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"If you can quote the rules, then you can obey them."

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  1. That's a big yikes from me, dawg.

    1. AndreyQ


      Executions from last lore don't count. You are fine.

    2. Para


      @AndreyQ is right, you have a chance to do it a new way this time 🙂 

    3. Kordruga


      Fuck, Andrey beat me to it

  2. Ah yes, the report where I was taken hostage, given okay roleplay for quite a while even though we were driven around without any kind of plan in place (fine, I get it, you don't want stream sniping) and then had an actual "ultimatum" given by the hostage taker. The hostage takers then gave me over to someone else, who put a bag over my head, wore a gas mask, and ignored every request to fix both of these things as I was driven around for another 30 minutes. Took me to debug, asked for permission to light me on fire, had no backup plan and drove away. I was then pointed for entertaining my str
  3. It's a -1 from me dawg. Simply put, I don't trust a majority of this community to not abuse this. With the current execution rules, I've been executed invalidly more times than I can count by veteran members, and only 1-2 interactions MAX of those hostilities even had good roleplay. I wouldn't PK unless the roleplay is fantastic, and sadly a lot of the hostilities don't have the buildup for a fantastic storyline that would end in PK for me. I can see the frustrations of invincible characters, but sadly a lot of these invincible characters don't get the roleplay that makes them want t
  4. Good luck, brotha. Looks like a fun group. Hope you shake things up a bit.
  5. I miss roleplaying with you in the woods. 2021 return?

    1. RiZ


      You are the cutest boy.

    2. BravoActual


      You are too.

  6. Camo

    You coming to Namalsk sometime soon? 🤠

    1. RiZ


      I played a bit on a survival server. The map feels really cool, but not sure I want to dedicate the time I'd need for roleplay honestly.

    2. Camo


      Fair enough.

  7. @Eagles & i on our way to destroy pizza planet (and grimm's base) with a nuke


    1. RiZ


      DO NOT

  8. daddy's home sport GIF by WWE

    1. Sleepyhead



    2. RiZ


      No Way Commando GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

    3. OwOgles


      Animated GIF

    4. kalyri


      simon cowell facepalm GIF

    5. TipZee


      season 1 wave GIF by BBC

  9. Rush Hinson was born and raised in the bayou of New Orleans, Louisiana. A mechanic by trade, he worked hard to make a life for himself. When he was 18, he met his wife, Dorothy, at pot luck dinner one of his friends were having. He was instantly in love. She had a job as a nurse at the time, but a few years later they were forced to relocate across the country to Wilmington, North Carolina for a new opportunity at work. Their life progressed together quite well, welcoming to their family Kasper (2002) and Sammi (2004). With Dorothy's new work life seemingly taking precedence in her life, Rush
  10. mouse critters GIF by Cheezburger

    1. OwOgles


      Fucking better be soon.

    2. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      good gracious 

    3. OwOgles


      I believe the saying you're looking for Blisna is "good googly moogly"

    4. Sleepyhead



    5. Taffinator



      Godamn, the return of RiZ! 

    6. ZedLR


      Come Austin Powers GIF


    1. OwOgles



  12. -1. Been executed many times with subpar roleplay involved in general. Making another avenue for execution is a big no from me. Some people would do it well. There's too many people in the community that wouldn't. Not a good idea.
  13. slither.gif.bbbde0f2cba1a9a97ef2be7a3810d530.gif

    1. Noble


      Is Rizzy back?

    2. Cracka_tee



    3. BeanMama


      you stop that

    4. RiZ


      Sliding into the server like 

    5. BeanMama


      [[ o w o ]]

    6. TipZee


      Hope to see you On the server ❤️


    7. edgy Vandire

      edgy Vandire

      Made me think of this.


    8. TheMrGasMask


      confused the interview GIF

  14. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: My responses were in direct response to flame/flame bait that were directed at me. I was engaged in a friendly conversation in the general channel of the Discord with several community members, where we were discussing the state of the server and how to improve the population. Both sides bringing up great points to the state of roleplay, when @cas (who I've never talked to) decided to come at me about my opinion not being valid due to my short break I'm on with RP. Not knowing who this per
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