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  1. Ok, hello My question is this: are both patches necessary to download (1.3.2 / or is it just Also, where do I extract these files to? Last question: Where did the DayZ epoch assets/panthera assets go on the DL page?
  2. Thanks for all of the replies! Great community
  3. I recently got a new desktop (upgrading from my laptop) and my laptop had my RP stuff on it. Will my GUID change as a result of changing comps? I have the same steam account and also the same player ID, I believe. The question is will I have to resubmit an application to play RP?
  4. Did you ever get this to work? I am having your same error messages
  5. I feel that bandit clans are easier to be in just because doing the wrong thing is easy to do. Although, robbing people can be fun lol. I would personally prefer a hero clan just because it can make it a bit more challenging for me.