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  1. RiZ

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Fae

    Love this @Fae. Don't ever snake on me again. Thanks for doing these @Ryan Shepherd. Top quality interview.
  2. RiZ

    The Time.

    Welcome back! More logs!
  3. RiZ

    Green Mountain Charity Center [Selective Recruitment]

    Congrats, my friends! I love you all.
  4. RiZ

    DayZRP Story Time: Fae's Pet

    This was a very, very rewarding experience. Excellent work to the entire team.
  5. RiZ


    All this drama going on and I'm just sitting back here wondering why @Roland still hasn't given me my VIP tag.

    random winona ryder GIF

    1. Roland


      You haven't joined Pub on Discord, that's why

    2. RiZ


      Some of us have to work.

    3. RiZ


      Currently in the Discord and still have no VIP tag @Roland

  6. RiZ

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

    @Kordruga let me know when I need to record my part.
  7. RiZ

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

    I read it before the masterpiece was hidden. Well done! My agent will be contacting you to collect my IP licensing/acting fees.
  8. RiZ


    Good luck. Interested to see how our relationship evolves.
  9. RiZ


    This is awesome! Good luck!
  10. RiZ

    Curious When our Characters Die

    Take a look at this thread: Only you can choose when your character is PK'd (perma-killed) unless you are found guilty of NVFL by the staff team. Do not mark your character as dead on your character page unless you never want to play the character again. The thread above will give you some ideas of how the situation can be handled. I hope this helps.
  11. RiZ

    The End

    I'm honored to be in this. I hope my acting was good enough and doesn't shine a bad light on this piece. I can't believe it was left with such a cliffhanger. Special thanks to all of the rest of the cast and crew involved who helped make this happen.
  12. RiZ

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    Welcome back, friends!
  13. RiZ

    Random Crashes

    I think a lot of us are getting these crashes, and it's becoming quite frequent. Any ideas as to what is causing this? Is it DayZ or one of the mods? It's really troublesome for the players who sit in queue for hours to get in and crash within 20 minutes.
  14. RiZ


    Please tell me I really didn't just see that.

    1. Fae


      britney spears GIF

    2. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      See what?

    3. RiZ


      confused travolta GIF

    4. Kordruga


      To be continue

    5. PhoenyxxRP


      help me cat GIF

    6. Kattsura


      confused black and white GIF

    7. Osku


      All of you are just jealous because you never got the chance to receive sniper training from "Silentdeath"

  15. RiZ

    Green Mountain Charity Center [Selective Recruitment]

    I know I give you all a hard time, but I do it out of love. Can't wait to continue to see our relationship between our groups blossom.
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