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"Did someone say 4:20 ?"

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  1. SIGH
    what is with groups meta gaming just to murder people.
    get creative and stop breaking RP rules


    1. Eagle


      Then report.

    2. Frenchie


      i wasnt involved in the incidentΒ  i logged off 3 minutes prior, But my entire group was killed after some pretty obvious meta gaming. If the guys feel its worth reporting they will do so themselves, Just a shame that people only look for PVP on a RP server πŸ˜•

  2. Some people are just to obvious about there meta gaming 🀣
    If your going to do it try being discreet about it . . After all its a rule πŸ‘
    Its impossible to prove someone or a group is doing it, But we all damn well know its happening . .

  3. Au Revoir 😘
    I will return when i have the free time . .

    Although the NHF are gone for now, The remnants remain loyal to the cause

  4. Top notch roleplay tonight from so many different groups
    Had a lot of fun guys, Was a very interesting interaction and a lot of stories being created.


  5. Only Gone Gold Premium πŸ™‚
    Only seemed right that i make it official

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