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  1. September 7th We lost Thomas today. Zed's ambushed him from the bushes, and poor sap was practically eaten alive. We we're able to kill the Zed's off, but it was too late. He was just a torso gasping for air. Entrails scattered everywhere, blood pouring out like when you step on a hose, and then release the water. He was still alive and begging us to kill him. But I lied straight to his face. "You're going to be okay." We all knew he wasn't. But I guess that either the shock or the last remains of hope came out and tried to make everything better. We ended up putting a .45 between his eyes. For the final seconds of his life, when Sarah pulled out her handgun and held it facing his forehead, you could see he was glad and even happy. I've never seen anyone willing for death than him. I guess I didn't lie. I guess he ended up okay. -Joachim
  2. September 4th? You lose track of time when your on the road. You lose a lot of things i guess. sanity, respect, basic, human compassion. Yesterday we saw a group of bandits burn an entire camp. There were about five guys, and an entire camp of about 20 people. I think there were kids there too. They just poured gasoline around the camp and poof, just like that the camp was up in flames. But the sad part about it was, the entire time i watched, I was thinking "Man we could have used that gasoline." I mean the only things i was concerned about were about a couple cans of gasoline. This place changes you. -Joachim
  3. I saw this from watching one of ImmortalHD's videos and decided that it might be fun to try. So cheers mates and hope to see you all out there