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  1. Born in Kent, England, James was brought up in the countryside, surrounded by his family. His mother, Rosanne, a teacher, and his father, Jacob, a minister, as well as a sister - Susan. James was mediocre at school, he did the work and was concentrated and got average marks, he had no goal out of education, merely just to coast by. As James grew older, he found his first Summer job, working in the local shop, which also had a Post Office attached. A summer job soon became a year round job, and when James graduate from High School with little qualifications and further education being a pricey affair, he was stuck in the job. Resenting it at first, James soon grew to like it, the regular hours, the regular people, the regular banter, and an aging owner. As time progressed, James advanced in his job, up from a simple clerk to an assistant manager. Once the owner took ill for some months, James had to step in and take over some his post office duties. He began to long for another life, something to help him escape, he was realising his life was going by, and he was doing nothing to stop it. Based on an advert in a national paper, James purchased an "All-inclusive" holiday to Chernarus to see the "sights". However, we all know what happened after he arrived.
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    A shame one must donate 100 euros to even wear. Cry.
  3. Hello, I am Mustard and am a new member to this community! So ask away to learn more about me!