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  1. Au Revoir 😘
    I will return when i have the free time . .

    Although the NHF are gone for now, The remnants remain loyal to the cause

  2. Plan on taking a break from dayz so am requesting my group to be archived
  3. *Donnie uses the PTT* "Noted my man" *Donnie paused then released the PTT*
  4. *Donnie tuned his radio to a secure channel then uses the PTT* "Donnie french marshal of the NHF here . . Its been a while since my last broadcast due to being in the field with my militia . .I didnt have time to broadcast my happiness in the victory over the anarchists, Some will say there was no victory with some remnanats still roaming chernarus . . But for the people who stood against them we know all the pain experienced and bullets fired was worth it in the end . . we all have our freedom again . . no more licenses being forced upon us . . No more will the common survivor fear walking into a anarchist patrol and get beaten and robbed for their possesions . . Those who made a stand and didnt surreneder you have a lot to be proud of . . Each and every single soul lost in the war effort will never be forgotten " *Donnie clears his throat before proceeding* "Although the NHF and our allies managed to defeat one large antagonist faction, There will always be another group of people who think they can bully their way through the apocalypse and get away with it . . So long as i have air in my lungs and a beating heart the NHF will serve and protect the people of chernarus . . Meanwhile trying to rebuild from the ruins of the old world . . Sooner or later the NHF and other like minded factions will all come to terms and agreements and create a new civilization . . May our hope never die" *Donnie released the PTT*
  5. really cool idea, Best of luck with approval and look forward to crossing paths
  6. When i joined this server i witnessed the wolfpack fall (Archived) be nice to see you guys back With your group goals and pack laws they are pretty much identical to my group the NHF, Hopefully can talk terms and friendships Best of luck with approval again
  7. The main largest town, I cannot remember the name of it stonninton or something like that, My time on that server i always came across people there
  8. Had the pleasure of meeting you guys and also defending your place from bandits, Hopefully the antogonists give you lot a break and allow the charity to run P.S - Need any help holla the NHF Best of luck with approval
  9. Frenchie


    From the album: Donnie & NHF

  10. Frenchie


    From the album: Donnie & NHF

  11. Frenchie

    Donnie & NHF

    Screenshots Captured On DayZRP Myself & My Group Friendly & Hostile Encounters
  12. *Donnie uses the PTT* "For those who know the NHF will know we are not murderers and thieves . . We allow people the chance to make things right . . Only a small amount of humans left alive in chernarus . . If we was to go around killing everyone we would be no better then the factions we fight against . . The choice is there . . whether or not they accept it is on them" *Donnie lets go of the PTT*
  13. *Donnie sighs before using the PTT* "This is a message for those who call themselves Nox An Victorium or brotherhood, In the past 48 hours we have come across each other twice . . First encounter me and my people outnumbered you but remained friendly and we allowed you to walk away unharmed and with all your possesions still intact . . Second encounter some religious nut job in your group tried to murder one of my people for not being pure or some shit ? . . he was also robbed of his belongings after he was left to die" *Donnie paused fort a moment before proceeding* "Now im not a very hostile person but when my people are threatened and attacked i take it personal, You have 48 hours to make things right with us by reaching out and setting a meeting to discuss terms . . If you choose not to then you will become hostile and official enemies to the federation and its allies" *Donnie released the PTT and sunk his head into his hands *
  14. *Donnie uses the PTT* "I think you have enough common sense to know im not going to do that . . Only two days ago you captured, Tortured and interrogated one of my people in search of my whereabouts and our camp . .Now if you really meant what you said in your last broadcast then my militia man would not have multiple stitches in his leg and back of his head . . Save us the theatrics and fakeness . . those who truly know the anarchists already know your talking out your ass . . " *Donnie throws his radio into the distance after releasing the PTT*
  15. *Donnie re-tuned his radio before using the PTT* "Thankyou for your co-operation it is appreciated . . I wish you and your travel companion the best of luck on your journeys . . And may your hope never die" *Donnie smiled before releasing the PTT*
  16. Frenchie


    I did say you looked rather dashing that day
  17. Had the pleasure of meeting one your members recently, Best of luck with approval Also your group and mine could be potential allies in the near future, Seeing as we both share the same views against bandit factions
  18. *Donnie uses the PTT* "All day today we have been active in the field searching for anarchist associates . .Making stop and searches on everyone we came across . . Eventually word got back to the anarchists and they made a broadcast using propaganda against us . . Accusations saying we were robbing innocent civilians . . nothing was taken except names and background information . . Obviously the people we let walk away unharmed and with all possessions still intact are not so innocent after all . . Any person who chooses to side with these sadistic and corrupted cretins will receive no mercy . . The pain and torment these anarchists hand out to the people of chernarus . . will be returned ten fold" *Donnie releases the PTT*
  19. Frenchie


    Its about time you joined me again my brother when your back from the field and done playing pretend wars, We can get back to being a dynamic duo
  20. I couldnt agree more, I myself have had the same thoughts about being in a queue for up to an hour, I know a couple of my friends have invested in diamond premium to get around this major spike in population. Hope to see a second chernarus server up and running to solve this. Dont think i can bring myself to go diamond premium
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