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    scary pennywise the clown GIF

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      kawaii wave GIF

  2. RiZ

    Free the boys

    I did not deserve this fate. We must band together to return to the lives we were destined for.
  3. RiZ

    What do you listen to ?

    Thank you, my brother. Fight the good fight.
  4. RiZ


    Come at me, kids.
  5. RiZ


    It would be prison island, but on event server.
  6. RiZ


    Maybe the spawn point updated to the coast off of the prison, with a few tents full of gear. That's how you'd become an attacker.
  7. RiZ


    I most likely cannot do a Sunday. I would think scripted to an extent in the beginning with a prisoner intake. Would like to see everyone lined up and searched to get some initial roleplay with the guards and such. Maybe predetermine a few inmates to have shanks in order to go through with the escape and get some weapons. Possibly need some sort of armory to get everyone a gun. Don't want too many people from the outside if any who aren't guards or prisoners, because that would kind of just make it pointless for a lot of effort from the prisoner side. If there's a way for prisoners to be involved and try to get out themselves I think would be best. Not an immediate break either. Would like to see prisoners have to interact in the prison yard and stuff. The event would be awesome. Can't wait to have it.
  8. RiZ


    I will never question anything @Roland says again and would like to formally request my release from anime prison, as I can't even take myself seriously at this point.

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    2. Kattsura


      I love it!!

      Anime is amazing, but then again I'm a weirdo. 

      So ha!

    3. RiZ


      I don't like it and that's all that matters.

    4. Trijim


      Animated GIF

    5. Kattsura


      True, is it his profile..

      But you should appreciate it tho.. Its sooo cute and kawaii..

      Plus can you actually not like it if you probably never gave it a try? 

      You never know..

      dance neko GIF

    6. RiZ


      I watched 10 minutes of anime and that was enough for me.

    7. Kattsura


      That was just 10 minutes.. at least watch one episode and what anime did you watch?

      Well.. at least you tried..

      Just remember be nice nice to the warden. 

      Then no more prison for you. 

      how to train your dragon smile GIF

      ps.. saw toothless and said.. cutee 

    8. Peril


      Konnichiwa RiZ-kun,

      This makes Hutch an anime antagonist.


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      happy cheering GIF by bluesbear

    10. RiZ


      @Peril you are dead to me. 

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    12. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      Oh my god no way

    13. RiZ


      End my suffering

    14. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      I lasted a month before I cracked, you'll be fine 

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    18. RiZ


      Let me go.

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    20. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      @groovy chernon getting flashbacks 

    21. SquirtleKitty
    22. RiZ


      Everyone needs to calm down. I'll get out of this.

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    24. Blizna


      Name the main ship in battleship Yamato anime.

    25. Kattsura


      is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon anime girl GIF by HIDIVE

      Welcome welcome.. you will never escape!

    26. RiZ


      @Blizna SS FU

  9. RiZ


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    2. tossVC
  10. RiZ

    Nox An Victorum

    Hello there - In addition to how disappointed I am with the situation that occurred several days ago of potential metagaming, I would like to comment on the situation that occurred last night between our groups, as referenced in this report: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/101338-kosinvalid-kill-wp-base/ I am not here to comment on the invalid kills and attempted invalid kills from the Nox side, but the overall OOC behavior by @Monker in regards to the situation at hand. As the situation was going down shortly after I got offline, I was still in comms with my boys where I heard the situation unfolding. There was a state of confusion due to no one having kill rights on any of us, so we were trying to determine who was shooting at us. From what I was able to gather, they were getting shot at from what I believe was @Monker in the courtyard, to which they returned fired and killed him. When I was told this, I decided to reach out to @Monker personally to just confirm the situation. Whether or not the kill rights they were using on us were valid or not at the time was not my concern, I just wanted to know for my group's sake who was shooting at us in order to ensure we didn't kill any civilians in the firefight that was to follow. @Monker proceeded to tell me that he was alone OOC and had no allies in the area. I was shortly reached out to by a friend who was RDM'd in the area after he was in the Help Desk and informed he was killed by a member of this very group. I then informed @Monker of this, to which he responded with "it's a big mistake" and that he's talking to @ImNovaaa in the help desk. @ImNovaaa informs me that @Monker said he had 8 snipers in the treeline. I attempted to approach @Monker again about the situation to see if he wanted to admit that he had people there, to which he again responded with "I was alone". That message has since been deleted. My issue at hand right now is not the firefight, but the integrity of the group as a whole from an OOC perspective. I believe in working together to ensure that everyone is enjoying their time on the server. I do not think it was a respectable thing to do to lie to someone who is trying to confirm kill rights on an already invalid situation to ensure that no one who wasn't involved was killed in the crossfire. Thanks, RiZ
  11. RiZ

