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  1. I was thinking about being online on the Livonia server at the time this happened so here's my POV: I think you should get points. 2.3 because you honestly just deserve it by buffing the bears. Also you give bad roleplay and only want to PvP @Roland.
  2. RiZ

    DayZRP 20.2.4

    Honestly, anyone who isn't carrying an automatic now is really, really at risk. The infected already have entirely too much HP, which sucks down ammo if you do happen to get caught out. Bears are hard to deal with using an automatic as it is on vanilla servers. Doubling the HP really makes them tremendously OP. I couldn't imagine playing with these variables as someone who doesn't carry an automatic.
  3. Queue Hutch & Friends theme song. Glad to be back.
  4. I'm home.


  5. Soon

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      When does Hutch join Soup Kitchen?

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  6. I like all of these changes. Good work, team. Can't wait to see how 2020 plays out.
  7. Escape from Tarkov giveaway @ 10pm EST


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      Loot Goblin Eagles reporting for duty o7

  8. Jake Collins POV: Random dude walks up with one of our boys. Ask who he is and he just responds with "I don't know." Ask him a few more times, won't tell me who he is. @PhoenyxxRP asks for his hoodie. He takes it off and punches her with it. I hit him, @PhoenyxxRP hits him a few more times. She initiates with a knife, he doesn't comply. We all initiate with guns, still doesn't comply. Said "awesome" to him dying, so he's shot and killed.
  9. Jake grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia in and out of foster homes. Causing trouble throughout his entire childhood, he was destined for a short life. By the age of 14, he was in and out of a juvenile corrections facility three times. He was eventually adopted by Laura Collins, where he took their last name for the rest of his life. He wasn't a great influence on Laurel, and continued to head down the path of destruction. Selling drugs, grand theft auto and armed robbery was a weekly occurrence for the rest of his time in Vancouver. When Laurel decided to move to Livonia to follower her dreams, Jake followed. His havoc in Livonia landed him in prison. The outbreak saved him from the life of prison he was given, where he started a new life... being destructive without the consequences.
  10. Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful people.

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      Merry Christmas brother!

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      Merry Christmas boss man!

  11. Glad I brought this up a week ago. One of the first groups I encountered on the server. Can't wait to see what you guys do with it this time around.
  12. Just wanted to respond to the comments from @ImNovaaa and @lunathecat. There was no avoiding RP going on last night. We were on several hours, base quieted down and we were bored of it with nothing going on, and were going to play Livonia on a pub server as we did for several days prior. Actually, even 30 mins to an hour before logging off, I told the tire stealing Gypsies that I was tired and would probably be logging soon when they asked me to go for a ride with them. We had already said we were logging off. The information 30 seconds before server restart that a group of purple armbands were spotted didn't change that plan. Especially when the info being passed to you guys that we were logging wasn't being double mic'd at all. Edit: Would also like to echo what Phoenyxx was saying where you all were constantly talking big on the radio, in streams, etc. At the very least, you waited until nearly everyone from the group was offline. Not saying anything should be done in regards to implementing a rule one way or another in regards to offline raiding - more so responding to the thread and a whole.
  13. I have to echo the statements above. I haven't noticed any changes with the LittleQuieter mod at all.
  14. I've used this mod on other servers, and it's fantastic for when you're in a vehicle. +1 for me.
  15. @Roland the majority of the community who voted are for the idea. Can you please look into getting this added?
  16. scary pennywise the clown GIF

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      kawaii wave GIF

  17. I did not deserve this fate. We must band together to return to the lives we were destined for.
  18. Thank you, my brother. Fight the good fight.
  19. It would be prison island, but on event server.
  20. Maybe the spawn point updated to the coast off of the prison, with a few tents full of gear. That's how you'd become an attacker.
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