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  1. During my time on dayz RP servers i have always managed to keep myself from spending money on premium accounts and digital clothing until i came here Soon after becoming premium and spending 20 euros on gold membership i soon found myself purchasing digital clothing to suit my character. In the few months of being a member here i have purchased over 30 euros worth of clothing and i fear im going to spend even more at some point Having stuff to spawn in every 12 hours is a really cool feature and saves a lot of time running around looting clothes like its a fashion parade. Guess im curious to know how many other people have done the same as me ? and how much of a sucker you feel like Peace
  2. Frenchie

    Your most memorable moments

    The big allaince meeting at prison island which i help set up, Getting all group leaders and personnel to meet up in one location and set off to the island was pretty damn cool, Swimming over was like watching the olympics with 30+ people making a dash for the island So many people in one place opened up a lot of role play, Some was friendly interactions others were slightly hostile, With so many different factions and views of the apocalypse it was awesome to be part of it, During the stay odezva was insulted by a man who claimed to be something he wasnt and almost payed the ultimate price for his words and actions. Due to my groups goals and what we stand for i managed to get this man off the island before he was murdered for speaking his mind, Thinking nothing of it me and some of my guys started the swim to the mainland only to get captured on the shore by anarchy One of my guys died in the attempt to fight (sniped) meanwhile the rest of us surrendered, After about 20 minues of interrogation and death threats the shooting started from the island and me and my friends were shot on the beach. The resistance was born . . . .
  3. Frenchie

    Old Timers

    Very cool idea, Best of luck with approval
  4. Frenchie

    To the people at Skalisty

    *Donnies Uses The PTT* "We are being cautious of all outsiders to the island due to attacks and raids in the recent past . . Someone already stated if you have any business with the leaders a meeting can be arranged . .But for now any outsiders are considered a potential threat until we truly know of their intentions" *Donnie Release The PTT*
  5. Frenchie

    To the people at Skalisty

    *Donnie tuned his radio before using the PTT* "This is Cpl. Donnie French of the british contingent of UN forces sent to zelenogorsk . .I am also the leader and marshal of the NHF . . Regardless of your background or prior loyaltys all outsiders to the island are deemed a threat and will be dealt with accordingly . .If you value your safety and life you will remain on the mainland and contact us before making any trips over the water . .We do not need your help or seek any assistance . . Like the guy before me said any talks or deals can be done on the mainland . . on the island trespassers will be shot" *Donnie released the PTT*
  6. Some people are just to obvious about there meta gaming 🤣
    If your going to do it try being discreet about it . . After all its a rule 👍
    Its impossible to prove someone or a group is doing it, But we all damn well know its happening . .

  7. Frenchie

    Vote Now! - DayZRP Loading Screen Contest

    @Shanobygot my vote, Image reflects whats happening on the server currently (Plotting)
  8. Frenchie

    Donnie & Company

    Screenshots Captured On DayZRP Myself & My Group Friendly & Hostile Encounters
  9. Frenchie

    High up and not alone

    It did draw our attention thats for sure
  10. Great bunch of guys and always delivering decent role play scenarios, Never a dull moment with odezva
  11. Frenchie

    Hope Burns Bright!

    *Uses PTT* "Another victory to the alliance . .Happy to hear you guys came out on top . . Sooner or later the oppressors will no longer be a threat . . Im sorry i could be no use but i was severely wounded after being taken captive . . While the bullets were flying i clawed myself through the sand and dirt to safety . . Again . . .May our hope never die" *Releases PTT*
  12. Top notch roleplay tonight from so many different groups
    Had a lot of fun guys, Was a very interesting interaction and a lot of stories being created.


  13. *Donnie grabs his radio and begins to talk* "Me and my people kept our distance from yours for a long time . . Until your people murdered and pillaged a charity outpost . . The moment you killed my wardens and the innocent survivors who were in krasnostav . . You dragged us into the war . . Just remember we were neutral in this conflict until your people acted against us over words spoken on a radio frequency . . Friendly word of warning not to make more enemies . . resulted in the death of innocent bystanders . ." *Donnie went silent to check his surroundings before resuming* "Yeah your right we have taken some loss of life . . So have your people . . thats is the outcome of war . . But the people fighting and giving their life know the cause is just and worth fighting for . . No longer will people fear or be oppressed by anarchy . . " *Donnie again searches the horizon with paranoia* "This is donnie french marshal of the NHF signing off . . It will be at least 48 hours before my next broadcast . ." *Donnie stopped the transmission and removed the batteries from his radio*
  14. *Donnie tuned his radio before using the PTT* "This is the marshal of the NHF . . broadcasting from a safe location . . i would like to issue a warning to all factions and survivors dotted over the landscape . . Chernarus is becoming a conflict zone . . It is not the dead you need to worry about . . After attacks on my people and other survivor groups the federation are attempting to unite everyone for the greater good . . Already five factions are federating against the oppressors . . Each time they strike . . We will stike back with the same force . ." *Donnie Lights up a cigarette* "Sometimes by losing a battle . . you find new ways of winning the war . . Rest in peace to the fallen . . May our hope never die" *Transmissions fades away from the sound of static*
  15. @JewRP honestly nothing against you or your group, Sorry you took it personal, everything i said and done was IC and we kind of expected a reaction, But that incident between you and my group is not the first encounter with hostile people on this server, We have had incidents with other groups before anarchy that lasted less then 30 seconds due to lack of role play from the people initiating. I was simply stating we changed our way of engaging in role play due to that one incident and shared my POV on hostile role players nothing more dude chill out lol
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