    CodeLocks Mod

    Just want to clarify for everyone: this is able to be used on monetized servers with approval. I've been on several other servers that are monetized that contain this mod. It doesn't hurt to try to get approval.
  12. RiZ

    CodeLocks Mod

    This is something we have already done - that doesn't mean that a quality of life improvement isn't something that could of should be made, regardless if the user streams or not. Edit: In regards to monetization, this is used on other monetized servers and would need approval.
  13. RiZ

    CodeLocks Mod

    Both of these features can be disabled. You can configure the locks to only be on gates, and you can make the lock require input every time.
  14. RiZ

    CodeLocks Mod

    As stated above, from a lore perspective these could be battery operated. In my home in the real world, I have a battery operated deadbolt. There is no reason these cannot be the same. These do not have to be configured to attach to tents as well. They could be for built gates only, the same as current codelocks.
  15. RiZ



    Go vote please.

    1. Hunter


      Big brain 200 IQ

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  16. RiZ

    CodeLocks Mod

    This was not just about streamers - this is a huge QoL improvement involving base building in general.
  17. RiZ

    CodeLocks Mod

    This is something I previously suggested on the Discord, which was met with some good discussion around it. I have used this mod on several other servers, and the QoL improvements that these codelocks add really makes this mod great. The mod is highly configurable, and adds a new pin type of codelock to the game. These codelocks are far more streamer friendly, as you can use your physical keyboard to type the password into the lock. They otherwise work exactly like standard codelocks, and can be removed with a hacksaw for raid purposes. From a lore perspective, these can be battery operated which would be no different than radios, flashlights and NVGs. This also circumvents the issue of people standing on the other side of your gate and watching you open the lock, leading to the locks being changed several times a week. The code can also be associated to a player, so the player doesn't have to input a code every time they want to open the gate. This is super convenient for everyone who accesses a base. The servers that I've used this on perform very well, so I would hope there wouldn't be a negative performance impact on the DayZRP servers. Mod name: Code Lock Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1646187754 Please consider adding this. I really think it would be a great addition to this community.
  18. RiZ

    Initiation on vehicle passengers...

    I would like an answer to this question as well - I have been in a full truck where the driver didn't comply, and it seemed pretty shady to have the driver non-comply and the rest of the truck sprayed down.
  19. RiZ


    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. ♥️

  20. RiZ


    i cant do that marlon brando GIF

  21. RiZ


    ill just leave tony hale GIF

    1. Kattsura


      sad kitty GIF

      Don't get discouraged, keep moving forward.

  22. RiZ

    Staff Feedback: Fae

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Fae is a great asset to the staff team. With her around us in game frequently, she provides active feedback to the group in order to give a better experience to everyone on the server. She also is quick to help cleaning up issues, like items duping on server restart. Amazing staff member who gets a lot of flack for no reason, she deserves a raise. Suggestions for improvement: Nothing. 30/10, would juice again.
  23. RiZ

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome back, boys! Can't wait to see what you do with it this time around.
  24. RiZ

    Interview With A Community Member: Finn

    Great interview @Finn! I guarantee I'll shank @KordrugaRP.
  25. RiZ

    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    Hutch cries tears of freedom while responding to the news. This should be fun. I hope you stick with it. Can't wait to run into you.
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