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  1. I'm failing to see this vendetta that you're referring to. There have been plenty of hostile groups that have come and gone while I've been a part of the server. Some of the hostile groups have been fantastic, while others have been truly mediocre or just facades to share kill rights amongst friends. I think part of the issue with some of the hostile RP of today is that people are entirely quick to call for hands rather than letting any kind of story build amongst the characters. Not every bit of hostile RP has to involve initiation or big dicking, and actually can take a creative avenue. I've seen my fair share of hostile roleplay that was done fantastically by @OxeN back in Chedaki, or @Kordruga and the rest of the Dead Batteries that didn't involve any sort of initiation at all. It's not about the gear, and it shouldn't be about the frags either. Hostile RP is about the experience, and if both parties aren't there to make the experience enjoyable for one another, it really sours the taste for everyone involved.
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    To be honest, the i9 is mostly overkill for normal gamers/PC users. You'll get years out of the i7 still, and the GPU you picked should be good for years as well. Most people aren't doing anything that requires hyperthreading. Even games like EFT that are unoptimized actually run better on 4 physical cores. I personally have an i9, but my resources are also consumed while streaming. I'm a software developer too, so multi-thread speeds are something I keep in mind.
  3. That was some good roleplay🙂

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  4. Hutch's POV: Jumped into a random base with @ImNovaaa and @Im50cal. I had never been there before, and end up seeing a guy and dipping back to the boys to tell them we had company. Lay down behind a rock for a while and let @ImNovaaa do the talking. He said something along the lines of "I'll shoot you if you whip out your speaker", which was an initiation. I initiated to be safe on the rest of the people there, and shoot one dead. Three people at the base died in total. We spend a little bit more time there getting a car ready and decide to leave. Here's my VOD cut down from the jump in to us leaving:
  5. So happy to see this group go up. Always loved to RP with GMC. Interested to see what happens in this chapter. Good luck, friends!
  6. Entertaining ain't easy.

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  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The situation began with being told to "shut the fuck up" several times by the other parties involved. Any attempt at roleplaying with said parties were shot down by them extremely early on into the situation, as I didn't want to risk NVFL. Per rule 4.4: In my VOD, I made several attempts at trying to find out who I was there with, what they wanted from me and why they captured me. I was shut down. While I agree that stonewalling as a hostage isn't cool, you can see that I wasn't doing that and was trying to get the hostage takers to actually engage in roleplay with us during the situation. I also tried to make it clear with the hostages that the bag over my head/gas mask made roleplaying with them impossible, but nothing was done about it. Furthermore, I'm being hit with BadRP for making entertaining comments to try to keep my viewers engaged during the situation where our hostage takers provided very to little entertainment. None of my comments affected the roleplay, nor did they break any rules that are listed in the community rule section. Why I'm being hit with BadRP for OOC comments makes zero sense to me, and had this situation not been streamed and only recorded from my side with those comments not made, my roleplay would've been entirely acceptable and no ban/points issued. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I tried to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone involved in game; asking questions, getting them to reveal their motives, etc. I was met with a swift "shut the fuck up" and couldn't progress any kind of roleplay with the hostage takers. OOC comments to uninvolved parties to keep them entertained does not classify as BadRP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban and points removed, character restored What could you have done better?: Not tried to keep my chat entertained during a situation where I had very little control over how bad the roleplay was.
  9. I honestly don't know why you think that it's supposed to be a safe space, but the mechanic is beyond fucked for our uses. I think the mechanic is probably the way it is for public/PvP servers because people are constantly dying and going back into a life cycle of not being sick. If the mechanic could be scaled back for our uses, I'd be fine with it. In its current implementation, it's not fitting for people who are alive for weeks at a time.
  10. Hey, @Apollo. I'd love to provide some commentary here. I did in fact believe the stash despawned. We hadn't checked the stash in at least 3-4 days and I was as shocked as you were when we got there and the stash was there. I saw the stash after emoting digging for the stash. I saw it when I moved over to the left as you can see in my vod, and then had hoped you just didn't find it at that point. Didn't lie to you from an OOC standpoint. We were all under the impression it was despawned. You can see here: That I was the one to infact suggest increasing the despawn timer, as everyone had told us it was 24 hours when asking multiple times, which was never addressed. So no, we're not dirtbags. If I was lying, I'd have taken you somewhere that the stash wasn't at if I knew it didn't despawn. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
  11. I'm excited for this. Hope y'all don't get a contract for me. Good luck!
  12. RiZ

    The Saints

    Good luck boys! Can't wait to see what you do with the group.
  13. Wish granted, but you now are in critical condition with SARS. I wish for a white Christmas.
  14. This is so incredibly good. Amazing art as always, Bray.
  15. I realized in the car that I forgot to give you your radio back. For that, I apologise. Thanks for the rescue there. You're in the debts of the Wolf Pack.
  16. If you're trying to accuse us of metagaming, we were radioed at least 20 minutes before I even logged in that people were in the area, and the group knew our base was raided very shortly before the initiation. My gear was found laying on the ground (including my pink shirt) right next to our base in a neat pile, making it quite obvious I was taken hostage. In regards to me not being interested, me emoting that I was visibly bored was the hint to you guys to maybe engage a little more with your hostages. Apparently the hint was not enough. Music was put on while I had a bag on my head because I'm an entertainer, and definitely wasn't very entertaining just staring at a blank screen with mumbled voices.
  17. Sure, so your involvement in this report was the second unnecessary journey of my hostage experience in which a bag was placed on my head, which muffles audio as well as the gas mask, which further muffles audio, making the entire ride to debug extremely unenjoyable and without any roleplay with the hostage. The 30 minute car ride then ends with a quick //no to the only thing you brought me there for and then I'm left after 5 or so minutes of roleplay. This coincides with the bad RP that is being reported.
  18. Right, let me respond to this. The entire situation is being reported, because nearly the entire situation was poor. I was told to shut the fuck up by all of you, therefore I couldn't really roleplay with anyone. I was driven around for 45 minutes with no roleplay. When we stopped, I stood there while you talked to @Unii for a few minutes. The only roleplay that was provided was you saying you wanted to send a message for a few minutes, unconning me and telling me you're going to let me go. I wasn't too engaged in my chat, and did give a rats ass until I was dragged along the entire server without any roleplay. It was actually the only thing making the situation somewhat bearable.
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