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  1. Good luck, y'all! Hope good things come of this.
  2. Make an attribute on the character page for "Twitter Profile". Users add their username to it. Query all characters for their username ???? PROFIT
  3. Honestly it wouldn't be much work for Rolle to pull from the actual Twitter API, so we can continue to Tweet as normal and form connections that way, but also display all the posts on the website. I like it, though.

    1. ToeZ


      Absolute tune.

    2. Watchman


      you wanna be my california girl Riz?

    3. RiZ


      @Watchman // attempts to hold hand

    4. Watchman


      @RiZ // It works

    5. ToeZ


      @RiZ @Watchman // attempts to hold both hands

    6. RiZ


      @groovy toez // I thought you were already holding mine

  5. Happy to get to know you boys. Thanks for the opportunity. o7
  6. Happy to see this go up as a group. Can't wait to see where you go with it, and am always happy to see y'all when I get to Berezino. Good luck, ladies and gents!
  7. happy hour drinking GIF

    1. Peril


      Rough day?

    2. RiZ


      Yeah, brotha. Nothing I can't handle though.

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. Nikita took big bullet to helmet but survived like strong Russian soldier he is. Our lord and savior @groovy cali made the prisoner pay with his life. Death to all American super soldiers.
  10. There's the lead up and aftermath from my POV. Great fucking time. Thanks for everyone involved.
  11. I just want to start with a blanket statement because there are far too many to list, but all of the 320th has been absolutely excellent to hang with for me. Ya'll are a fucking blast to be around. To call out a few from tonight that had me absolutely dying, @groovy toez, @groovy dux, @groovy grimm, @BravoActual and @Zero. From our absolute banger of a rave, to @Zero and I plotting against literally everyone today, my cheeks hurt from smiling. Here's to many more "DA"s in the future.
  12. Congrats on the promotion! 🙂 

    1. Jade


      Thank you! 😄 

  13. Char: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-92/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NReznikovDa
  14. I voted for this on the homepage without reading the topic. I was considering crashes in my vote. Overall, the performance has been much better than I thought it would with 100 people. It's not buttery smooth, and there's still a decent amount of desync especially when driving, but it's not any worse than it was at 80 people.
  15. Nikita Reznikov was born in Svetlograd, Russia. His mother, Mariya sadly died from complications during childbirth. After the death of his wife, his father Maxim turned to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism during his grieving. Unable to care for his son, Nikita was sent to an orphanage in Miroslavl at the age of 8. He was in the orphanage until he was 14 years old, where he was able to sneak out and live in poverty for several years across Chernarus. After a few years, he made his return to his hometown of Svetlograd to try to find any kind of family that remained in the area. Unable to find any kind of family, he worked in a mill for minimal pay to survive. Wanting to do more with his life, he joined the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, specifically the 320th Motor Rifle Battalion, and was stationed in Tisy before the outbreak.
  16. Let's go boys! Can't wait to see how this goes.
  17. Good work, everyone! Excitement++
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