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  1. The son of a migrant dock worker and LAX stewardess, Jan Haraldsen adopted a penchant for performance from a young age. Adopting the stage name John Howard, he began acting in sleazy B and C list Hollywood productions to make ends meet for his family and help them survive the pandemic-fueled depression. His big break came in the late 2020s, when he donned a cowboy hat for an appearance in the Vital Health-brand "Hardened Cowboy"-themed anxiety medication commercial. His dashing features and tight-lipped persona allured the masses. John Howard grew to become the rootinest, tootinest, sharp-shootinest, happy meds-pushinest spokesman America had ever seen. By the 2040s, John would find his name in lights. "John 'Lucky' Howard in: Western Express Showdown!" His big break. The name "Lucky Howard" became the biggest box office draw since the Three Stooges (Lucky, because of his birthday, and he always made the perfect shot at the end of the movie). For decades, Americans expected a yearly action, thriller, or western, starring their beloved John Howard. But being a solitary man, Howard grew tired of his kingly persona in Hollywood. By now, his parents were deceased, proud of the man he'd become, but he had never married or planned on having kids. John Howard moved to his ancestral homeland of Finnmark in retirement. With all the money he could spend from his days in Hollywood, and a peace being signed between Norway and Nyheim, Howard believed the frozen frontier would be perfect for a peaceful retirement from action movies. Little did he know his action was only just beginning. While he isn't a survivalist, his work ethic is unmatched and his survival instinct is keen. John's age and inexperience may be a boone, but his determination to keep moving forward remains.
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