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  1. @MademoiselleI was in stary trading with chip, when I walked out to see some commotion with the house and two guys that looked unaffiliated, one of them, @Sylvester Toddwas heavily out gunned as he had a UMP compared to the other guys SCAR L, I felt bad so I stepped in. Soon after I stepped in the guy with the UMP was given a SCAR L and I was still standing there beside Sylvester, really as soon as he got the scar L maybe a minute later he pulled up his gun at the guy he was robbing (The one with the mask) and before I had time to pull my gun up bullets were flying and my game froze, I dont think I even got a single shot in before I died and my game unfroze. After that I have no idea what happened.
  2. Roland spilled his ramen noodles on his keyboards and now the server is messing up.
  3. Todd Laynes POV: I saw 4 people up on a hill, in the video you can hear me calling them out, then within 10 seconds they had ran around our base, jumped up over the wall, and yelled "Put your fucking hands up!" before i even had time to put my weapon away I heard a shot, then I was shot at, then I raised my gun and started lighting them up. I died after that.
  4. This kinda sucks, I was just talking to a guy and accidentally hit T and i froze up and that kinda ruins rp sometimes, i gotta make an excuse when i get back haha, sorry man just forgot you were talking and spaced out of existance!
  5. Even if you weren’t alone, you had no way of contacting your friends after you were disposed of, not to mention, i was watching you from down the hill before i even came up to you, there was no possibility of you having friends, not to mention, even though this is roleplay, fear for your life is a rule too, and it seems to me you broke that, i may have broken combat log by having to go do something, but you still had a gun to your head, and after 4 or 5 death threats you still refused, i did have a plan in order to try to use whatever you had on you to tie you up, but you kept refusing so i had to do what i did, and he did have remorse, he said sorry before he killed you and felt bad afterwards, but he’s learned after a while that you can’t hesitate anymore. (edit) Also you had been shooting a hell of a lot before i shot you and killed you, even if you had friends they’d probably assume it was you taking out zombies.
  6. I told him several times that i was going to shoot him if he didnt take his clothes off so i could see if he had a hidden weapon or not, i had duct tape but barely any so i wasnt sure if it'd work to tie him up or not, i even gave him a count down, and the reason I logged off 8 minutes after is because i had to do something irl, and i was certain nobody would come because i was pretty far away after running for 6 minutes. When a man has a gun to your skull you think you'd start stripping after the first time he asked, if he wouldnt have said no so many times i would have let him go but I think its fair game after giving him several warnings and a countdown.
  7. Todd Layne, I was a construction worker in Electro when it all started, I was born in Rhode Island however i moved to Chernarus when I was just a child because my fathers job required him to move quite a bit.When it first started I stayed in Electro holed up in a convenience store. It was fucking miserable, when I realized we'd die if we stayed there, one night I just left, I stole my fathers 1911 he had from home, and I left both him and my mother there, I never saw them again, and thats when I realized I was starting to get cold. But fuck it, in a place like this there is no warm, like a wise man once said, its all survival of the fittest. After I left the convenience store i was out on my old, it was cold, and it was a gamble every day if i was gonna be dead by noon. I decided to head to the Northwest Military Base, as that would be my best chance of survival. On the way I had to kill a man, it was my first time taking any life, it was a rush, like I was built for it, I strangled him with my own two hands when he tried to rob me, I'm still wearing his jacket to this day. When I got to Northwest I realized how bad shit was, everything was deserted, bodies littered about, the dead walking around, still in their uniforms. I tried to scavenge but it was too dangerous, I decided just to leave, and thats where this story is left off.
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