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    Minecraft server update [Modpack change]

    Infinity Evolved is a lot of fun. I'm totally down for this change, I'd definitely play a lot more.
  2. My name is Erika Kuchiki. I was born on August 13th in 1991 and am an Asian American from New York City. I'll be the first to admit, my life didn't quite turn out the way I planned. As a kid I wanted nothing more than to be an actor. I wanted to be on Broadway. I wanted to go to Hollywood. I never imagined that my dream job would end up having me sit behind a computer all day typing. And I certainly never imagined I'd find myself at ground zero of a real life apocalypse. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning. I was always a tomboy growing up. I didn't get barbies or anything like that as a kid. My birthdays and Christmases were spent hooking up new consoles and trying out the newest video games. The one 'girly' thing I would consent to was the monthly tickets my father would buy to go see a Broadway show. I was in love with the theatre and I thought for sure it was where I would find myself. I went to college at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City. After a year I began to realize that, while I loved the stage and loved the feeling of being able to step in someone else's shoes, it didn't feel like a career. It felt like something I could do for fun, but not for life. I took some time off from college after that, doing small side jobs while I figured out what I wanted in life. I began playing video games again, something that I hadn't done since I had started at Tisch. One day I decided it might be fun to see how a game worked. At the time I had been working full time at a McDonalds and in my free time I started to learn about coding in Unity. I started to realize that I really loved it and soon enough I found myself enrolled at City Tech, learning how to code. It was a wild ride. I graduated in May of 2017 from City Tech with honors and a job offer as a Entertainment Tech in a Broadway theatre with the plan to start the job in the fall. I made plans to use that summer to do some travelling. I wanted to see the world before I started my dream job. I did what most people do. I decided to backpack around Europe. And that's how I found myself in Chernarus that July. I had multiple stops to make and Chernarus was but a small stop on the way. I was only meant to be there a week. When the first reports of attacks were mentioned, I thought nothing of it. Some people were sick, no big deal. I'd be gone in a few days anyway, I might as well enjoy the sites which I was there. I was in Turovo on the 12th when the people began to flee. At this point I finally realized just how serious things were. I attempted to flee with them but was ultimately caught in the traffic jam that ensued. That was when I was bit the first time. All the reports were conclusive. If you were bit, you were infected. There was no saving you. Most would try to run in that situation and pretend nothing happened or say it was a lie. But I've played enough video games. This was real, not just a game, and I was bit. I was able to beat the infected that bit me off with my travel pack, but the situation remained. If this was at all like the games I loved so much, I couldn't leave the outbreak zone, it would transfer the disease. I couldn't be responsible. I found an abandoned house and barricaded myself in, preparing for the worst. But it never came. So it's been about two years. We have since learned that some people simply aren't affected. Immune. We don't know why. Hell, we doing even know where the disease came from. I never tried to go home. Everyone is dead. I've made my life here in Chernarus. Mostly, I've been alone. There have been people I've worked with here and there. There was a few months about a year or so ago in where I traveled with a man name Francis Williams II for a while. He was a strange one. A little young and a lot jaded. I guess I can't blame him though. In this world we live in, how can you not be? Gone are the days where the worst thing I had to worry about was whether I should buy Rise of the Tomb Raider or Dark Souls III. I haven't seen him in a while and sometimes I wonder if he is okay. Honestly, I think I just miss the company. I think it's time for me to stop isolating myself from the world and start living again. And maybe one day I will run into him again.
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