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  1. Sgt Desmond Ryan, Former U.S Army Combat medic. after years of honorably serving his country during wartime and seeing his friends in peril he decided to join the UN Peacekeepers when the war came to an end. After the news of an outbreak of this new disease spread Sgt Ryan and the peacekeepers were deployed to assist in aide and evacuation of civilians in the Chernarus region. While en-route the convoy came under attack by hostile locals, knowing what he knows now those were not normal people, They were zeds. They killed most of his unit, him and a few others where able to get away, now his main goal is to find his friends and make it out of this hell alive. Desmond is highly experienced in treating combat trauma such as gunshot wounds and blood loss, while his main duty is a medic he is no slouch in a fight he is a recognized marksmen and is trained in hand to hand combat. He is a foster kid his only family is the guys in his unit. He joined up right after highschool and never looked back.
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