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  1. Okhchen Satori

    New Official Group Rule Suggestion

    @WongRP PC does have their own official group armband only those who are part of the group can spawn it in it has our logo also -1 I don't have money lol to pay to be in a official group
  2. POV I go to the firehouse with Dimitri and Light to ask who ever lives there about the muslim radicals then CDF roll up ask us why we asking about them and we told them because we are there to purge them and we left and next thing you know they shouted Potius Cras hands up and I ran to a building then got shot at then man comes in cdf and I killed him then I was killed
  3. Okhchen Satori

    Potius Cras

    I "@ Satori " agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character.//Signed by Satori
  4. Okhchen Satori


    @rossgodds how do you fix it
  5. Okhchen Satori

    Medical Assistance

    // Ladies and gentlemen... We got him!
  6. Okhchen Satori

    S1 KOS AOGM baiting 2019-04-10, 20:16

    To start the prior day I combo locked the front gate. I invited Kyle Davis who visited me to trade. with him, I was in the back as he was killed when he escorted another guy I do not know his name as he was trying to get inside he was threatened and shot at so the fellow trader who I befriended Kyle was killed along with his friend and saying the people who shot him it is there. As he told me that I was already in the budling in the interior of the prison and I had eyes on 2 females and armed men. Soon engaged them after they killed my fellow trader and his company. I have spotted them in the inner yard and I waited for them at the gated area for them to come back I contacted Xavier Lee as back up to tell him prison is being attacked as he arrived aided to take out the raming hostile and also witness 2 female players being escorted off the island by one of Xavier friend
  7. After graduating from high school I joined the United States Army as a 74D CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL, RADIOLOGICAL, AND NUCLEAR (CBRN) SPECIALIST. I went to basic training and AIT at Fort Lenord Wood, MO and graduated in 2015. Right after I was assigned to 83rd Chemical Battalion 305TH CBRN CO 3rd Platoon "Pale Riders" station at Fort Polk, Lousiana. I was deployed to Irag due to Saddam Hussein chemicals threats to our troops. Being in MOPP gear and full battle rattle doing patrol routes on suspected chemical weapons manufacturers sites was the tough challenge I have ever experienced. After that tour, our unit was switched our with the next CBRN CO and our next tour was at Africa where we provided assist and security to UN doctors doing research for Ebola. Seeing the sick Africans how bad Ebola fucked up their body before laying to rest was the sickest thing I ever looked at. A few weeks later our unit was ordered to head back to the United States for a rapid response deployment. I was just a low-rank PFC at the time on what I heard from my leaders is that a huge outbreak broke loose in Europe and our unit along with some infantry and Marines that was the station at Utes will be heading there. Arriving at Utes base in a C130 I see chinooks and osprey loaded with marines and soldiers on stand by to fly to the Nato fleet just a few miles of the coast of Chernarus. In my head, I was thinking this is a way too much? We hop on four black hawks and landed at the equipment staging area on the USS Hornet. Our company disembarks the choppers and on the ship deck access to equipment awaits us. We all put on our kits and as I was about to put on my protective mask my SGT told me "you're not going to need that the disease isn't airborne that just going to slow you down when you have to run" He chuckles. We all finalized our gear and fall in a formation to await orders from our commander before reboarding the black hawks to head to Chernogorsk along with the other soldiers and US Marines to the Elektrozavodsk area. The commander starts his brief, Stick together and don't leave a man behind, you are going to assist Nato forces and the CDF in the evacuation of Chernarus civilians, if everything goes according to ill, see you boys back at the ship. We loaded the four black hawks and HQ and maintenance and the first two and on the other two will carry 1st and 2nd platoon. I was with a 2nd platoon. We land at the dock and we already see lines of civilians and CDF guards and UN and Nato forces just a huge clusterfuck. Our platoon got a WARNO (change of orders) to wait for extract by Marine Huey and be sent to Elektrozavodsk to reinforce the Marines. We wait at a landing zone but we see afar chaos erupts shooting begins and everyone just scram and CDF guards take positions, still no sight of the helicopter. More gunfire and the huge siren goes off, rescue and civilian helicopters are full and crowds fighting to board them but almost all the choppers are leaving and the only chopper is they Huey inbound to pick us up at the end of the dock. Civilians and other military personnel see us and started running towards us as we also see the infect trailing behind. We pop smoke and shoot warning shots but they keep coming soon the Blackhawk touchdown, we immediately board it following are armed civilians and CDF shooting at us, the pilot was hit in the chest causing the heli to spin out of control in the land. We brace for impact when we are several miles into Chernarus we crashed and I am the only survivor I ditch my ruined gear and take the dog tags of my platoon and the pilot and will continue to live for them.
  8. @Combine as I replied to the other before you, I appreciate your post but I assure my character isn't special forces if you haven't already look at it, and I have used lore from that CDF guide from when I was doing research. I am also well aware that it is 600th day into the outbreak. PS Thank you for telling me more to be prepared and giving me more information and understand completely there are parameters that need to be filled.
  9. Met some real people out there telling me the fact that many dislike military characters UWU especially when i got robbed, they said to drop the military shit everyone hates military characters
  10. 1st Day on the server Got knife carved in my back and robbed and then robbed again. BUTT I am still alive
  11. Eurasian is a person of mixed Asian and European ancestry. Joined the CDF in 2015. I have one tour under my belt, the end of 2015 to Takistan assisting with UN duties deployed with the 415th “Skála” Supply Battalion. Then in 2017 was assigned to the 3rd CDF Moutain Brigade, 305th Patrol Company, 3rd Platoon. A rifleman with the rank of Corporal. No guards around and looks like all the evacuees left in time. I drive up on the airfield I see a Huey prepping to leave I get out and approach them. It's 2 NATO pilot I ask " Can I get a lift? " They respond hop on we leave in 5 we are supposed to pick up some US soldiers but they never arrived. I relax sitting in the heuy. A family also arrives with an injured CDF soldier, they board. The injure CDF soldier sits across from me. Who are you with? I asked. With the guys who were manning the checkpoint into Cherno. We are in the air heading towards the NATO fleet. He has an Ak with him and I launch towards him grabbing the Ak and aiming it at him ask him who you really are? The pilots occupied flying yells what going on back there! I am just a guy who found the uniform I used it to get my family passes the line they wouldn't take anymore civilian on the military transports. The man's wife tried to jump at me and I tried to push off accidentally discharging the weapon and shooting one of the pilots. The man joins and tries to grab the AK. Forcing me to pull the trigger causing to damage the Huey causing more chaos as the copilot tries to help the other pilot. The injured pilot steers the chopper out of control running into the water. I react out of survival and started to swim towards the shore, I make into the land, lost and severely fatigued I pass out.
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