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  1. Hey guys so when I start up the launcher and try going into a game I get an error that says it encountered "." instead of "=" it has updated and everything whats wrong with this?
  2. I love it! i always look for these types of things in the world, i would love to see this in here one day!
  3. I used commander and the dayzrp launcher, and it says the same thing throguh the launcher and everything. the regular dayzrp server the RP1 has no problems, but just has very few people. The Epoch server is the one that wont let me play. and everything is updated to the latest.
  4. So i just got accepted and was really excited to play, got the update and launched the game in the launcher, but i then got an error message saying that a lot of files from operation arrowhead are "not signed by a key accepted by this server. To play on this server, remove listed files or install additional keys." I don't understand this, i bought operation arrowhead and Arma2 and installed all the updates for everything. Can i get some help with this and maybe get past this? i would love to play today!
  5. i guess its been answered. dont understand why i was denied because i didnt have a robbery in it but ill try again tomorrow and probably since everyone is applying now, i wont be able to play for another week...
  6. Its 24 hours isnt it? it says i have 22 hours left
  7. i spent a good hour on it made sure my grammar was correct and even read the rules about 3 times over. i was denied because of not explaining a robbery, and i even did about 2 scenarios in both the kos and nlr sections. just not a robbery. dang now i probably have to wait another week. it was my first appliction.
  8. now i understand that i was denied, but i dont understand why.... i know you guys go thorugh a lot of applications, but why was i denied becaus ei didnt add a description of a smooth robbery? and i looked at the rules of nlr and that i what i wrote in my own words, i just want to know if such little things can get me denied what can i really even say to get past it? i really want ot enjoy dayzrp and sorry if i sound whiney but i really wanted to play this week...
  9. Ello, since im very new, not at RP but dayzrp i just hva e afew questions. So first, is there a certain time that the admins will be accepting people and whitelisting them? just a question since I really want to play, but for a few hours i havnt been accepted. i understand there are lots of people applying, but thats my question, My second question is: when i get whitelisted, can i just hop onto the dayzrp servers? ive tried without being whitelisted and it says that ive been kicked for not being whitelisted(which i know i wasnt) but as soon as im whitelisted i can just go on there and play? Thanks guys, sorry if these are dumb but since im still very new i would like to know these questions just in case in the future a friend of mine would like to play i can tell him when to apply for a whitelist. Thanks!