "randoms" are part of the group I am in, I began to join in on the RP session. They wanted us to swim across the to meet "some people" I declined, long story short as my 2 teammates started to swim across I heard the leader of the group who I think was called Adien, get on the radio and talk to ppl on the island who are apparently cannibals and tell them they sending over 2 new guys, so one of my guys turned around to get back to shore once he did the 3 remaining members of the other group became hostile towards him we had another one of our members overwatching from the hill he came down and we initiated on them the person I had the leader did not move, one other guy decided to pull out his gun so he was killed and the second started to run and he got killed. I then killed the last guy because he was a part of the group, I feel no rules/rp was broke --------Rick Salvo-----
  6. This Character is Alive This Character is KOSable Operator Background: Classified Current Situation: Due to the resistance that the Corporation been facing on the ground from the local populace and possible state actors in the area, the Corporation has deployed in operator Verda into the area along with the other reinforcements that Stone called in to back up the troops that are already currently on the ground. Verda read the reports and he knows things are bad on the ground and the that the local populace has been extremely hostile, and their actions have been extremely costly for the Corporation, causing them to have to settle for expensive fee's to maintain the quality that the higher ups were demanding happened out in the field. Verda specializes in counter intelligence. He always is carrying around is radio frequency jamming equipment along with some minor EMP equipment he can use to knock out electronics in an designated small area. Before he arrived Chernarus, Verda was serving the Corporations interests for some time in France. However-- he was recalled from the area and was up at the FOB 75 KM north of the Chernarus border before he was sent in with the others. Verda was good friends with the late Triceratops from the first wave, they had served together on many ops in the past and had developed a close relationship-- he was very disheartened to hear about Triceratops death, and he doesn't plan on ending up like his deceased friend. He is going to ensure the safety of his fellow team members and colleagues in the area at all costs, even if it mean's that his hands might get bloody doing it. He's got a job he's getting paid to do, and he plans on doing it better than any one else that they could hire possibly could. He landed with the helicopter that touched down earlier today and dropped off Nightsbane.
  7. Was born in Gorka but moved to the USA at around the age of 10 after my parents died my sister stayed in Gorka, I've forgotten most of the Russian language I speak mostly English. moved back to my homeland of Russia at the age of 22 I moved to Chernarus and joined the armed forces. At the age of 30 moved up to a Sergeant in rank I was very content with my life, when everything turned upside down I had no idea till it was to late. My squad and I were on a 2 week training exercise, we were clueless to want was happening no contact with base or the outside world. On our 2nd week of the training we were taking turns sleeping and keeping watch as per protocol, when suddenly we were attacked by a crazed person, at first we thought the man was on drugs or mentally unstable. As we investigated the mans disfigured face we were attacked again but this time by a much larger group of what I know now as "zombies" Stalin (one of my team members) shot the in the chest and the man kept coming, first thought through my mind this cant be true the movies and shows were right all along so I tested my theory and shot one in the head and that seemed to work, only 2 of us survived that night
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